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Greetings once again and welcome to this review which will outline some of the Best Tractor Ride on lawn mowers which are currently available to order and buy in the US marketplace at present.

Collecting a Tractor mower can be quite difficult if you don’t have the mechanisms in which it can be brought home so ordering online and getting it delivered to your home hassle free is a serious added bonus.

Prices can change from season to season but a number of different prices checkers are provided below to make sure you get the best value for your money so please make sure to check the best prices if you are serious about buying a tractor mower for your own home or business.

Getting a lawn mower is a good idea but what if I tell you that you can not only get a lawnmower but can also ride it while trimming grass from your lawn? Wait, what? I can even ride on it? How is it even possible?  Yes, it is practically possible and you can ride your lawnmower while you are cutting grass from your lawn. These mowers are not push able like many others. In other words, you will be getting a Tractor ride on your Lawn Mower. Actually, in this lawn mower, you will be seated on the top of it just like a regular tractor and will be enjoying a tractor ride on this lawn mower. These innovative lawn mowers are no less than a tractor and can be turned, accelerated and stopped just like a vehicle.

Some handy tips before you buy:

  • Before I start talking about buying tips for your tractor lawn mowers, you need to sum up your requirements keeping mid the terrain of your lawn. For example, you need to consider the bumps in your lawn, slopes and even number of trees (if any) because there are different types of lawn mowers for different terrain types of the lawns. Choose right size of the mower, in simpler words, it should comply with your requirements, for example, you can rely on a rideable lawn mower that is too big or too small for your lawn. Size of the lawn mower also matters when it comes to the no of trees, lawn shape and lawn size.
  • Choose Right Size - While buying a lawn mower keep in mind size of the grass or bushes that you want to trim down because cut grass has to come out of the mower from the side of the mower. A lot of people think that the position of the mower from where grass will come out doesn’t matter but they are wrong because it really matters. For example, if the grass in your lawn is long sized then it should come out from the side of your tractor lawn mower.
  • Or another option could be the use of the side bag. This option is best if you don’t want to put the effort in cleaning up your lawn after trimming but remember this option is not recommended for the long grass because in that cases you will have to remove the bags after every few meters of trimming and it can be annoying.
  • Suitable Transmission -  Now we are going to talk about tractor lawn mowers more technically. If your lawnmower has a hydrostatic transmission system, then it will be easier to ride it on your lawn else it can be difficult for you to work without any distractions. For example, in manual transmission systems, you can’t change gears without stopping the tractor mower.
  • The game is not over yet because you also need to know that there are further two types of the hydrostatic transmissions. For greatest relief, pick a tractor with a pedal transmission system, where two different pedals control speed and course for forward and turn around.
  • The other choice is the lever hydrostat. The lever is on the bumper and is easily accessible.  In short, you should decide after you have fully analysed your requirements and other factors.


Selection of the Best Tractor Ride on Lawn Mowers (in no particular order)

1, Troy-Bilt 30-Inch Neighborhood Riding Lawn Mower

Key Features

  • Troy Bilt riding lawn mower is the best suit of people who have got a comparatively plain lawn terrain because it cannot absorb too many bumps from the land. This mower is best for regular normal sized lawns.
  • This tractor riding mower is available in the size of the normal walking trimmer which also proves that this mower is best for small or medium sized lawns.
  • You will get a flexible cutting deck (30 inches) that can be adjusted as per your requirements while trimming your lawn. In this deck, you will have five options to change the cutting size.
  • It has self-controlled power take-off for quick and simple blade engagement. You will have full control over its power and steering wheel.
  • 13x5 front wheels that can turn up to 18 Inches of the radius. As this tractor ride lawn mower is small in size so it will turn in a quicker pattern.



  • Will I get a warranty for this product?
  • Yes, you will get a warranty for 2 years which means that you can ask for replacement or repair if found any technical problem in the mower.
  • Can I use a Key to start this mower?
  • Yes, this mower is quite easy to start because you will also get a key to start it.
  • Will it have a reverse gear to move my mower backwards?
  • A good question btw, yes it will have a reverse gear but remember, while you are reversing your tractor lawn mower, it will not trim the grass.

Pros / Advantages: The biggest advantage of buying this tractor lawn mower is its ideal size. As it is the best option for house lawns - You will have 5 different options to adjust its blades and cutting size while riding it in your lawn - It turns faster as compared to the larger mowers – Though this mower is smaller in size but it still has the powerful OHV Troy-Bilt Engine that isn’t less than a monster engine - Easy control over power and Steering wheel - It can move in both forward and backward directions which means there is an option of back gear in the mower.

Cons / Disadvantages: The biggest disadvantage of Troy Bilt mower is it does not cut the grass while you are moving backwards which means that you will have to turn your tractor lawn mower to trim off the left behind the grass.

2, Husqvarna 960430212 YTA22V46 22V Fast Continuously Variable Transmission Tractor Mower, 46"/Twin

Key Features

  • The coolest thing about this ride on tractor lawn mower is its auto transmission. Which means that your lawn mower will not stop when you will change gears while other manual transmission consisted mowers do stop while you change their gear.
  • Air Induction cutting innovation enhances wind stream inside the deck, guaranteeing a reliable cut each time.
  • Helpful bumper mounted deck lever is spring helped for simple operations. Which means that you can even use this tractor mower for bumpy lawns (but they shouldn’t be bumpy).
  • Deck wash port to effectively associates your water hose to the underside of your deck when you would like to wash it.
  • Size of its gage steel is almost 46’’ 13 inches which are fair enough for medium or large sized lawns.
  • Its auto transmission is fully controlled by the provided pedals.
  • If you are just driving this tractor lawn mower in your lawn, it will not consume that much power but it does consume a hell lot of power while you are using its blades to trim off the grass.



  • Can I use this mower to trim my small sized mower?
  • Yes, you can use this ride on tractor mower to cut grass from your medium sized lawn but this mower is a bets suit for medium or large sized lawns.
  • Does it havea manual transmission system or automatic transmission system installed in it?
  • It has an automatic transmission system which means your mower will not need to stop while changing gears.
  • Is it the best suit for my bumpy lawn?
  • Yes, Husqvarna tractor mower is the best suit for little bumpy lawns but I would not recommend it if your lawn is too bumpy or if it has uneven slopes.

Pros / Advantages: As we have discussed above, the biggest advantage of this mower is its transmission system that is fully automatic. The automatic transmission system is advanced as a well advantageous feature - It is easily washable because it has a deck wash port that allows you to connect your water source to it - It can be used to trim the medium-sized or larger lawns and has a powerful engine - Air can easily flow through the deck which means that it won’t get heat up while you are using it on the lawn in hot summer for a longer period of the time - It can even operate if your lawn has small bumps in it.

Cons / Disadvantages: It has only two wheels on its deck which can result in uneven balance while turning it at a faster speed - It is not the best suit for your lawn if it’s too bumpy or contains uneven slopes in it.

3, Poulan Pro 960420195 46" 17.5HP Briggs and Stratton Automatic Gas Front-Engine Riding MowerKey

Key Features

  • You can choose the speed of this tractor mower depending on the terrain of the lawn where you are working. For example, you can choose a slow speed while you are working on a lawn that has bumps in it.
  • You can call this lawn mower a beast because it is made up of heavy steel, especially its front axle can bear high force from the opposite side.  As it is made up of pure steel so its long life is guaranteed.  
  • Elite air acceptance slicing deck enables air to enter the deck from the best to permit incredible cut quality, stowing execution and grass dispersal even in substantial conditions.
  • Deck wash port to viably relates your water hose to the underside of your deck when you might want to wash it.
  • Its auto transmission is fully controlled by the provided pedals.
  • Sharp Steel cutting level



  • Can I use this Ride on tractor mower for a longer period of time?
  • Of course, you can use this lawn mower for a longer period of time and the reason is its pure steel axel. It won’t easily break down for at least 2 years.
  • I have an uneven lawn, should I buy this lawnmower?
  • Yes, this lawn mower will be the best chose for people who have uneven or bumpy lawns. 

Pros / Advantages: This lawn mower can be used to trim grass from bumpy, uneven and lawns that have slopes in them - Its axle is made up of steel that is perfect if you would like to use this mower for a longer period of time - It has a prevailing engine that is powered by the gas - For example, if you are trimming grass from your lawn and then suddenly realise that you have left a patch of grass behind then you can use its back gear and move backwards and during this movement, its blade will not stop working - Easily manoeuvrable

Cons / Disadvantages: It is the best suited for larger or medium sized lawns and hence is not a good option if you own a smaller lawn.

4, Poulan Pro P46ZX Briggs V-Twin Pro 22 HP Cutting Deck Zero Turn Radius Riding Mower, 46-Inch

Key Features

  • Poulan Pro P46ZX has an extremely powerful engine that gives its best to cut lawn grass in a quicker and efficient way. It has a 22HP engine that is good enough to trim a bushy lawn.
  • It is different from all another ride on lawn mowers because unlike them it has a hydro gear system that means gearing your lawn mower will be easier than it ever was.
  • This lawn mower will not run out of power in no time because the capacity of its fuel tank is almost 3.5 gallons. It can operate for a longer period of time.
  • This machine is fully automated and energy efficient and that is the reason why it has an electric clutch system that is more reliable and efficient.
  • And how can we forget its EZT gear transmission system which is advanced as well simple to use?



  • What will be a warranty on its deck?
  • Well, is moving deck has a pretty good warranty. It has a warranty of almost 10 years which is an outstanding opportunity for you to get it and use it for a longer period of time.
  • How much gas can its container hold? Is it a fit suit for longer work?
  • Yes, this riding lawn mower is the best suit for a longer period of grass trimming. Its gasoline container can take up to 3.5 gallons of fuel.
  • Can I use it if my lawn has slopes in it?
  • Yes, you can use it to cut grass from lawn slopes but it won’t work on high bumps.

Pros / Advantages: You can operate it even on slightly uneven lawn terrains. Which means that you can use it if your lawn has slopes or little bumps in it - Poulan riding mower has 46 inches of cutting blades. You can use it to cut down grass even from 10 acres if the area - Biggest edge of using this lawn mower is its power capacity. It can take up to 3.5 gallons of fuel before you start riding it in your lawn - It has EZT gear system that is advanced and highly easy to use - Its deck is a comparatively good long warranty of 10 years, isn’t it amazing? While on the other hand warranty for its engine will be for 2 years. 

Cons / Disadvantages: Struggles with lawns that has too many high slopes or bumps in it. It is best for bumps if they are on the smaller scale - After you will get this product, it will not be fully assembled, so assembling it can take some of your time after it arrives your home.

5, Poulan Pro 960420164 PB145G42 Briggs 15.5 HP 6-Speed Transmission Lever Cutting Deck Riding Mower, 42-Inch

Key Feature

  • Its engine can filter oil by itself so it does not require an additional oil filter to refine or filter the oil.
  • As you can see from its name, it is a pro ride on mower that has 15-inch front wheels and 20 inches of rear wheels.
  • This lawn mower has 42 inches of sharp blades that can cut grass with its one swing. Additionally, it can take turn up 16 inches of radius while moving.
  • Its built-in engine is a Stratton engine that is powerful and reliable at the same time. It doesn’t end here, it also has 15.5 HP Briggs.
  • This ride on lawn mower is operated using gas power or in other words it doesn’t operate on electricity or another power source.


  • Can I attach or pull another blade or something behind it?
  • Of course, you can and for this purpose, we have left a big hole of about 5.8’’ on its rear.
  • Will I get a pair or mulching blades along with it or?
  • No! you will not get any extra blades or mulching blades. You will only get standard blades to use on your lawn mower.
  • Can I use during night time?
  • By the way, it does not have any headlight on it. You can work in the night if you have a proper lightened system in your lawn.

Pros / Advantages: No additional oil filter will be needed. A filter is already built in it. It like just plugs and plays - This lawn riding mower works only on gas. So, its refuelling will be cheaper - It has a relatively powerful engine that cuts grass with power and accuracy - You can even attach another pull-able thing behind it using its rear hook - It has fast forward and backward gearing system.

Cons / Disadvantages: Though it can be operated only on gas that is cheaper but less powerful - It does not have a head light so you can’t use it in the night.

6, Poulan Pro 967331001 P54ZX Briggs V-Twin Pro 24 HP Cutting Deck Zero Turn Radius Riding Mower, 54-Inch

Key Feature

  • It has got a powerful roaring engine of 24 HP Briggs.
  • This wonderful mower has got EZT transmission gear system.
  • Another amazing thing about this mower is its top speed. It can approach up to 6mph.
  • Its engine is based on the hydro system.
  • You can make a full use of electric clutch that is easy to use and reliable as well
  • There is serious speed provided for you and you get your larger mower mowed in no time at all
  • Serious power is provided through the V Twin 24 HP engine
  • A wide 54 inch cutting deck allowing you to get the job done quickly


  • What is its fuel capacity, is it small?
  • The fuel tank of this ride on lawn mower can take up to 3.5 gallons of fuel in it.
  • Is it too slow to cut?
  • No in fact, it is one of the fastest lawn mowers in the world that can reach a speed of 6MPH.
  • I doubt its engine is not too strong?
  • No! you are wrong. It has 24HP Briggs engine that is powerful enough to get you going.

Pros / Advantages: It has a powerful engine. What else can you expect? - Can achieve speed up to 6MPH - Its gallon tank can take up to 3.5 gallons of fuel - Its electric clutch is easy to use and handle while you are using it in your lawn - Can trim grass from your lawn with the speed of 2.8 acres/h – Attractive price when compared and it is a brand you can trust

Cons / Disadvantages: It does not have a head light so you can’t use it in the night.

7, Poulan Pro 960420182 Briggs 15.5 hp Automatic Hydrostatic Transmission Drive Riding Mower, 42"

Key Features

  • The 42 in Reinforced vented deck draws air from the highest point of the deck, keeping the wind stream moving under the deck in longer grass.
  • Helpful Auto Hydrostatic Transmission makes a speed modifications simple move the Motion Lever on the bumper forward to build ground speed, pull back toward impartial to back off No compelling reason to stop to change speeds, sparing you time.
  • Swaying Front Axle with a 6 in turning range for level cutting is combined with a coasting deck, giving you a level cut even in the unpleasant territory and gives you a chance to slice nearer to littler trees or hindrances, so there is less trimming to do.
  • 6 cutting positions give you the adaptability to alter the ride one tractor lawn mower slicing deck to best match the present state of your yard and the coveted length of your grass.
  • Strength and execution conveyed by a 155 HP Briggs and Stratton single barrel Overhead Valve Engine with a simple to benefit air channel
  • Design to run cooler and cleaner, conveying more power when required.


  • Does it cut in the backward movement?
  • Yes, it does cut while you are moving backwards. If you move backwards without turning the backward movement of the blades on then it will not work.
  • Will I get a Mulching Kit?
  • Yes, you will also get a mulching kit along with the final product.
  • Will I have to buy some components of this lawn mower after it arrives?
  • No, you will get each and everything along with it.

Pros / Advantages: It can cut even in reverse - There is a safety button to control blades while you are moving backwards - You will get a mulching kit along with the mower - It can turn up to 16 inches or radius.

Cons / Disadvantages: You cannot attach a snow remover to it - It cannot be operating in lawns that have very large bumps in it.

8, Murray 24" Rear Engine Riding Mower with Mulch Kit

Key Features;

  • The Murray 24 inch Ride on Mower has proven to be very popular and it has one of the lowest price points in the market which is always worth taking a look at. It has the 190cc Briggs and Stratton Engine and the cutting deck is 24 inches wide which is not as wide as many others that you will see around.
  • Although it one a smaller version of the tractor ride on mower, it is very compact and gives you 6 speed shift as well as having a mulch kit included
  • You can change the speed through 6 different settings without having to stop and it will also provide you with a tight turning radius of 18 inches to get around those tighter spots you may have.
  • To give you the sense of added security, there is a 2 year warranty so the low price on offer means that you can spend a lot less and still have the ability to test it over a 2 year period.
  • Ideal for lawns up to one acre in size with a fairly flat terrain – if your lawn is bigger and has steep slopes, then you should start looking at wider and bigger models than this
  • The size of this Mower is 64 by 34 by 26 inches


  • How wide is the cutting deck?
  • The cutting deck is 24 inches wide
  • Can this ride on mower mow in reverse?
  • No, this model cannot mow in reverse
  • Does it have an oil drain tube?
  • Yes, this model has the oil drain tube

Pros / Advantages: You can adjust the speed to 6 different levels which will certainly give you that flexibility so that you can work at your own pace - Includes the Mulch kit for you – Price is a huge attraction among many potential buyers

Cons / Disadvantages: The cutting deck of 24 inches is a lot narrower than most other models which means more mow passes are needed on your end which requires more time

9, Murray 42" 15.5 HP Riding Mower

Key Features:

  • The Murray 42 inch Riding Mower with 15.5HP is an awesome machine and will mow your heavy thick grass like melted butter and the extra width of 42 inches means less time is required and less mow passes are needed on your end.
  • This brand of mower has the Briggs and Stratton 15.5HP engine and gives you 7 different speed shifts which can be altered on the go as you mow and it also has the Overhead valve technology fir you (OHV)
  • If you need to mow in the dark or late evening, there are headlights included so at least you don’t have to stop and you can continue as you are
  • If you lawn is less than 1 acre then you should look elsewhere, however if you lawn is larger than 1 acre and has hilly terrain, then this mower will do the trick for you and you also get the added security of having the 2 year warranty.
  • The size of this model is 70 by 47 by 35.5 inches


  • Are there headlights for mowing in the dark?
  • Yes, there are headlights available for working later in the dark
  • What is the width of the cutting deck?
  • The width of this cutting deck is 42 inches
  • What HP is associated for this model?
  • This is a 15.5 HP Engine mower
  • Is a mulch kit included?
  • No, it needs to be bought separately

Pros / Advantages: Great advantage is the ability to shift through 7 gears while on the go - You have the Overhead value technology included (OHV) to prolong the life of the engine for you - Having the front headlights means you are not limited to mowing just in daylight hours  - Provides an 18 inches turning radius to get around tighter spots - You are provided with a 2 year warranty for additional peace of mind

Cons / Disadvantages: Unable to attach a snow plough – Rear bag needs to be bought separately which is an added cost – Mulch kit not included

10, Snapper 46" 20HP Briggs & Stratton (V-Twin) Front Engine Riding Mower

Key Features:

  • The Snapper 46 inch 20 HP Tractor mower has also proven to be a popular option among tractor mower enthusiasts which also includes the Briggs and Stratton engine.
  • When you buy the tractor mower, you get the 2 step debris management system, the 20 HP Intek V Twin engine and you get the full pressure lubrication for extended durability.
  • To help you with minimising the vibration of the tractor engine, it has a balanced crankshaft to help you
  • You also have the ability to change the speed controls at ease and you also know when maintenance is required with the included meter provided
  • You also get additional comfort with the over molded steering wheel and also a comfortable high back cushioned seat
  • The dimensions of this model 72.75 by 49.50 by 46 inches and you also get 4 anti-scalp wheels


  • How bog are the wheels?
  • The wheels are 20 inches at the back and 15 inches at the front
  • How does the hydrostatic transmission work?
  • It is a foot pedal hydrostatic transmission
  • How big is the fuel tank?
  • The fuel tank can hold 3 gallons

Pros / Advantages – You get the over molded steering wheel and also the high back cushioned seat for additional comfort – you get the extra wide cutting path and also you have the ability to turn even tighter at a 16-inch radius -  A washout port is included for you – a longer warranty period of 3 years is provided for this model

Cons / Disadvantages: Issues with the belt have been raised in the past from previous users – Rear bag needs to be bought separately

If you are thinking that perhaps the Tractor Ride on Mowers are a little too expensive for you, then take a look at some of the lower priced gas / electric / reel mowers as follows:


Alternatively, feel free to check available stocks on Tractor Ride on mowers by clicking on any of the images provided below…

Finally, I would like to thank you for taking the time to visit my website and I hope this list for the best Tractor Ride on Lawn mowers has helped you out in some way…

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  1. Spring time will be here soon and I need a new riding lawnmower. The one I have breaks down all the time and is just a piece of junk. So and checking to some of the mowers on your page. I decided to go and order the Husqvarna 960430212 YTA22V46 22V Fast Continuously Variable Transmission Tractor Mower, 46″/Twin. It’s just what I need and the price was right.


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