Bosch Hand Push 38cm Cylinder Lawnmower Review


You're going to find out about a piece of garden equipment that isn't just efficient, but it's also a nod towards a greener lifestyle. I'm talking about the Bosch 38cm Hand Push Cylinder Lawnmower, a trusty aid for your lawn care that comes from a name we've all come to respect in the world of home and garden tools. Bosch has a long-standing reputation for churning out high-quality products, and their foray into cylinder lawnmowers is no exception.

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Main Features

Bosch 38cm Hand Push Cylinder Lawnmower

Key Features

High quality cutting steel blades

Robust grass collection box with 25L capacity

38cm wide cutting blade

Small rear roller with lightweight design only 7.5kg

Comes with a 2 year guarantee

Price Guide: £65 - £85

Video - Bosch DIY Manual Garden Lawn Mower AHM 38G overview

Cutting Blades

Now, what are the standout features of this specific model? Aside from the trusted Bosch badge, this hand push lawnmower sports precision-cutting, high-quality blades that promise an even and clean trim across your garden. The simplicity of manual mowing meets modern ingenuity with this piece—no engines, no fuel, just a straightforward push-and-cut experience.

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Environmental Benefits

And speaking of engines, or the lack thereof, let's talk about the environmental benefits. I think you'll agree that reducing your carbon footprint is a big deal. This mower steps up as an eco-friendly champion—no power means no batteries, fuels, oils, or emissions. It's the kind of tool that doesn't just take care of your lawn, but also takes a load off our planet. Plus, the design includes a robust grass catcher that promises to keep your clippings in check, making post-mow clean-up a breeze.

Greener Way of Living

Choose something that resonates with you, and if a cleaner, greener way of living is what you're after, this mower is a match. But every rose has its thorns, right? Before you decide, it's useful to weigh both sides of the coin. In the next section, we'll dive into what it truly means to take the manual route with your mowing, dissecting the pros and cons so you can make an informed choice.

Weighing the Effort

An overview of some of the Pros and Cons of Manual Mowing with the Bosch Hand Push Cylinder Lawnmower.

So, you've checked out the Bosch 38cm Hand Push Cylinder Lawnmower and are considering if it's the right fit for your green space. Before you make your decision, let's weigh in on the pros and cons that come with manual mowing. The physical effort required can't be ignored. Pushing this mower means you're getting more than just a neatly trimmed lawn; you're also getting a workout. If you're up for the task, not only is it possible to keep your lawn in shipshape, but you're also giving your body a healthy cardio boost.

Regular Lawn Care

On the flip side, this mower asks for a commitment to regular lawn care. If your grass grows quicker than your willingness to cut it, you might find the mower's blades meeting more resistance than they can handle, making your job harder. We would strongly recommend that you keep the grass cutting as regular as you can rather than letting the grass lengths grow out of control.

Difficulty with Long Grass and Cylinder Mowers

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Lawn Sizes

This mower shines in spaces where its blade can dance across the lawn with ease, which means it's ideal for smaller yards. For those with expansive lawns, the task may become a tad daunting, and the appeal of a traditional mower might beckon.


If you don't mind some DIY, the assembly is straightforward enough. Though some users think the process could be smoother, once assembled, it's all about the joy of simple mowing: no engines, no noise, just you and the blades against the grass. Take your time, it’s not a race so make sure to lay out all the assembly pieces clearly before you take on the assembly task.

Bosch AHM38 Hand Cylinder Mower Unboxing and Assembly

Pros for the Bosch Cylinder Reel Lawnmower

  • Assembly instructions are well laid out and easy to follow
  • Performs a lot better with cutting grass than many other cylinder mowers we have used in the past
  • Lightweight design, environmentally friendly and you don’t have to worry about power cables, rechargeable batteries, oil, fuels or emissions for that matter. A simple and clean operation of cutting grass and maintaining your lawn

Cons for the Bosch Cylinder Reel Lawnmower

  • Collection of the grass clippings into the collection box could be a whole lot better
  • Struggles with long grasses so you need to mow more regularly and keep grass heights under control – otherwise it can jam up in the blades
  • Requires more physical effort and elbow grease on your part to get the job done so be prepared for an additional cardio workout.

Bosch AHM38 Hand Cylinder mower in Action

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Lastly, while the robust grass catcher is a significant upgrade, a few stray clippings may escape its grasp. It's not a deal-breaker, but it's worth considering if a pristine lawn free of any remnants is your end goal.

In summary, the Bosch Hand Push Cylinder Lawnmower is a solid choice for the environmentally conscious gardener who prefers a quiet and emissions-free mowing experience. It requires a bit more elbow grease, but the benefits for your lawn, your body, and our planet are clear. Choose something that resonates with you, and, if this is it, embrace the manual mowing journey! Further pricing information and images can be viewed below

Bosch Cylinder Lawn mower Feedback

Have you ever used this Bosch Reel Cylinder Lawn mower in the past? How did it cut the grass for you? If possible, please share your own feedback and opinions in the comment box section provided below. So that others in the mowing communities can learn also.

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