Mountfield 1530H & 1538H Tractor Ride on Mower Review 2024


If you are thinking about buying the Mountfield 1530H Ride on mower or the Mountfield 1538H Ride on mower in the coming days or weeks, then check out our quick review which will outline all the features that are currently available on these Ride on Petrol Garden Tractor mowers plus some of the pros and cons we came across during our review.

The Mountfield 1530H Ride on mower is now available as the Mountfield MTF84H 1530H Garden Tractor mower and the Mountfield 1538H Ride on mower is now available as the Mountfield MTF98H 1538H Hydrostatic Garden Tractor mower and both are normally on sale for around £2700 to £3200 when seen at the time of our review.

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Optional Extras

When you buy either the Mountfield MTF84H 1530H Garden Tractor or the Mountfield MTF98H 1538H Garden Tractor, there is a series of optional extras that you can get or source elsewhere at a later date if needed. This would include the Stiga Mountfield mulch plug blades which costs £100 to £140 extra, a Mountfield Stiga Tow bar hitch that can cost £70 to £80 extra or even a garden tractor mower battery charger that can cost £60 to £70 extra.

In addition you also have the option of getting a universal fuel stabiliser which is usually on sale for around £10 to £15 for a 250ml container or even a Mountfield large protective cover which usually costs around £100 there or there abouts.

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Video – Mountfield Ride on Mowers Overview


As the technical specifications are different for the Mountfield MTF84H 1530H Tractor mower and the Mountfield MTF98H 1538H Ride on mower, we have included a detailed comparison table at the end of this page so you can see and compare each of the features side by side. We have also included some video information that should benefit you and give you more confidence when it comes to making an investment of this size.

Mountfield 1530H Tractor Ride on Mower

Mountfield MTF84H 1530H Petrol Garden Hydrostatic Transmission Tractor Mower

This garden tractor mower from Mountfield is a popular choice within their range and it is available at a competitive attractive price level when compared to various other tractor ride on mowers across the UK market. It comes designed with a 414cc Mountfield Stiga ST400 engine and it operates with an automatic hydrostatic transmission for easier mowing work. It includes the anti-scalp wheels to prevent any unwanted lawn scalps and it gives a mowing path width of 84cm or 33 inches with it’s double twin blade cutting system.

The grass collection unit can hold a large capacity of 200 litres and it offers a washing link, the electro blade engagements and a user friendly LED dashboard on the front. There are 7 mowing heights that range from 2.5cm to 8cm and the cutting blades are engaged using the on/off lever and it can manage a turning circle of 180cm. This tractor ride on mower is designed for 1 acre garden areas or 4000m2 and even possibly more up to 1.5 acres in our opinion.

The fuel tank can hold 6 litres of petrol, the power operates 6.3kW at 2400 rpm and the supplier offers a 5 year warranty as long as it is serviced annually by a reputable Mountfield dealer

Price Guide: £2700 - £3000 @ Gloucester

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Mountfield 1538H Tractor Ride on Mower

Mountfield MTF98H 1538H Petrol Hydrostatic Garden Tractor Mower

This tractor mower from Mountfield is larger and more powerful than the 1530H as it offers a wider mowing path of 98cm and it comes with the more powerful 432cc Mountfield Stiga ST450 engine that gives output of 7.2kW at 2600 rpm. There is a series of optional extras available such as the rear grass deflector, the mulch plug blades and the tow bar hitch so these can be added in if you need them which is good to know.

In addition to the 5 year warranty, the supplier also offers a 90 day money back guarantee in the event that you are not totally happy with your purchase for extra peace of mind. This tractor ride on mower can handle areas up to 2 acres or 8000m2 and it comes with the easier Hydrostatic transmission, anti-scalp wheels, a washing link and the electric blade engagement lever.

The mow heights are the same at 2.5cm to 8cm and the grass collection bag is larger at 240 litre capacity (40L more than the 1530H) – this can be emptied from your seat with the dump lever. The fuel tank capacity is the same at 6 litres and overall we found it performed very well on both level and sloped terrain.

Price Guide: £2900 - £3300 @ Gloucester

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Pros for the Mountfield Tractor Ride on Mowers

  • There are free deliveries available and they are delivered all set up and ready to mow – less work for you
  • The Hydrostatic transmission works great when it comes to managing the speed and getting the mowing jobs done quicker and easier
  • They come from an established Mountfield UK brand so you can be confident that the performance, components, reliability and starting will be of the highest standards possible
  • At certain times of the year, they will be discounted heavily so savings of up to £300 can be made
  • It can cut wider than the wheel width which means a lot less trimming afterwards for the border boundary edges
  • There is a super 5 year warranty available from the supplier as well as a 90 day money back guarantee which provides lots of protection and peace of mind

Cons for the Mountfield Tractor Ride on Mowers

  • The tow hitch and mulch plug is not included in the overall package and need to be bought separately
  • They can struggle a little bit when it comes to slopes or damp grounds and using the lower mow height settings – more engine power would be beneficial for more difficult mowing conditions
  • Long grasses can be difficult especially when damp or wet so you need to make adjustments to the mow settings as needed

Price Comparison Options

Video – Overview of the Mountfield 1538H Ride on Mower

Mountfield 1530H vs 1538H Comparison Table

To ensure you have all the relevant information about these Tractor Ride on mowers, please make sure to check out the comparison table below where you can see both of these Ride on mowers side by side…

Tractor MowerMountfield 1530HMountfield 1538H
Model numberMTF84H – 1530HMTF98H – 1538H
Engine414cc Mountfield ST400432cc Mountfield ST450
Mow width84cm / 33 inch98cm / 38 inch
DeliveryMow readyMow ready
Grass collection200L capacity240L capacity
Anti-scalp wheelsYesYes
Wash port linkYesYes
Turning circle180cm180cm
Mulch plugOptional extraOptional extra
Mow heights7, 2.5cm to 8cm7, 2.5cm to 8cm
Lawn size area4000m2 / 1 acre8000m2 / 2 acre
Power output6.3kW @ 2400 rpm7.2kW @ 2600 rpm
Fuel tank6L capacity6L capacity
Tow barOptional extraOptional extra
DimensionsL2.34m x W1mL2.34m x W1.03m
Head lightsYesYes
Warranty5 years domestic5 years domestic

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Would we buy the Mountfield 1530H or the Mountfield 1538H Tractor ride on mower? Our preference would certainly have to be the 1538H due to the superior engine power, the wider cut and improved results on more difficult terrain and slopes. Further information and updated prices can be checked out below from the supplier that offers the 5 year warranty and the 90 day money back guarantee for peace of mind…

Mountfield 1530H & 1538H Tractor Feedback

Have you ever used the Mountfield 1530H or the 1538H Tractor ride on mowers in the past? Anything positive or negative to report? If possible, please share your own feedback and experiences with the wider mowing community by leaving a comment in the comment box section provided below…

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