Best Self Propelled Cordless Electric Lawnmowers UK 2023 – Top 5 Picks


If you need support when it comes to mowing your garden with your electric lawnmower, then you should check out our review for what we believe are 5 of the best self-propelled electric cordless lawnmowers that are currently available in the UK and which can be delivered to your home hassle free. Most of these recommendations will be from brands that you will be already familiar with and they come with a good mix of price points to suit various types of home budgets.

Battery Power

When it comes to self-propelled electric lawnmowers, the power from the batteries need to be at a higher level for example 5Ah and for larger lawns even up to 60V 7.5-8Ah batteries. These will give longer mowing times and more power but these more powerful batteries will cost a good deal higher than your average battery for a hand push cordless lawnmower, so you need to be prepared to pay a little more for this self-propelled mowing feature.

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Advantages of Self Propelled Cordless Lawnmowers

  • Helps to reduce strain on the body and get the mowing jobs done quicker
  • Great for larger lawns, slopes and difficult terrain.
  • Selected brands will offer variable speed self-propelled support to suit your own walking pace
  • You get significantly higher powered batteries to deal with multiple mowing type jobs

Disadvantages of Self Propelled Cordless Lawnmowers

  • Prices are always a good deal higher than the push cordless lawnmowers
  • The lowest level mowing cuts are not always as low as one would like
  • If you need back up batteries, the costs are generally very high so you need to make sure your existing battery or batteries are protected and maintained properly at all times

Best Self Propelled Cordless Electric Lawnmowers - 5 Recommendations

1, Hayter Harrier 48VS GreenSeries 60V 7.5Ah Cordless Rear Roller Lawnmower

Our first premium recommendation would have to be the Hayter Harrier GreenSeries 60V 7.5Ah (477) 48VS Cordless Rear Roller Lawnmower which has superb mowing performance, variable speed self-propelled support and it would be considered a top rated higher spec mower within the brand of Hayter.

It comes with a mowing width of 19 inches or 48cm and there are 7 mowing heights that range from 1.3cm up to 6cm. The deck is made with aluminium and the speed operates from 1km per hour up to 3.3km per hour. We liked the vari-pitch cutting system for the efficient cutting, the wash hose connector on the top for a good clean up after the mowing work is done and the Hayter Toro 7.5Ah battery and Hayter Toro charger unit is certainly impressive.

A big feature here is the 2 ribbed piece rear rollers to give those fantastic eye catching lawn stripes and they offer a 3 year warranty on the battery as well as a 5 year warranty on the lawnmower itself. Not only that but you also get a 90 day money back guarantee from the supply base in Gloucester as well as a free delivery service.

Price Guide: £1300 - £1500 @ Gloucester

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2, EGO Power 52cm Cordless Self-Propelled 7.5Ah 56V Lawnmower LM2135E-SP


Our next recommendation for cordless self-propelled mowers would have to the EGO Power LM2135E-SP 52cm cordless self-propelled 56V 7.5Ah Lawnmower which costs a good deal less than the Hayter Harrier plus you also get an additional battery thrown in that is worth over £150 which is a good overall package and great value for the money. In addition to the 90 day money back guarantee, you have a 3 year warranty on the battery and a 5 year warranty on the lawnmower itself which goes a long way when it comes to protecting your investment.

The mowing width is 52cm, you get a powerful 7.5Ah battery and you have the variable speed options 1.4-5km per hour when it comes to the self-propelled support. Included as standard is the brushless motor for higher efficiency’s and this powerful lawnmower can manage larger lawn sizes of up to 800-1000m2 not problem whatsoever.

Recharging the battery takes around 60 minutes , you can either collect or mulch and the rear collection bag is larger than normal at 70 litre capacity so it can store plenty of clippings on the larger lawn types (mulch plug is sold separately). Another thing we liked was the height adjustable handlebars to suit your own height plus is can also be stored in a vertical position which will help those with smaller storage spaces.

Price Guide: £800 - £900

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3, Cobra 51cm Self-Propelled Cordless Lawnmower MX51S80V

For a lower priced self-propelled electric lawnmower, you should take a closer look at the Cobra Self-Propelled MX51S80V Cordless Lawnmower which is certainly an impressive piece of kit and it certainly helps to get those difficult mowing jobs done a lot quicker and with a lot less strain on the body.

There are 2 batteries included with this lawnmower as well as the charger plus 7 mowing height options that range from 2.5cm up to 7.5cm and it offers a mowing width of 21 inches or 51cm which means lesser mowing paths at the end of the day

The components such as the deck, hard top cover on the bag and the engine itself is certainly impressive and it starts perfectly with the touch of a button every time. For holding the grass clippings, the collection unit has a capacity of 60 litres and you can choose either to collect, use the side discharge or mulch so it ticks many different mowing boxes so to speak. The 2 batteries are Samsung 40V Lithium-ion 5.0Ah batteries and you get  2 year domestic warranty as standard.

Price Guide: £550 - £650

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4, Greenworks 46cm Self Propelled Cordless Lawnmower

For a medium sized lawn up to 500m2, you should take a closer look and consider the Greenworks 46cm wide self-propelled cordless Lawnmower that includes 2 4Ah batteries and the dual twin charger so that both batteries can be charged at the same time.

The 2 batteries are 24V each so you get 48V combined in total plus you get a sturdy collection grass bag that offers a capacity of 55 litres.

You get 7 mowing height options here and it can deal with taller grasses at the higher setting no problem as long as you work your way down through the settings over time. Included also is the brushless motor, the 2 powerful batteries and you also get a 3 year warranty for peace of mind.

Price Guide: Less than £400 @ Amazon

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5, Hyundai 42cm Cordless 40V Self-Propelled Lawnmower

Our last recommendation today is the Hyundai 42cm or 16.5 inch Cordless 40V self-propelled Lawnmower which is the smallest framed lawnmower on this list so the price level tends to one of the lower ones to choose from. It also has a less powerful 2.5Ah 40V battery than the previous recommendations which also explains the lower price level on offer. Based on the battery power, this self-propelled lawnmower is suited really for smaller lawn sizes 250-300m2 only.

Included here are 6 mowing heights, a 45 litre capacity grass collection unit and the handles can be folded down after use to suit smaller storage spaces. Recharging the battery will take longer at around 80 minutes, the mowing runtime is shorter also at 12-15 minutes on average so again it is suited really for the smaller garden lawn type.

If the grass only needs a quick trimming, then the battery can last longer up to 20 minutes and this lawnmower from Hyundai comes backed with a 3 year warranty.

Price Guide: Less than £400 @ Hyundai

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After completing this short list of recommendations for a self-propelled electric cordless lawnmower, we hope our work here can help you out in some small way and perhaps give you some ideas to think about. We have included self-propelled lawnmowers for small gardens 250-300m2, medium sized lawns 500-600m2 and also for larger garden lawns 800+m2 so there should be something here to cater for your own needs.


Which one would we buy? Without a doubt it would have to be the impressive Hayter Harrier 48VS Green-Series 7.5Ah Cordless Rear Roller Lawnmower outlined earlier and further information along with prices and updated stock availability can be double checked below…

Community Feedback

Which is your own favourite self-propelled cordless lawnmower brand and why? If possible, please share you own ideas, opinions and feedback with the wider mowing community by leaving a comment in the comment box section provided below…

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