Greenworks 48V Cordless Lawn mower Review – Dual Port Charger


If you're eager to keep your lawn looking sharp while staying green, you might want to consider the Greenworks 48V (2 x 24V) 17" Brushless Cordless Lawn Mower. I'm here to help you get acquainted with this neat piece of machinery and what it brings to your garden shed. Greenworks has carved out a name for itself in the eco-friendly tool space, aiming to provide solid performance without the fumes and spills of traditional gas mowers.

First Impressions

So what's the deal with this particular model? It's built with efficiency in mind, sporting a brushless motor that's engineered to enhance battery life and minimize noise. You can forget about the hassles of cords snagging on garden gnomes or wrestling with tough starting mechanisms. With this mower, you're offered convenience right out of the box.

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Greenworks 48V 17 Inch Cordless Lawn Mower (2 x 24V)

Main Features

Cordless lawnmower with 2 Li-ion batteries 2 x 24V

Battery power 4.0 Ah each with dual port recharger

Brushless motor with mowing up to ¼ acre

240 minutes or 4 hours to recharge

17 inches wide with mowing path 16.5 inches

Mower weight 39.2Ibs with 7 mowing height positions

Price Guide: $250 - $300


This isn't just about sheer convenience; it's also about a thoughtful design packaged for the environmentally conscious homeowner. The sleek profile and smart ergonomics might just make you the envy of the neighbourhood. And let's not overlook one of the essential benefits of cordless mowers: the seamless experience without being tethered to an outlet.


I'll dive right into the meat of the matter in the next section, where we'll explore the performance and efficiency of those robust 4.0Ah batteries and the dual port rapid charger. There's a lot to unpack about how this machinery operates, and I plan to give you the nitty-gritty details so you can decide if it's the right fit for your lawn care needs.

Performance and Efficiency

The Greenworks 48V Cordless Lawn Mower is a testament to both robust performance and remarkable efficiency in the world of garden tools. Powered by a pair of robust 4.0Ah batteries, this mower delivers enough oomph to handle your regular lawn maintenance tasks without a hiccup.

A standout feature is definitely its dual port rapid charger, which cuts down on the waiting time that typically comes with recharging batteries. The ability to plug in both batteries simultaneously means you're back on your feet and ready to roll sooner rather than later.

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Mowing Runtime

With these fully charged powerhouses, you're going to find out about the mower's ability to comfortably tackle up to a quarter-acre lawn. That's quite the feat for a battery-operated machine and a real time-saver for anyone looking to maintain a medium to large sized yard efficiently.

Beyond the convenience of a cordless design, the mulching option included in this mower lets you contribute valuable nutrients back into your lawn. This isn't just about cutting grass; it's also about fostering a healthier, greener yard without additional fertilizers.


Let's talk about noise—or rather, the lack thereof. If you're weary of the loud roar common with gas mowers, you'll appreciate this machine's whisper-quiet operation. It means you can mow early in the morning or late in the evening without disturbing your neighbors.

Usability and Maintenance

I'm going to walk you through the usability aspects of the Greenworks 48V Cordless Lawn Mower. Part of what makes this model appealing is just how user-friendly it is, starting from the moment you open the box. The assembly process is straightforward; you won't find yourself fumbling with a plethora of indecipherable parts. Instead, the design is intuitive, allowing for a quick setup so you can get to mowing without a hitch.

Video Overview

No Emissions

When it comes to the environment, this mower's battery operation shines, as it forgoes the emissions and fuel spills associated with gas-powered alternatives. You're not just investing in a lawn mower; you're contributing to a cleaner Earth. This factor alone resonates with environmentally conscious consumers who are seeking to minimize their carbon footprint.


Maintaining the Greenworks 48V couldn't be simpler. With no need for oil changes, spark plug replacements, or fuel system maintenance, you save time and money in the long run. The main tasks will involve blade sharpening and battery care, ensuring optimal performance. Batteries should be stored in a cool, dry place and kept charged, especially if you're putting the mower away for the winter.


In terms of storage, this mower checks the box for convenience. Its compact size makes it a breeze to stow away in a shed or garage without taking up too much space. And let's talk about the grass catcher. While it's efficient in gathering clippings, you might find yourself emptying it more frequently than expected due to its size. Still, it's easy to remove and replace, which streamlines the mowing process.

Short comings

With these facets considered, you'll notice how the Greenworks 48V streamlines the lawn mowing experience. But not everything is perfect, which leads me to touch on some shortcomings. Up next, I'll delve into a few drawbacks that could influence your decision when contemplating this lawn mower's place in your tool shed.

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Drawbacks and Overall Assessment

You're going to find out about a mower that has a lot to offer, but just like any product, it's not perfect. The Greenworks 48V Cordless Lawn Mower doesn't come with self-propelled support, which means you'll be doing a bit of a workout while mowing your lawn. This could be a setback for those with larger yards or hilly terrains.

Narrow Deck

The narrower 16.5 inches mowing path is something to consider, especially if you're used to wider mowers. It could mean a few more passes on the lawn, which adds up in time. Also, if you're tackling thick or tall grass, be prepared for the batteries to drain quicker than usual, which might be a bit of a hassle during those heavy-duty lawn days.


When it comes to recharging, patience is a virtue. Although the mower includes a dual-port charger for faster charging, it might still take longer than you'd expect to get those batteries full, especially compared to the run time. And, for those of you who love a pristine yard, you'll notice the grass catcher fills up rather quickly, nudging you for frequent emptying breaks.

Pros for the Greenworks 48v Cordless lawn mower

  • You can recharge both of the batteries at the same time with the dual port charger.
  • Little to no maintenance costs and no cables, gas, oils or spark plugs to worry about.
  • Can mow up to ¼ acre on 2 full charged batteries (difficult mowing conditions will be a good deal less)
  • Motor is brushless so you can expect a longer life with more efficiency and torque.
  • Easy to assemble, lightweight to push and low levels of noise emitted
  • Simple starting system with the push button as there is no pull cords to deal with.
  • There's a 3 year warranty and returns are honoured if you are not completely satisfied.

Cons for the Greenworks 48v Cordless lawn mower

  • There is no self-propelled support so you need to do all the pushing yourself
  • Isolated reports of poor battery quality, long recharging times and poor battery runtimes.
  • The mowing deck is 17 inches but the mowing path is only 16.5 inches wide.
  • Recharging takes approx. 4 hours long and in some cases even longer. Other brands we have seen can recharge batteries faster than this.
  • Grass catcher is on the smaller scale so you can expect it to fill up rather quickly when mowing longer grasses.
  • Difficult mowing work conditions depletes the battery charge a lot quicker than expected


Now, despite these considerations, the Greenworks 48V Cordless Lawn Mower holds a stout 4-star rating. The combination of powerful batteries, a feature-rich design like the mulching option, and the overall low noise and maintenance, make it a compelling candidate. It's particularly suitable for those looking to make an eco-conscious choice without sacrificing performance.


In my opinion, weighing out the pros and cons is key, and in this case, the advantages seem to overshadow the limitations, especially for the environmentally mindful homeowner. Choose something that resonates with you, considering both the performance needs and the ecological benefits. And remember that you can always adjust your approach down the road if needed.

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So, if you're on the hunt for a reliable, user-friendly, and green lawn mowing solution, the Greenworks 48V might just be the mower you've been looking for. And don't worry too much about the drawbacks — no mower is without its faults, but finding one that ticks most of your boxes is a significant first step. Further reviews and updated prices can be checked out below

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