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If you are based in the UK and you are looking for a low-priced reliable ride on tractor lawn mower, then please check out our brief list for what we believe are some of the best cheap riding tractor lawnmowers which are available in the UK at present.

If collection is going to be a problem, then these riding lawn mowers can be ordered easily online and delivered to your home fully assembled which is one less thing to worry about.

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Brand Reputations

We have stuck with the brands which we trust the most so at least you will have minimal problems down the line when it comes to sourcing parts and servicing – in addition, Β these options have a trusted warranty in place so that your investment can be protected in the years ahead. We have reviewed over 20 riding tractor mowers and we have narrowed it down to our top options based on our own experiences which give the best value at the lowest possible price levels available.

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Best Cheap Riding Mowers UK – Our Top Best Value Picks

1, Mountfield 827H Compact Ride on Lawnmower 224cc

Main Points in Summary:

Key start 224cc engine and a cutting width of 66cm

Auto choke included with a 5750 series engine - Large 9Ah battery and high amp charger

Narrow frame of 73cm for tighter spaces - Large grass collection unit capacity 150L

Fuel tank 3.8L, 6 mow heights 3cm to 8cm

Power output is 3.6kw at 2450rpm - Turning circle is 155cm and weighs 129kg

Warranty duration is 2 years

Price Guide: Β£1600 - Β£1900 @ Mowers Online

Video - Mountfield Compact Ride on Mower

2, Stiga Estate 2084 Lawn Tractor Mower 352cc

Main Points in Summary:

Cutter deck is fitted with anti-scalp wheels - Manual rear collection unit & mulch kit included

7 height positions 2.5cm – 8cm, 84cm cut width

Rear wheel drive, twin blades & overall width 90cm - Manual transmission with 5 forward gears & reverse

Turning circle of 180cm 7 cuts wider than the wheel width

Simple on off starting system, LED headlights, front bumper - Stiga 7050 OHV petrol engine single cylinder

Delivered fully assembled with 3 year warranty

Price Guide: Β£2300 - Β£2700 @ Just Lawnmowers

Video - Stiga Estate Tractor Mower

3, Stiga Combi 1066H Lawn Mower Rider 224cc

Main Points in Summary:

Reliable and affordable ride on mower – rear wheel drive

Stiga 224cc petrol engine for gardens up to 0.75 acres - Mow width 73cm/26 inches & 6 mow heights 3cm - 8cm

Hydrostatic transmission – entry level ride on mowing - Grass collection hard-top unit capacity is 150 litres

Mulching kit included, capacity 224cc and single cylinder - Power Output of 3.6kW @ 2450 rpm – electric key start

Rear wheel drive, safety contact breaker & weighs 130kg

Delivered fully assembled with 2 year warranty

Available @ Just Lawnmowers

4, Mountfield 1330M Lawn Tractor Mower 352cc

Main Points in Summary:

Mountfield Series ST350 352cc engine - Cutting width is 84cm or 33 inches

Anti-scalp wheels with manual transmission - 5 forward gears and reverse

Large grass collection unit 200 litre capacity

Turning circle of 180cm, overall width 90cm - 7 cutting height settings 2.5cm – 8cm

Power of 6.5kW @ 2500 rpm with wash link

Popular seller with the Mountfield range with 2 year warranty

Available from Mowers Online Gloucester

Video - Mountfield Tractor Ride on mowers

5, Mountfield 827M Compact Ride on Lawnmower 224cc

Main Points in Summary:

224cc engine, cutting width, 66cm width

Key start and Auto choke included - Large 9Ah battery and high amp charger provided

5750 series engine and 73cm frame width for smaller spaces

Grass collection unit as a capacity 150 litres - Fuel tank size 3.8L with 6 mow heights 3cm - 8cm

Power output is approx. 3.6kw at 2450rpm - Turning circle of 155cm and weighs 129kg

Available from Gloucester mowers Online UK

Price Guide: Β£1600 - Β£1900 @ Gloucester

6, Mountfield MTF 98M-SD Side-Discharge Lawn Tractor Mower

Main Features

Includes a powerful Stiga ST350 352cc OHV Engine

Offers side discharge with mulching optional - Wide mowing width of 38 inches or 98cm

Delivered fully assemble and ready to mow

Manual transmission only - 5 forward gears and 1 reverse gear

Designed for lawn yard areas up to 2 acres - Covered with a 5 year warranty

Available @ Just Lawnmowers

7, Stihl RT 4097 SX Side Discharge Garden Tractor Mower

Main Features

Suitable for lawn areas up to 1,5 acres or 6000m2

Briggs & Stratton 3.130 Series Power-Built OHV engine

Side discharge option plus an integrated tow hitch

Hydrostatic transmission control - Mowing path 95 cm or 37 inches wide

Can be mounted with trailers and spreaders - Central mowing height adjustment lever

Mowing heights range from 3.5cm up to 9cm

Available @ Just Lawnmowers

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Are these ride-on mowers the best in the UK? Definitely not but they are certainly 8 of the best cheap riding lawn mowers which we have come across and tested and they are an ideal option if you want to buy something basic yet effective and from a brand that won’t give you too many problems in the years ahead. These options are also a great way to get started in the world of ride on mowing and they can be delivered fully assembled and ready to mow which is one less headache to worry about.

Feedback - Optional

Have you ever tried any of these Riding lawn mowers yourself in the past? Would you like to express your own thoughts or any feedback good or bad?

If possible, please share you own experiences with the wider UK community by leaving a comment in the comment box section provided below – so that others in the UK can learn also!

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One Comment

  1. I questioned the stiffness of the steering on my 827M that I purchased from your company November last year, I spoke to a tech guy called Tim, on 5th Jan 22. He said it could be that the bushes were missing, but they were not. Having used the mower this year there are other problems.
    This mower shakes like hell when you engage the cutter, and it is also getting occasional backfiring, yet it idles OK.
    The gears on it work on a pot luck basis, changing or engaging gears is not definite, and should be.
    I have contacted Partridges of Hadleigh Suffolk who no longer have a workshop and contract out the work to a Simon Carter an ex-employee. He visited my house and inspected the Lawnmower and stated that they were all like that, and the best thing I could do was β€œSell it” I am not happy with this ride on Mower when judged against my old efco EF63 its performance and manageability is poor.

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