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Getting your hands on a Tesco Lawn mower appears to be more difficult than expected at present but we have completed a quick review for the Tesco Electric Rotary ELM1015 Lawn mower in the event that it becomes more readily available on sale in the near future once again.

In the event that it is out of stock when you visit this page, we have included alternative branded corded Electric Lawn mowers that you can check out which are household names and tend to be stocked quite well from an availability point of view.

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We were unable to review the Tesco Petrol Lawnmower at this time as it was off sale so we have stuck with a review of the electric Tesco lawnmower instead. Before you start, please note that only price guides can be shown at the time of this review so please make sure to view the price checkers provided below which will help ensure you have the most accurate up to date price information.

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Tesco Lawnmower Overview

Model:Corded Electric ELM1015
Power Level:1000W
Grass Collection:27 litre capacity
Mow Width:32cm

Sideview for the Tesco Garden Lawn mower

Tesco Electric Lawnmower - Features, Pros and Cons

Tesco Electric Rotary Lawn Mower ELM1015

Key Features:

Corded electric power supply - Motor power of 1000W

Grass collection capacity 27L

Cutting width is 32cm - Manual push lawnmower

For small gardens only - Cable length is 10m

Extension cables may be needed

Minimal assembly required

Pros for the Tesco ELM1015

  • Great low price point making it the ideal solution for people seeking the lowest possible price level
  • Corded electric power supply so there is no need to worry about expensive batteries or the recharging of batteries over and over again
  • Using an electric lawn mower is a lot more environmentally friendly as there are no fuels or oils to worry about
  • Lower level of ongoing maintenance costs for each season – minimal blade sharpening requirements. Good value overall for the amount of money you need to pay

Cons for the Tesco ELM1015

  • Stock availability appears to be very low or even minimal – it is difficult to find it readily available on sale anywhere online from what we have seen
  • Lower power level of just 1000W and the mowing height adjustments are quite limited
  • Grass collection bag is very small and the mow width is very narrow so it is really only capable of dealing with small type lawns of less than 200m2 in our opinion
  • You need to develop a technique of avoiding the cord as you cut the grass plus there is no rear roller for garden stripes
  • Struggles with damp or wet grass and also with thicker denser grass types – regular mowing is needed to keep it under control

Tesco Electric Lawnmower ELM1015 handle

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Alternative Electric Lawnmowers

If you find that the Tesco Lawnmower is out of stock during your visit, then you should take a closer look at the following 3 alternatives from Bosch, Flymo and Spear & Jackson which are backed with numerous positive reviews across the UK at present. These Corded Electric Lawn mowers tend to be stocked very well and they all come with warranties for a minimum of 12 months up to 3 years long.

Alternative 1: Bosch Rotak 34R 34cm 1300W Electric Lawnmower

Electric Lawnmower Overview:

Corded electric lawnmower 12m length - Mowing width 34cm with motor power 1300W

Larger grass collection capacity of 40 litres - Grass combs on the sides to reduce trimming

5 mow height settings ranging from 2cm to 7cm

Stackable grass box and folding handles

2 year standard warranty applies - 3 years if registered online within 28 days

Price Guide: Less than £150

Alternative 2: Flymo Speedi-Mo Electric 36cm 1500W Lawnmower

Electric Lawnmower Overview:

Wider mow cutting width of 36cm - For lawns up to a guide size of 350m2

Stronger motor power of 1500W

Available with or without the vision window - Lightweight design easy to push around

Grass collection box carries 40 litres

For both small and medium sized lawns - 5 mow height settings from 2cm to 6cm

Price Guide: Less than £130

Comparisons Electric Lawn Mowers

To see how the Tesco lawnmower compares to other branded electric lawnmowers in the UK, then check out the comparison table provided below as follows when it comes to power, mow widths, cable lengths and lawn size guides…

LawnmowerTesco ELM1015Bosch 34RFlymo Speedi-Mo
Mow Width:32cm34cm36cm
Grass Collection:27L capacity40L capacity40L capacity
Rear Rollers:NoneIncludedNone
Mow Heights:3 settings5 settings5 settings
Cut Heights:2.5cm to 6cm2cm to 7cm2cm to 6cm
Cable length:10 meters12 meters12 meters
Grass Combs:NoneYesNone
Lawn size guide:250m2300m2350m2
Warranty:12 months2 to 3 years12 months

Alternative 3: Spear & Jackson 32cm 1200W Corded Rotary Lawnmower S1232ER

Electric Lawnmower Overview:

Trustworthy and highly rated corded lawnmower

5 mow cutting heights from 2cm to 6cm

Longer cable support of 12m length

Mowing width of 32cm with a metal blade - Central mow height adjustments

For small to medium sized lawns

Built in rear roller included for garden stripes

Motor power of 1200W with side combs - Grass collection capacity of 30 litres

Lightweight design of just 8.6kg for easy pushing - Longer 3 year warranty cover provided

Price Guide: £80 - £130 @ Argos

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Tesco Lawnmower Community Feedback

Have you ever used a Tesco Lawn mower yourself in the recent past? Anything positive or negative to report?

If possible, please feel free to leave your opinions or feedback in the comment box section provided below – so that others across the UK community can learn also!

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