Best Tractor Ride on Mowers UK Summer 2022 – Top Picks


Greetings once again and here I have reviewed the best tractor ride on lawnmowers available in the UK market at present.  A riding lawnmower is a type of lawn mower on which the you are seated on the lawnmower itself and you don’t need to push the mower. Riding mowers resemble small tractors and are self propelled. They normally have a petrol engine which turns the cutting blades and also powers its wheels for motion.

These type lawn mowers are suitable for large lawns and allow you to cut the grass evenly with very little physical effort.  These lawn mowers are usually expensive, require careful maintenance and are rather expensive.  But all this cost has a great advantage that these type mowers can cut large area of lawn quickly evenly and efficiently with very little physical effort on your part. They require a large parking garage space and must be fuelled with gasoline and regular preventive maintenance has to be done so that they can operate continuously.

Helpful Buying Tips:

  • These are heavy machines but since they are self-propelled, you should not worry about their size or weight. The only consideration that you should have whether you have sufficient space in your garage for these machines. When operating these lawn mowers you should always wear proper gear such as wear heavy footwear, eye protection, and hearing protection.
  • To get their machines to fit  price points manufacturers control costs through engine brand, engine horsepower, and the quality of parts and construction. Engine brands can have an impact on overall price.
  • Certain engines have a better reputation, better track record, higher quality components, or again it can be as simple as a personal preference. The real price differences are due to horsepower which is ultimately controlled by the your budget and need. Many homeowners tend to spend less commercial companies their needs are not as intense so smaller engines is a better option while still delivering a quality product. High use commercial mowers that might work every day of the week are equipped with more powerful engines that can put up with the kind of abuse only a full time landscaper can deliver.
  • The quality of the mower itself is a dictator of price as well. Riding mower decks can consist of welded parts or from a single stamped piece of steel. Lower-end homeowner and landscaper models tend to be made with stamped decks which are easier and cheaper to manufacture while higher end mower decks are made with welded joints for a more durable, longer lasting mower.
  • Homeowner mowers tend to be made with lower quality parts than their commercial counter-parts and often the models sold at garden centers bear little resemblance in quality to mowers purchased from a dedicated lawn mower retailer. This is not necessarily a bad thing when the amount of use between a commercial model and homeowner model are taken into account.
  • A well maintained homeowner lawn mower should provide many years of use, provided it is used like a homeowner mower – once a week for an hour or so of mowing. It’s a world of difference compared to a mower that is used up to seven days a week, many hours a day. If you do not need that much mower, why pay all that money for one?
  • As when shopping for any Tractor Mower you should avoid impulse buying. Study up on available products. All of these products that we review here are available on-line. Study their specifications and your requirements; see which one is a best match for you. Look at the prices and eventually select the one that’s best for you.

Where to Buy?

There are lots and lots of places where you can buy Tractor lawn mowers be it locally or even online. The one main problem with Tractor lawn mowers is that it is not always possible to collect so ordering online can prove to be very convenient indeed. One place that we recommend that you can get many of the tractor lawn mowers is from Mowers Online UK direct (Cheltenham Mowers) who are based in Gloucester and they are very well experienced in delivering heavy garden equipment as they have done from many years already.

Many of their prices can be checked below or if you have the time, then visit their showroom in Gloucestershire. If you cannot visit them, then ordering online with them works just as well and they normally can have it delivered in a matter of a few days. In addition, there is a full after sales support service workshop available if needed – simply call 01452 61 61 69 for any support that you need!

Best UK Tractor Ride on Lawn Mowers - Our Top 8 Picks

1, Stiga Estate Pro Lawn Tractor Mower 9102 XWSY

Tractor Mower Overview:

  • At number 1 and over best overall tractor mower is the 4WD 102cm Stiga Estate Pro Lawn Tractor model number 9102 XWSY which can be delivered fully assembled to your front door and they make sure it is up and running before they leave your premises.
  • It has a hydrostatic transmission, a cutting width of 102cm and also a 4-wheel drive to handle any type of heavy work load that you need to deal with.
  • The engine capacity here is 688cc, it comes with a Honda GXV 690 engine and the fuel tank has a capacity of 10 litres of unleaded petrol. It offers cruise control, a parking brake and a grass collection unit that has a capacity of 360L.
  • There is also a towing hitch, a battery charger, a mulch plug and it can manage on steep slopes and hills no problem whatsoever even when damp or wet. It provids 9 different mow height settings that range from 2.5cm to 10cm high.
  • Overall, this is a beast of a machine with tons of power and reliability and we would recommend this as number 1 on our overall list

Available From: Mowers Online UK in Gloucester or Mow Direct UK

Price Guide: Usually around the £5k region (5-year warranty applies)

2, Honda HT Premium Lawn Tractor Mower HF2417

Tractor Mower Overview:

  • At number 2 is the slightly less expensive Honda HT Premium Lawn Tractor model number HF2417 which has a 40-inch cutting deck and a Honda V-twin engine.
  • The things we liked here is the one touch electric grass dump system that it offers along with front and rear bumpers, automatically activated headlights and the Hydrostatic drive and the extended seat.
  • The grass collection unit here is large enough at 300L capacity, it has a grass full indicator and a smooth push-button electric blade engagement that leaves a great clean finish in no time at all. The frame is somewhat smaller, but is doesn’t lack any power than you would expect.
  • Included with the tractor mower is the extra features of the Versamow mulching and also the Optiflow improved air flow grass collection which makes the usage and overall experience a delight to work with.
  • Other features that you can expect to see are the electric key start, a 102cm cutting width, a Honda V-twin 4-stroke 530cc engine and a cutter deck with a hose cleaning nozzle. The fuel is filled from the rear, it is treated for anti-rust and the controls are easy to manage and reach while working.

Available From: Mowers Online UK or Mow Direct UK

Price Guide: Usually around the £4.5k region (5-year warranty applies)

3, Mountfield Lawn Tractor Mower 2248H

Tractor Mower Overview:

  • Up next is from a brand that we personally like and it’s the Mountfield Lawn Tractor Mower model number 2248H which usually will cost around the £4k mark so it is not the cheapest available yet is not the most expensive either. The Mountfield brand is one that has been used in the UK for many years now and they are certainly one of the best when it comes to making high quality garden equipment in our opinion.
  • When ordered online, this mower will be delivered fully assembled and it will be up and running before anyone leaves which certainly adds confidence when making a purchase of this size – delivery normally takes a couple of days.
  • This tractor mower is well able to handle lawn areas of up to 5 acres no problem, it has the 656cc V twin cylinder Briggs & Stratton engine and also a 48 inch Contra-Flo cutting system that certainly impressed us and works a treat.
  • There is also a mulching plug included and it will take a minute or so to switch from the collection mode to the mulching mode. It comes with the hydrostatic transmission, nicely placed control levers, a seat that can be adjusted and also a tow bar
  • The fuel tank is slightly smaller with a capacity of 7L, the cutting width is 48 inches or 122cm and it comes with a Briggs & Stratton V-twin cylinder Intek engine. The grass collection unit holds a capacity of 320L and it comes with head lights, a tow-bar, mulch plug and an audible alarm – very impressive overall and one that you should definitely consider before making your final decision.

Available From: B&Q UK

4, Snapper 42 Inch Rear Collect Garden Tractor Mower RPX310

Tractor Mower Overview:

  • At number 4, we have the Snapper 42 Inch Rear Collect Garden Tractor Mower model number RPX310 which has a lower warranty that the options already outlined but still comes with a 3 year warranty which to be fair, is adequate enough.
  • As soon as you get on top of this machine, you will be impressed with the large robust frame which is heavy duty overall – you know you are sitting on a powerful piece of equipment straight from the start.
  • This mower comes with a Briggs & Stratton professional series 8270 V-Twin engine which gives greater fuel efficiency, a longer life, extra power and superb performance.
  • The seat design is impressive with a mid back design, you get a cup holder, an arm rest and a large fuel tank that has a capacity of 11 litres of unleaded petrol. There is also the cruise control feature, 4 wheel drive support for extra traction of difficult terrain and it can handle steep slopes and hills even when wet no problem whatsoever.
  • The hydrostatic transmission and cruise control make mowing as simple as possible so all you have to do is sit back, steer and enjoy the experience. There is a front bumper, it can mow in reverse and also a maintenance monitor which always comes in handy.
  • Additional features worth noting are the LED lights, the Tuff Torq K46 transmission, a 42 inch mowing width, a collection unit capacity of 350L and 7 different mow height positions.

Available From: Mowers Online UK or Mow Direct

Price Guide: £3.5k to £4k region (3-year warranty applies)

5, Westwood T40 Hydro 38 Inch Lawn Tractor Mower

Tractor Mower Overview:

  • At number 5 which can also be delivered up and running and fully assembled is the Westwood T40 Hydro 38 Inch 546cc Lawn Tractor Mower which offers additional premium features, a 546cc Ariens engine and a user-friendly user dashboard display.
  • This dashboard display is a really nice additional tool to have to ensure you can operate the machine to it potential week in week out. The frame and size are not the largest on this list but is still offers a cutting mow width of 38 inches and a easy to use push button controlled power take-off to drive the attachments.
  • The electric powered take off is certainly impressive and we also liked the Vector Flow system and the 3 contra-rotating blades in the cutting deck. You will also see that this machine has a heavy duty steel chassis with a cast front axle and reinforced cutter deck which can handle difficult conditions without causing you any hassle.
  • This option is probably more suited for people with 1 acre areas to cut and the smaller frame allows access where there is limited gaps or gates to get through.
  • Other things that are worth mentioning is the adjustable seat, a parking brake, it is corrosive resistant and there are 9 mowing heights that range from 1.2cm to 10cm.

Available From: Mowers Online UK or Mow Direct

Price Guide: £3.5k to £4k region (3-year warranty applies)

6, Murray 96cm Hydrostatic Rear Collect Lawn Tractor Mower MRD210

Tractor Mower Overview:

  • Another tractor mower that we really liked and rate very highly is the Murray 96cm Hydrostatic Rear Collect Lawn Tractor Mower model number MRD210 which again has a slightly smaller frame but is usually available for less than £3k when last seen on sale.
  • This mower comes with a Briggs and Stratton Intek 7220 engine, Twin rotating blades and a 350L grass collection unit. There are 4 Anti-scalp wheels, the Tuff Torq hydrostatic transmission for powerful cutting and the cruise control as standard to make your mowing jobs that bit easier to do.
  • Another thing worth mentioning is the electronic blade engagement that helps performance efficiency and this machine can handle tall grasses at high speed no problem whatsoever. The mowing width is 38 inches or 96cm and you will see that it has a cast iron front axle and also a tow bar included.
  • The fuel tank here holds a capacity of 11 litres of unleaded fuel, the twin rotating blades are certainly impressive along with the cruise control and the forward speeds operate at 0 to 7.7km per hour while the reverse speed operates at 0 to 4.5km per hour.
  • The turning circle it provides is 36cm, it comes with the LED headlights, a tow hitch and the mow cutting heights work from 4.5cm to 9cm over 7 different settings

Available From: Mowers Online UK or Mow Direct

Price Guide: £2.5k to £3k region (3-year warranty applies)

7, Toro TimeCutter HD XS5450 MyRIDE Tractor Mower

Tractor Mower Overview:

  • Second last on our list today is the awesome Toro Time-Cutter HD XS5450 MyRIDE Tractor mower which is an absolute pleasure to work with and makes the job of cutting and mowing so much more enjoyable to do. The longer you work with this machine, the more you will like it, but it does take some time to get used to it from our experiences. Once you master the controls and the feel of it, this beast of a machine is pure class!
  • Like the other mowers on this list, delivery is done in a matter of a few days and they build it and get it up and running so that is one less thing to worry about. The main feature here is the zero turning capability and in terms of zero turn ride on mowers, this is certainly one of the best if not the best that we have ever worked with.
  • Not only does it mow quickly, it saves you so much more time as it handles corners, flower beds, around trees and various other obstacles that you may come across.  It has a 3 blade recycler tractor and it is designed for both mulching and side discharge – whatever takes your preference.
  • You can simply turn on the spot, it can handle various different lawns and terrains and it can handle areas of up to 10k square meters no problem. The wheels are anti-scalp and it has a suspended, rear shock adjustable operator platform that you will like as it can isolate various vibrations and large or small bumps.
  • The fuel tank holds nearly 19L of fuel, it comes with a 24.5HP 708cc Toro V-Twin engine, arm rest and it can operate up to a speed of 8.5 km per hour. If power, quality and speed is what you are after, then this machine will tick all the boxes for you!

Available From: Mowers Online UK in Gloucester (delivered assembled)

Price Guide: £5k+ (3-year warranty applies)

8, Husqvarna Riding Lawn Mower TC 130

Tractor Mower Overview:

  • If you are a homeowner having a  small to mid-size gardens then  TC 130 is a user-friendly tractor ideal for you.  It is a compact-sized, efficient tractor with integrated collector, smart design and ergonomics.
  • It has s a powerful Husqvarna Series engine with choke less start. It is easy to manoeuvre thanks to its compact format and pedal-operated hydrostatic transmission.
  • There is also a pedal-operated hydrostatic transmission with easy speed and direction control.
  • It has separate pedals for forward and reverse. It has a robust steel chassis ensuring maximum durability and sturdiness and it will last for a long time without needing any repair or replacement. For your comfort it has a unique seat platform which automatically changes height as seat is moved forward or rearward to optimize operator position.
  • It has an innovative Air Induction mowing system that draws clean air from the top and bottom of the deck, enhancing air flow which results in greater grass lift and superior cutting. You can start it easily with an automatic choke.
  • In spite of its power it is surprisingly not noisy and there is less exhaust and fumes to keep your environment clean and healthy.
  • It is ready for you to operate as you can just turn the key and go.


Further Reading?

If you are still undecided and wish to consider cheaper Lawn mower options, then feel free to browse a selection of other reviews as follows:


Mowing your lawn with a garden tractor can save you a great deal of time and help you recapture the joys of gardening. Tractors offer versatility, too. For a start, you can choose either side-ejection or rear-collection models. Many come with a mulching option and some offer a large integrated collection boxes handle up to 320 litres of grass. There’s a range of cutting heights so a tractor can cope both with fine lawns and paddocks. In addition, a tractor can turn into an all-purpose garden machine, easily transformed into a trailer, lawn roller, fertiliser spreader or moss raker.

Tractors are more expensive than a walk-behind machine. But there are a lot of extra benefits such as wider cutting decks and the ability to cover large areas of ground much quicker, all designed to make life easier. In other words, they make mowing something to look forward to, not dread. With so many options it is difficult to choose the best tractor lawn mower. Look up to our suggestions above and you are sure to find the right machine for you.

If you have you any experiences with Tractor Mowers good or bad in the past -  Then please share it with the community by leaving a comment in the comment box below


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  1. Wheel Horse, lasted for years very good, Westwood too complex and too heavy for slopes, Countax very good. Toro lawn tractor repeated engine failure. To sum up, keep away from Briggs and Stratton engines and single cylinder. I am currently looking for a new lawn tractor with power emptying and cruise control, must collect grass and leave a striped finish, suitable for 2 acres.

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