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Do you need a reliable cordless lawn mower? If so, then check out our top picks for the best cordless lawn mowers which are available in the UK at present. Cordless lawn mowers have long been the favourite of many gardeners, and with many models cutting-edge lithium ion technology, you can now own a battery-powered mower that’s compact, powerful and incredibly easy to manoeuvre. We also have included our top picks when it comes to Self Propelled Cordless lawnmowers at the end of this page

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Anywhere Mowing

Go anywhere and reach anywhere in your garden with the help of a cordless lawn mower. From cutting grass on hills to manoeuvring down slopes, a battery lawn mower allows you to reach all areas of the garden without the restriction of a power cable.

Environmentally Friendly

Due to their lightweight and easy to carry design, you can carry them to even the most difficult places to mow the lawn. You’ll never have the inconvenience of buying, storing and adding petrol to your mower ever again when you buy a battery lawn mower.

You’ll get all the benefits of a petrol machine but without all the fuss or hassle of handling fuel. Battery powered lawn mowers aren't just easy to use though - they’re also better for the environment as they’re quieter and produce no direct fuel emissions.

Less Hassle

Don't be fooled by their size - battery lawn mowers are powerful machines that really pack a punch! Making mowing the lawn effortless from start to finish, they can cut up to 250-400m2 (the size of the average tennis court) with one full charge. They come with all the benefits of a cordless lawn mower too but without the hassle of handling and storing petrol.

Buying Tips and Safety Tips

  • Electric mowers are definitely on the rise. They still can’t reach the same power levels as gas mowers for the most part. But they are very much relevant because of their eco-friendliness and low maintenance. So, the first thing you need to know is that the electric mowers – and this pertains to cordless mowers too – are a green and maintenance-free option. This is their biggest selling point
  • But, what makes a cordless mower special? The answer – they don’t use a power cord. Instead, they have a rechargeable battery that allows them to run. Thus, cordless mowers are much more convenient than corded models. Corded machines rely on an outlet and an extension cord. They can be very hard to manoeuvre around the lawn with the cable trailing behind you. That is especially true if there are trees, shrubs or flower gardens to entangle the cord. Such machines also have a much shorter range due to cord length. A cordless mower can move around unimpeded.
  • However, there are a couple of things that might deter some people from buying a battery-powered mower. First off, you should know that such mowers have a very limited run time. You can only use the mower as long as the battery allows it. You will need to stop and recharge the battery (or have a spare battery) to continue. This could lead to some frustration. If you don’t manage to finish the mowing in one go, you will have to stop and recharge. Or you may have to spend extra cash on another battery, if you have only one, so you can switch out the one that’s been spent. It is definitely best to have two batteries fully charged before beginning.  Fortunately, many of the mowers come with two batteries.
  • Also, cordless mowers in the past were known for producing uneven results. With the older lead acid or Ni-Cad batteries, as the battery charge dropped so did the power of the motor, and the mower could not cut the grass as well. Fortunately, most all cordless mowers these days use lithium-ion batteries which allows the mower to run without a power drop until it is virtually fully discharged.
  • If you’re dealing with thicker or longer grass, or wet grass, the mower will require more energy, leading to faster depletion of the battery charge.  Many electric mowers just don’t cut well in these conditions, either.  Their blades often get caught on the grass and the mowers simply stall. It is best to keep the blades very sharp, the lawn trimmed frequently and mow only when the grass is dry. There are, however, very powerful and notable mowers that can go through such grass, although such models are more expensive.

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Best UK Cordless Electric Lawn Mowers - Our Top Picks

1, Bosch Rotak 43 LI-2 Ergoflex Cordless Rotary Mower

Main Features:

The Bosch Rotak 43 LI Ergoflex with its hardened steel blade and a LeafCollect function makes cutting large lawns easier, even when the lawn is full of debris, weeds and leaves. Its 99% collection rate allows a clean cut, thanks to its innovative airflow technology. It has an extended running time lithium-ion battery offering the user freedom to mow in places without mains power. Thanks to its extended grass combs and rubber-coated wheels, cutting up to the edges of planting beds and fences is simple. This cordless lawnmower is ideal for large gardens with obstacles such as trees.

In addition to its optimal cutting performance and debris collection, the cordless Rotak 43 LI Ergoflex lawnmower features a hardened steel blade and innovative airflow technology. The efficient and new PowerDrive LI + system delivers consistently high torque for simplified mowing in all conditions. Benefit from outstanding ergonomics thanks to its AGR certified Ergoflex handles.

Extended grass combs and rubber-coated wheels enable the Rotak 43 LI Ergoflex to cut close to the edges of obstacles. Save trips emptying grass clippings with the 50-litre grass box and adjust cutting heights using a simple handle. The 13.9 kg lawnmower is exceptionally easy to assemble, tool-free, with its new QuickClick handle system. Its AGR certified Ergoflex handles make for excellent handling, even in difficult conditions.

2, Spear & Jackson 34cm Cordless Lawnmower and Trimmer

Main Features:

At number 2, we have the Spear & Jackson 34cm Cordless Lawnmower that comes with a handy little trimmer in the pack which is always a great little tool to have in your shed especially around the edges, flower beds to give that extra neater and tidier finish.

This cordless option is more affordable than you think and you can expect to pay around the £200 mark which for 2 tools in your shed is great value when compared elsewhere against various other brands. This is a 24V powered cordless lawn mower with 2 x 4.0Ah batteries and the charging time generally takes 1 hour on average or slightly over it. The good thing about having 2 batteries is that you can charge one while using the other at the same time – a major plus!

It also comes with a rear roller for attractive stripes, the mow heights are approx. 2cm to 6cm across 5 different mow height settings and it comes with a great 3-year warranty which they stand over hassle free.

It has a brushless motor and lithium cells which provides a great cut and will last longer in the years ahead and the blade is made from carbon steel. It weights around 12kg which is very manageable, and this lawn mower would certainly be in our overall top 3 picks when it comes to choosing a cordless lawn mower

3, McGregor 32cm 21.6V Cordless Lawnmower

Main Features

At number 3, we have a VERY AFFORDABLE and lower priced alternative and it is the McGregor smaller 32cm cordless lawn mower and this option normally is available for less than £150 when we seen it numerous times on sale. This lawnmower comes with a 21.6V 4.0Ah battery and you can expect to be able to mow for around 25 to 35 minutes in average depending on grass conditions before you will have to stop and recharge the battery once again.

Charging the battery is not too bad either and will normally take 60 minutes which would be the industry standard and there are 5 mow height settings available that work from 2.5cm to 6.5cm. As it is smaller in size, the price is lower but the grass box is smaller also so it can handle a capacity of 30L only which is fine when you are working with small gardens which would be suitable for lawns up to 125m2 on average.

One thing you will like is the fact that there is a battery indicator light so you know in advance when the battery will be depleted and again this blade is made from carbon steel. The height of the handle can be adjusted, the rear roller is included along with a safety switch and it comes with a 2 year warranty. The big attraction here really is the price – if the lowest possible bargain is what you are after, then you don’t need to look further than this.

4, Flymo Mighti-Mo 300 Li Cordless Lawnmower

Main Features:

Powered by a 40V Li-Ion battery, this lawnmower is small in stature but big on performance. A 30cm cutting deck and cordless freedom from the 2Ah battery provide the ability to cut a lawn up to 250m2 on a single charge; which is approximately the area of a full size tennis court. A single handle cutting height adjustment allows for quick and easy changes of cutting height from 25mm up to 65mm, and a large 30 litre grass box with superb collection performance means a less frequent need to empty the box, but when you do, it’s easy to remove and empty.

The Mighti-Mo 300 Li is low weight, only 9.9kg with battery, and is equipped with a convenient carry handle, this makes it extremely manoeuvrable when cutting, and easy to transport to and from the lawn. The handles are quick and easy to fold down, so when you’re done mowing, it’s easy to store away neat and tidy with minimal fuss. The battery takes 120 minutes for a full recharge, so will be ready to go again next time the lawn needs a cut. In the interest of safety, the Mighti-Mo 300 Li has a removable key which disables the mower when not inserted.

The compact design of this battery lawnmower make it easy to store conveniently in your shed or garage. The handles simply and easily fold down letting it be stored in small spaces.

5, Black & Decker 38cm 36V Lithium-ion Cordless Lawnmower

Main Features

The 36V Lithium-ion battery gives you the power and run time you need to show your garden some love without the hassle of cords and extension cables. Simply clip it in and you’re ready to go. The fast charging, interchangeable battery is compatible across a wide range of 36V lithium-ion garden tools, giving you the ultimate versatility. Choose your tools and share the power. Features + Benefits

Integrated handle for easy lifting and carrying handles for easy and convenient storage in sheds and small spaces. Easy to empty 35L grass collection box with grass fill indicator. Also supplied with 2 x long lasting 36V lithium batteries. Ideal for mowing lawns up to 600m2.

It has 6 setting height adjust - Easily select from 6 height settings (30-80mm) with a single lever and the Cordless feature means no worry of electric cord being entangled. The most obvious advantage of a cordless mower over a corded model, is the convenience of not having to drag a cord around the lawn behind you.

6, WORX WG778E Cordless Lawnmower with Trimmer

Main Features

With Intellicut technology, this mower adjusts its speed and power to grass conditions. Introducing the WG778E, a 33cm Lawnmower that uses two 20V Worx batteries (supplied) simultaneously, for extra power and runtime. You can share the batteries with your other Worx DIY & garden tools. Share batteries, save money. Five height settings give you the cut you want, all with the ease of a single lever cutting depth adjustment.

Intellicut technology adjusts speed automatically with different grass conditions, so it keeps consistent cutting efficiency in dense grass
The lawn mower is part of the WORX 20v powershare battery platform, allowing you to share your 20v max li-ion battery with your other WORX garden and power tools. Expand your cordless system, share batteries and save money.

Lawnmower features: Steel blade.33cm blade width.5 cutting heights. Cutting heights ranging from 2cm-6cm. 30 litre grass collection box. Safety switch plus 3 hours recharge time. The weight is 11.5kg and there is a manufacturer's 3 year when registering online guarantee.

7, Einhell Power X-Change 33cm Cordless Lawnmower

Up next is the great value low priced smaller Einhell Power X-Change 33cm 18 inch wide Cordless Lawnmower that gives great value for the amount of money you spend and it comes included with a smaller 30 litre grass box, a brushless motor and both the battery and charger are included in the box. There are just 5 mowing heights that range from 2.5cm up to 6.5cm and it is designed really for smaller lawn sizes 200 – 250m2.

One big attraction of the smaller frame is that it is lightweight at less than 12kg so moving it around is a lot easier to do. The power from the 4.0Ah battery is impressive and you can expect to get a mowing runtime of 20 – 30 minutes depending on grass conditions. Having the brushless motor is a big advantage when it comes to performance and longevity and there is the integrated handle so you can carry it into your shed when the job is done.

Price Guide: Only £150 - £200

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8, Yard Force 40V 37cm Cordless Lawnmower

A brand that has become more established in recent years is Yard Force and their 40V 37cm Cordless Lawnmower LMG37A worked a lot better than expected and you should be able to get your hands on it for less than £200 when seen at the time of our review. Included for the power is the 40V Samsung lithium-ion 2.5Ah battery and the grass collection bag is of average size offering 40 litre capacity. It also has a brushless motor and there are 7 mowing height options ranging from 2.5cm up to 7.5cm.

Another big attraction for this lawnmower is the rear rollers at the back for the striped appearance and the side combs help to give a neater finish around the sides and edges. Recharging the battery takes around 60 minutes and the battery runtime will mow for about 20 minutes on average depending on grass and terrain conditions.

Price Guide:  £160 - £200

9, Greenworks 41cm Cordless Lawnmower G40LM41K2XF

For the larger lawns up to 450-500m2, then you should consider the Greenworks 41cm Cordless Lawnmower code reference G40LM41K2XF which offers two 40V 2Ah batteries and 1 rapid charger in the package plus a 3 year warranty guarantee for peace of mind. The grass collection is larger also at 50 litre capacity and it works great around flower beds, trees and the edges.

Recharging with the rapid charger takes around 30 minutes and the 2 batteries work independently in that the first battery can cover the first 225/250m2 and the second battery will do the second area of 225/250m2.  A big attraction here is the mulching plug function so that the grass is converted to smaller clippings to be returned to the soil as a natural fertiliser and there is a good range of mowing heights available from 2.5cm up to 8cm.

Price Guide: £320 - £400

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10, Murray 36V 37cm Cordless Lawn Mower IQ18WM37

Another cordless lawnmower that deserves to be in our best list would have to be the Murray (36V) 37cm Cordless Lawn Mower code IQ18WM37 that includes 2 18V 2.5Ah batteries and a dual charging unit in the package (rather than a single charger unit). This lawnmower is designed for lawn areas up to 400-425m2 and it comes powered by Briggs and Stratton plus they offer a longer 5 year warranty as long as it is registered online.

Recharging the batteries take 40-50 minutes and the battery runtime works 25 to 32 minutes on average depending on lawn conditions (thicker and taller grasses will deplete the battery faster). The brand on the batteries is Briggs & Stratton and the grass collection unit is sturdy and solid with the hard top that can deal with any general wear and tear conditions.

Price Guide: £300 - £400

Final Best Cordless Push Lawnmower Recommendation

11, Mountfield Princess 38cm 48V 500 Series Cordless Lawnmower

Our last push recommendation for today is from the reliable Mountfield brand and it’s the Mountfield Princess 38cm 48V 500 Series Cordless Mower that includes the charging unit and 2x2Ah batteries in the overall package. There are several other cordless lawnmowers from Mountfield but this model in particular impressed us the most when it came to battery power and cutting performances.

This cordless lawnmower can be used for lawn sizes 400-500m2 in our opinion and there is plenty of mowing height options that range from 2.5cm up to 7.5cm. The grass box has an average capacity of 40 litres and a big attraction is the mulching capability which can give you a healthier lawn and free lawn fertiliser.

Not only that but there is the rear rollers at the back for the mow striped effect and you can expect the batteries to mow for 25-30 minutes depending on your grass and lawn conditions. Overall it’s an impressive gardening mowing tool that comes with a 5 year warranty from a specific supply base in Gloucester

Price Guide: £400 - £500

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Best Self-Propelled Cordless Electric Lawnmowers

If you need additional support for tougher terrain, slopes or for personal reasons then a self-propelled electric cordless lawnmower is the way to go and these recommendations will go a long way to help you get the mowing work done easier, quicker and with a lot less strain. This extra feature requires more powerful batteries so the price will be a good deal higher than your average hand push cordless lawnmower

Top Cordless Self-Propelled Lawnmowers – Top 3 Recommendations

1, Cobra Self-Propelled 51cm Cordless Lawnmower MX51S80V

The first self-propelled electric cordless lawnmower that we liked and recommend is the Cobra Self-Propelled Cordless Lawnmower code reference MX51S80V which takes 50-60 minutes to recharge the batteries and you should get a mowing battery runtime of 60-80 minutes on average. You get 2 more powerful Samsung 40V Lithium-ion 5.0Ah batteries so the price will be higher than your average cordless lawnmower plus you also get the mulching capability.

The grass collection unit has a larger than average capacity of 60 litres and it comes covered with a 2 year domestic warranty. The mowing width is also wider than your average cordless lawnmower at 21 inches or 51cm and the build quality, design and handles are certainly impressive overall to make the mowing jobs as pleasant as humanly possible.

There are 2 fast chargers for the 2 5Ah powered batteries and this particular lawnmower has received recognition nationwide for high performance mowing and lawn maintenance.

Price Guide: £550 - £650

2, Hayter Harrier 48VS GreenSeries 60V 7.5Ah Cordless Rear Roller Mower

Our next self-propelled cordless electric lawnmower is a good deal more expensive than other lawnmowers on this list and it’s the high performance feature rich Hayter Harrier (477) 48VS GreenSeries 60V 7.5Ah Cordless Rear Roller lawnmower that is just a beast of a machine and makes the entire job of mowing, garden care and maintenance a pleasure to do.

After using this lawnmower, the whole chore of mowing becomes enjoyable and its great to have a machine like this to give a neat, tidy and striped finish and there is a lot less strain involved. This machine is not for everyone though as it will set you back over £1000 so it really for people with higher than normal levels of disposable income. The powerful Hayter Toro 7.5Ah battery and the powerful standard Hayter Toro 2 amp charger can cover much larger mowing areas even up to 800-900m2 which is quite impressive and the largest area on our list.

The speed on the self-propelled is variable, the cutting works on a vari-pitch system plus there is the 2 piece ribbed rear roller that give the best possible striped appearance.

Price Guide: More Expensive £1000+

3, EGO Power 52cm Cordless Self-Propelled 7.5Ah Mower LM2135E-SP

Another self-propelled electric lawnmower with a powerful battery is the Ego Power Cordless 52cm Self-Propelled 56V 7.5Ah lawnmower code LM2135E-SP and this lawnmower can cover larger lawn area sizes of up to 800-1000m2 on average. So if you have a larger lawn than normal, then you should definitely give this model some serious consideration.

You get the variable speed settings, a push button easy start, the brushless motor and the mowing width is nice and wide at 52cm which again is wider than your average cordless lawnmower. They offer a 5 year warranty protection on this lawnmower and recharging of the battery can be done in around 60 minutes on average. In addition, you have the option to mulch or collect in the larger 70 litre capacity bag and the speed of the machine can work from 1.4km per hour up to 5km per hour

Price Guide: £800 - £900

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Cordless mowers are quickly becoming a new favourite among homeowners. Battery technology has come a long way in the last few years, and cordless mowers are holding their own in runtime and in cutting power. You also get the added benefits of instant starting, quiet operation, and no gas or oil to mess with.

They’re Easy to Start - There’s no fuss over gas, oil or a pull cord. Just hold the button, squeeze the handle, and go. Some cordless mowers offer the same power as gas models, giving you a clean cut and ample run time to get the job done. They are quiet if you need to mow in the morning or at night? Cordless mowers are quiet enough to meet most noise restrictions, extending the hours you can mow.

Lighter Frames

Most cordless mowers are typically 15-25 kg lighter than their petrol counterparts, making them easier to push and easier to transport in between jobs. Since they don’t have a gas tank, there is no need to worry about spillage. Most cordless mowers can be stored completely folded down, and some can even be stored in a vertical position.


I hope the above review helps you in your choice and if you feel that a model should be included here, please let me know by leaving a comment in the comment box below.

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