Flymo Easistore 340R Corded Rotary Lawn mower Review


I'm going to introduce you to a lawn mower that might just be the perfect fit for your gardening needs - the Flymo Easistore corded electric 34cm wide 340R mower. At first glance, you don't worry too much about hefty manuals or complex features; this mower is all about simplicity and efficiency for your mowing and garden maintenance needs.

It’s designed for people who have small gardens and who need to fold away their mowers away after use so we wanted to see how good it really was. All our pros and cons are outlined further down on this page.

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You can always adjust your approach down the road, but when it comes to mowing your lawn, the 1400W of the Flymo Easistore 340R offers a straightforward, no-nonsense experience. With a 34cm cutting width, it's designed for precision and ease of use. Its lightweight, simple to use, it folds up nicely plus it can be stored in an upright position. Ideal for people who need their lawnmowers stored away in tight spaces. It also only weighs 11kg so carrying it from the garage to the lawn is a breeze.

Lawn Sizes

If you're curious about who could benefit most from this model, the 340R is targeted towards homeowners with small to medium-sized lawns up to 100m2 in our opinion. It's also a great fit for those who prefer not to deal with the maintenance and fumes of petrol mowers or the recharging of batteries. Cordless lawn mowers are more expensive by nature so you get a much more affordable solution here.

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Flymo Easistore 1400W 340R 34cm Corded Rotary Lawnmower

Key Features

Corded electric power with 10m power cable

5 mowing heights from 2cm to 6cm

Motor power level 1400W

Lightweight design only 11kg

Grass collection capacity 35L

Rear roller and safety switch in place

Warranty is 2 years – price guide £100 - £130

Flymo Easistore 1400W 34cm Corded Rotary Lawnmower video

Shed Storage

A compact design and the ability to store it neatly away make the 340R particularly appealing to those who value space and tidiness in their sheds or garages. Choose something that resonates with you - if saving space and hassle makes your life easier, this could be your go-to choice. The big attraction here is storing it in the upright position and I must say it’s a great way to keep your mower stored away neat and tidy after use.


I'm going to be completely upfront about the Flymo Easistore 340R. It's a widely affordable option in the lawn mower market, great for those on a tight budget looking for a reliable workhorse for their gardens. And guess what? It doesn't skimp on quality. You're going to find out that despite its humble pricing, it packs a punch in several key areas. Choose something that resonates with you, and I bet the Easistore's ease of storage and lightweight design will do just that, especially if you're tight on space or dislike heavy lifting.


You can always adjust your approach down the road, but starting with a lawn mower that's eco-friendlier is a smart move. The Easistore 340R is easy on your wallet and the planet – no fuels or oils to worry about here, leading to zero emissions. If you want to say goodbye to the hassles of gas mowers, this could be your cue. I'm here to help you understand that electric mowers like this one are also incredibly low-maintenance. They're a 'plug and go' solution, saving you from the time-consuming tasks of recharging batteries or visiting the gas station.

Mowing Navigation

This isn't just about the advantages, though. The corded design, a significant characteristic of the 340R, means you'll need to navigate the lawn carefully as you work. These mowers are best suited for small lawns due to their limited reach. You might need to invest in an extension cord to ensure you cover the entire area. And while they're adept at efficient mowing, don't expect the brute power of their petrol counterparts; this is a trade-off for the portability and price point.

Grass Clipping Collection

A small inconvenience you might encounter is the quickly-filling grass box which may require frequent emptying. However, if minimizing trips to empty grass clippings isn't high on your priority list, it's a minor hiccup in an otherwise solid choice. Now, despite these limitations, the key is to choose a lawn mower that best suits the size of your garden and the level of convenience you desire. For many, the Easistore 340R strikes just the right balance. In the next section, I'll delve into real-world usage and what consumers actually think about this compact dynamo.

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Usage and Consumer Feedback

Now, let's talk about what it's actually like to use the Flymo Easistore 340R in your garden. From ease of use to the type of cut it delivers, consumer feedback is invaluable for a comprehensive view.

I've gathered user experiences to see how this mower holds up in various garden scenarios. The consensus? Its compactness is a real plus. The lightweight design has allowed users to effortlessly push and carry the mower even across uneven terrain. When it comes to different types of grass and conditions, opinions differ. However, most find that for well-maintained, small lawns, the Easistore 340R does a tidy job. The grass box, though it fills quickly, is easy to detach and empty.

Flip Sides

On the flip side, if you're tackling a larger area or more complicated landscaping, this might not be your first pick. The need for an extension cord and the frequent grass box trips could slow you down. As for reliability and support, the feedback is generally positive. The 340R seems to stand the test of time, and when users need help, the customer service has received thumbs up for responsiveness.

Pros for the Flymo Easistore Corded Lawnmower

  • It offers good value for the money as you should be able to get your hands on it for less than £130
  • Folds up nice and tidy after use taking up minimum storage space in your shed.
  • Does a good job overall with the cutting and collection of the grass clippings, no problems experienced here.
  • Release handles for folding it up and storing it upright works perfectly.
  • You don’t have to worry about rechargeable batteries, secondary batteries, fuels, oils or expensive maintenance costs

Cons for the Flymo Easistore Corded Lawnmower

  • Assembling the grass box is more difficult than expected and should be easier to do – this needs to be improved
  • Lacks the superior power of larger mowers to deal with damp, longer grasses and denser patches. A second pass can be required to get the job done (start on higher setting and work your way down to a lower height)
  • Power cord is just 10m long which is shorter than other brands we have used, so extension cords need to be considered to cover the lawn areas.
  • Only suitable for small lawns up to 70 - 100m2 in our opinion.
  • You need to develop a technique of avoiding the power cords across the lawn as your work.

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In wrapping up, the Flymo Easistore 340R is a standout for those who need a simple, efficient, and no-fuss mower for a small garden space. Choose something that resonates with your needs. If convenience, compact storage, and value are your priorities, you'll likely enjoy what the 340R has to offer. For bigger gardens or more robust power, you may want to explore other options.

What's essential is that your first choice fits your specific situation, and remember, you can always adjust your approach down the road. That being said, it offers good value for the money at less than £130 when last seen on sale which can be checked out below

Flymo Easistore Feedback

Have you ever used this Flymo Easistore Corded 340R lawn mower in the past? If so, please share your thoughts and opinions in the comment box section provided below. So that others in the mowing communities can learn also.

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