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Are you based in the UK and are you looking for a reliable and trustworthy cordless Grass trimmer? If so, then make sure to check out our personal top 8 picks for the best cordless Grass trimmers in the UK at present which are all available to order online and get delivered to your home hassle free.

We have reviewed and tested several models and brands and we have narrowed our search down to what we believe are the top 8 options so there should be something here that can meet your own personal set of requirements.

Battery & Chargers Included

We avoided some higher priced options that we felt were too expensive for the average homeowner and we have also avoided grass trimmers that come as a bare tool option (no battery or charge included). That way, each of our chosen 8 trimmers will include both the battery and charger which don’t need to be bought separately and it will be one less thing for you to worry about.

Box Deliveries

Some trimmers look great at low prices but when you add in the price of the charger and the price of the battery separately, then the low price trimmer that you thought you were getting suddenly is now a hell of lot more expensive than you originally thought. Some of these bare tools can have separate chargers and batteries that are more expensive than you would think so we have avoided them altogether and stuck to grass trimmers with the full battery and charger package included in the box delivery.

Before you begin, as guide prices can only be shown at the time of this review, please make sure to view the price checkers provided below to ensure to have the most accurate up to date price information.

Best Cordless Grass Trimmers UK – Our Top 8

1, Spear & Jackson 36V 3-in-1 30cm Cordless Grass Trimmer

Key Features to Note:

36V power battery & charger
30cm trimming width
Auto feed line system
UK brand & customer support
Battery runtime 35-45 minutes
Recharging is 1.5 hours
Spare spool line also included
Adjustable shaft and head
3-year warranty

Cordless Grass Trimmer Overview

Our first and one of our all-time favourites is the Spear & Jackson 36V 3-in-1 30cm cordless Grass Trimmer which would be among our own top 3 from this list especially when it comes to cutting power, flexibility, reliability and comfort while working.

In terms of price, this machine is generally available for less than £120 and in some cases less than £100 which is superb value for what you are getting. It doesn’t have a second battery like Worx but the higher quality single battery does tend to last anywhere from 35 to 45 minutes depending on the level of work you are doing or the trimming conditions you are in. The cutting width here is 30cm, the shaft can be adjusted for taller people and the head can be rotated also with the pedal adjustment. Other batteries can take 3 hours or longer to get charged up, but this battery generally can be charged in 90 minutes which also is a major plus.

There is a wheel support also which helps around flower beds and borders, it has a 2.5Ah 36V battery and charger included and it works off the auto feed spool line which works exactly as expected. There is also a spare spool line included in the top frame of the handle which is great to have also.

Overall, this trimming tool is quite impressive and deserves serious consideration before you make your final decision and it comes backed with a 3 year warranty for your own peace of mind and security.

Price Guide: £120 - £150 @ Argos 

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2, Greenworks 40V Cordless Grass Trimmer (Battery & charger) G40BC

Key Features to Note:

40V power battery charger
2.0Ah battery included
35cm trimming width
Stronger 2mm cutting line
Rotation head & brushless motor
Dual auto feed line system
Full UK support service & parts
Battery runtime 20-25 minutes
Recharging only 60 minutes
2 year warranty provided

Cordless Grass Trimmer Overview

Second on our list is from Greenworks and it’s the Greenworks 40V Cordless Grass Trimmer with includes the battery & charger and the model reference code to note is G40BC and it was seen available from a reliable UK supplier namely Mowers Online UK who can deliver to your home also hassle free. The price here is slightly more expensive that we thought initially but this machine is well worth it from what we have seen in terms of quality, power, cutting and reliability. The battery included in this pack is a 2.0Ah lithium ion battery and it comes with a 40V battery charger.

The width of the trimming is quite good at 35cm wide, it has a dual feed and an auto feed line system and you can expect to get 20 to 25 minutes runtime on the battery before you have to recharge it once again. This trimmer is designed really for small and medium sized gardens and the bump head feed is both a dual feed and an auto feed system

Again, there is a variable speed trigger that can be adjusted where needed especially on tougher weeds and it has a stronger 2mm diameter nylon cutting line for superior cutting and trimming needs. This trimmer also has the DigiPro brushless motor which comes close to petrol powered trimmers which also makes it stand out from the rest.

In addition, this trimmer has a trimmer attachment, safety guards, a soft cushioned adjustable handle and it can accept attachments from multiple other brands for various other garden related chores to be done at home.

Price Guide: £250 - £300 @ Amazon

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3, Worx WG163E 18V Cordless Grass Trimmer (2 batteries)

Key Features to Note:

18V power battery charger
2 batteries included in the pack
30cm trimming width
Auto feed line system
Full UK support service
Battery runtime 20-25 minutes
Recharging is 3 hours
90 degree head pivoting
2 to 3 year warranty (reg. online)

Cordless Grass Trimmer Overview

Up next is a less powerful trimmer but it does a great job all the same and it’s the Worx 18V Cordless Grass Trimmer code WG163E which comes with 2 batteries in the pack so you always have a back up battery in place which is ideal for longer grass trimming jobs.

Having a second battery included in the pack is a major plus as you can replace the 2nd battery in the tool once the first battery charge has been depleted. This means you can work done for up to 50 minutes long on average. Each battery here should last you 25 to 30 minutes each so if you have a large acre site that needs tons of trimming around borders or under benches and trampolines, then these batteries combined will give you more than enough battery run time.

Another thing that you will like is the command feed system where all you have to do is press a button to feed out more line which works great at making sure you always have the right amount of cutting line at all times. Other features that are worth a mention is the adjustable shaft for taller or shorter people, it has a soft grip which is kind to your hands and of course a safety guard and plant guard as standard.

Charging the battery does take longer though at approx. 3 hours so you need to plan well in advance of any trimming work to be done. You get a standard 2 year warranty when you buy and a 3rd year warranty is available when you register your purchase online with Worx.

Price Guide: £100 to £130 @ Argos

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4, Hyundai HYTR60LI 60V Cordless Battery Grass Trimmer

Key Features to Note:

Higher 60V power 2.5Ah battery
33cm trimming width
180 degree rotating head
Single auto feed line system
Variable speed trigger
Full UK service & parts
Recharging takes 90 minutes
Battery runtime 30-40 minutes
1.6mm nylon trimming line
3 year warranty provided

Cordless Grass Trimmer Overview

Fourth on our best cordless grass trimmer list is the Hyundai 60V Lithium-ion Cordless Grass Trimmer reference code HYTR60LI which includes the battery & charger and it is available on sale directly from Hyundai Power Equipment in the UK who also provide a full UK service and parts support which is always good to have in the background.

This trimming tool has great power and reliability and the 2.5Ah battery itself is designed for over 1000 recharges so you don’t need to worry about buying additional or spare batteries in the future as spare batteries can tend to be more expensive that you think. Included with this grass trimmer is a 33cm cutting width, a 180 degree rotating trimmer head for use around edges or under benches and the construction is lightweight, rust free and the shaft is made from robust aluminium.

One thing that stands out here from this trimmer is the variable speed trigger so you can adjust the speed depending on the level of trimming conditions and of course it has the single auto feed line mechanism as standard. The handles can also be folded with is great for tighter storage, there is little to no maintenance involved and it comes covered with a UK 3 year warranty to protect your investment well into the future.

Price Guide: £180 - £220 @ Hyundai

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5, Gtech 18V Cordless Grass Trimmer (Plastic Blades)

Key Features to Note:

18V motor power
Battery & charger included
23cm trimming width
Plastic blades cutting instead
Lightweight design less than 2kg
Battery runtime 25-30 minutes
Recharging is 4 hours long
Adjustable head only
2-year warranty provided

Cordless Grass Trimmer Overview

The next cordless trimmer uses plastic blades instead of a cutting line and the changing of the plastic blades is simple and easy to do and can be done in less than a minute. This grass trimmer is readily available from Argos in the UK and it is one of the lightest trimmers on this list to work with. The price is slightly more expensive that others on this list which we were surprised at, but it is still quite affordable all the same and is generally available for less than £150 when seen at the time of this review.

It has the plastic blade cutting system instead of a nylon cutting line, it works off a 18V motor powered and the weight of this unit is only 1.85kg to carry around. The head has a really cool twistable feature where is can be turned into an edger at ease giving more accuracy and the handle can be adjusted to suit whatever angle you need (the length of the shaft though is not adjustable)

Charging the battery here though does take around 4 hours so you need to plan well in advance and the runtime on the battery typically lasts between 25 and 30 minutes depending on the type of trimming conditions you have to work with.

Another thing we liked was the anti-vibration system which minimises the effect on your hands, it has the plant safety guards in place as standard and it comes backed with a 2 year warranty to protect your investment well into the future.

Price Guide: £120 - £150 @ Gtech

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Best Cordless Grass Trimmers Continued – Final 3 Options

If the 5 options already outlined above haven’t ticked all of your boxes just yet, then check out our last 3 final grass trimming options in brief summary that we can highly recommend also…

6, McGregor 25cm Cordless Grass Trimmer (2 batteries)

Key Features in Summary:

18V powered cordless trimmer
2 batteries included (2.0Ah x 2)
Recharging takes 3 hours average
Battery runtime 25-30 mins each
25cm trimming width
Head can be rotated for benches
Adjustable shaft and handle
Auto line feed system with guards
Warranty is 2 years long
Price Guide: Less than £90

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7, Black & Decker 18V Cordless 28cm Grass Trimmer

Key Features in Summary:

18V powered cordless trimmer
Includes a 2.0Ah battery
Powered by E-drive technology
High-torque gear system
Battery runtime 25 to 30 mins
28cm trimming width
Adjustable head for edging
Auto single line feed system
Warranty is 2 years long
Price Guide: Less than £130

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8, Ryobi ONE+ 18V Hybrid Grass Trimmer RLT1831H20

Key Features in Summary:

Heavier more robust tool
Weighs over 5kg - more power
Trim width is 25 to 30cm
Works both edging & trimming
Adjustable shaft for taller people
Adjustable auxiliary handle
Interchangeable battery
Hybrid Lithium based trimmer
3 position pivot trimmer head
Battery runtime average 30 mins

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After reviewing all the cordless grass trimmers we could get our hands on, we hope our best list of 8 grass trimmers has been helpful to you in some small way and it can point you in the right direction somewhat.

Which one would we choose from this list? It’s hard to say but it would most likely be the Spear & Jackson or the Hyundai trimmers from this list, but we also really liked both the Worx and the McGregor options as well as they both include 2 batteries in the pack which is always great to have.


Which one would you prefer, or which Grass trimmer do you believe is the best???

If possible, please educate others in the UK community by sharing your feedback or comments in the comment box section provided below.

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  1. Great and helpful article on grass trimmers or “weed wackers” as I call them. I used to weed wack for a summer job and honestly enjoyed it. The weed wacker I used at work was WAY better than the one I used at home for my personal lawn and the difference was definitely noticeable. A good grass trimmer saves a ton of time and does a way better job than a low quality one. I have used both the Black and Decker and Spear and Jackson trimmers here and I cant really fault them in any way so it would be a thumbs up from me

  2. After looking at the heavier Stihl trimmer, I came across these cordless which appear to be much easier to carry around. I really don’t like having tall grasses around my house because of the chances of creeping insects getting into my home. I feel it’s best to get a trimmer and make it really low so I can maintain a safe environment for my kids and myself. These suggestions are great along with the prices, but the Greenwork 40v grass trimmer is one that have caught my attention and interest and I like the idea of not having any cords or any petrol to deal with

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