Wickes Lawn Mowers Sale 2024


After completing several Lawnmower reviews, we came across the Wickes Lawn mower sale which is certainly worth a closer look especially when it comes to electric powered Lawn mowers for small gardens.

All of these Lawn mowers from Wickes were on sale for less than £100 when seen at the time of this review and we have stuck with household names that you should already be familiar with.

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Wickes Lawn Mower Range

There are over 100 Lawn mowers currently on sale with Wickes be it corded, cordless and petrol powered Lawn mowers and we have narrowed down our results to our top 5 picks which should speed up the process when it comes to getting a good deal at the best possible price level. All of these Lawn mowers are corded electric Lawn mowers as they offer the lowest cost base and they are all designed for small garden areas which are also lightweight in design and easy to push around the lawn.

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Wickes Lawn Mowers on Sale – Top 5 Picks

#1, Einhell Classic GC-EM 1032 1000W Electric Lawnmower

Key Features

Corded electric powered lawn mower

Power cable length is 10m long

32cm cutting width

For small gardens up to 150m2

3 mow heights & foldable handle

Grass box capacity is 30L

Lightweight design only 9.2kg

Warranty duration is 2 years

Price Guide: £55 - £80

#2, Flymo Turbo Lite 250 1400W Corded Hover Lawnmower

Key Features

Hover mower that glides on a cushion of air

Designed with a powerful 1400W motor

Cutting path width is 25cm

Lightweight design only 7.7kg

Can also mow steeper slopes

Foldable handle with dual levers

Length of the power cord cable is 10m

Covered with a 2 year warranty

Price Guide: £70 - £90

#3, Flymo SimpliMow 300 Corded 1000W Rotary Lawnmower

Key Features

Small 30cm wide corded rotary lawn mower

For small garden sizes only

Power level in the motor is 1000W

Small grass collection box 30L capacity

Integrated carry handle for portability

Power cable is 10m long

Lightweight design only 8.2kg

3 mow heights ranging from 2cm to 6cm

Price Guide: £70 - £90

#4, Bosch Rotak 32R Corded 1200W Electric Rotary Lawnmower

Key Features

Popular Bosch branded corded lawn mower

Power level in the motor is 1200W

32cm mowing width and 10m power cord

Features a PowerDrive motor for more power

Small grass collection box 31L capacity

Light weight design and simple to push around

Mow heights range from 2cm to 6cm

Side combs to support edge mowing

Price Guide: £80 - £100

#5, Yard Force 32cm 1200W Electric Corded Lawnmower

Key Features

Includes a 30L grass collection hybrid bag - Combs on the side and front for a cleaner finish

Motor power level 1200W with 10m long cable

5 mowing height settings 2cm to 6cm - Includes a rear roller for lawn stripes

Grass bag full indicator flap included - Handles can be easily folded down

Covered with a standard 2 year warranty

Price Guide: £80 - £100

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After researching the best low value Lawn mowers on sale with Wickes UK, we hope this short list can help you out in some small way and perhaps save you some money in the process by pointing you in the right direction somewhat. We have avoided the Cordless lawnmowers and Petrol lawnmowers and stuck to the lower priced Corded Lawnmowers instead and it’s good to know that all of these brands are well established in the sector already.

Wickes lawnmower Feedback

Have you ever bought a Lawnmower from Wickes in the UK before? If so, please share your own experiences and feedback with the wider mowing community by leaving a comment in the comment box section provided below – so that others across the mowing community can learn also…

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