McGregor Hand Push Cylinder Reel Lawnmower Review


Are you in need of a low priced effective cylinder reel lawn mower for your small Lawn? Well, we are here today to talk about a gardening tool that strikes a fine balance between affordability and functionality: the McGregor 30cm Cylinder Reel hand push Lawnmower.

When you're working to a budget, finding a lawnmower that doesn't break the bank is a real win. This mower might just be the partner your garden needs without the sting to your wallet.

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Environmentally Friendly Mowing

The environment is at the forefront of many people's minds, and rightfully so. I'm pleased to report that this McGregor model is environmentally friendly. Since it's a manual hand push cylinder lawnmower, you're powering it with your own energy—no emissions here! Plus, you're getting a bit of a workout, and that's a bonus perk. So instead of heading to the gym or going for cardio exercises, you can get your 30 minutes of cardio in by maintaining your lawn with this cylinder reel lawn mower from McGregor.


McGregor 30cm Wide Cylinder Lawnmower MCM30A

Key Features

Budget cylinder reel mower solution

30cm wide cutting blade

Small rear roller with small 23L collection bag

4 mowing heights 1.8cm – 3.8cm

Lightweight pushing only 6.3kg

Price Guide: £40 - £60

Lightweight Pushing

No one wants to lug around a heavy piece of machinery around their backyard. That's where the lightweight design of this model really shines. It's designed to be easy to push, which is perfect if you don't want the strain associated with heavier, more cumbersome mowers. You just need to main sure that the grass growth is maintained so make sure to mow more regularly instead of letting the grass grow out of control.

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Ease of use is another high point for this lawn mower. You're going to find out about a straightforward setup process, and its operation is just as simple. Whether you're a gardening newbie or a seasoned green thumb, you won’t find yourself wrestling with complicated controls or features here with this Reel hand push lawn mower.

Considerations and Limitations

So now you know the perks of the McGregor 30cm Wide Cylinder Lawnmower: it's budget-friendly, it's kind to the environment, and it's light and simple to manoeuvre. But I'm going to give you the full picture, and that includes talking about some of the trade-offs you might encounter.

Elbow Grease

If you're considering this piece of equipment for your garden, you've got to come to terms with the fact that it will demand a bit more elbow grease from you. Unlike power mowers that take on the muscle work, with this McGregor model, you're the power source. This makes it an excellent choice for a smaller lawn or for someone who's looking for a bit of a workout while tending to their garden.

Regular Maintenance

Regular lawn care is another part of the deal. Since this mower is gentle on your grass, you'll need to stay on top of maintenance, ensuring your lawn doesn't turn into a wild jungle. Think of it as a catalyst for a regular trimming routine, which, in the long run, is quite good for the health of your lawn.

Grass Catcher

A point that calls for some consideration is the grass catcher. Yes, it's a tad on the flimsy side, but don't let this be a deal-breaker. For the price point and the eco-friendly angle, a little care during emptying and storing should keep things in check. Plus it can be used without it, just add a large rake to your chore list.


Comparing manual mowers like this one to their automatic counterparts, it's clear there's a choice between convenience and physical effort. The McGregor is easy enough for anyone to push around, yet it will never usurp the sheer ease of an electric or petrol mower.

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Pros for the McGregor Reel Cylinder Mower

  • Environmentally friendly alternative – no cables, batteries, fuels, oils or emissions
  • The biggest attraction here is the low price and affordability – it’s one the lowest priced ways to cut grass in your lawn
  • Folds up nicely and can be hung on the garage wall saving storage space in your shed
  • Blades are good quality and you get a good selection of mowing heights

Cons for the McGregor Reel Cylinder Mower

  • Instructions could be easier to follow and better laid out
  • Effectiveness of the grass catcher is somewhat disappointing but works fine without it
  • Requires more regular mowing and physical effort to keep grass growth levels under control

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So who's the McGregor 30cm lawn mower really for? It's perfect for those who have smaller spaces, who savour the satisfaction of manual mowing, and who are conscious of both the environment and their wallet. If you enjoy being active and are seeking an efficient, no-fuss mowing experience, this could be your gardening partner.

However, if convenience and time-saving top your list, you might want to explore other options. Remember, your first attempt at choosing the right lawn mower doesn't need to be your last – but the McGregor is a solid starting point for the eco-friendly and budget-conscious gardener. Plus it offers great value at under £60 which can be double checked below

McGregor Cylinder Mower Feedback

Have you ever used McGregor Reel Cylinder lawn mower in the past? Anything good or bad to report? If possible, please share your feedback and opinions in the comment box section provided below. So that others in the mowing communities can learn also.

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