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Hello to all the mowers across the UK and welcome to this compilation review of Spear & Jackson Lawn mowers which are available to buy in the UK at present. If you are considering buying a Spear & Jackson Lawnmower in the coming days, then please take a quick look through this review which will help you decide which model will best suit your particular set of requirements.

In addition, I am sure that price will be an important factor for you so make sure to view the competitive low price checkers which are provided below which will help make sure you have the most up to date price information... (please note that this review has been updated and includes another electric lawnmower also)

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Lawn Mower Review Overview

Lawnmower Review:Detail:
Brand:Spear & Jackson
Lawnmower types:Electric - Cordless, Corded & Hover
Models:Small, Medium and Large
Headquarters:Sheffield, UK
Best Place to Buy:Argos UK – View Stock levels & Prices here
Warranty3 Years

Spear & Jackson Lawnmower Overview

The history of Spear and Jackson goes back a long time to 1830 so they have a very strong presence and throughout the UK. They are based in Sheffield in South Yorkshire and they are part of the United Pacific Industries Ltd organisation. Sheffield is renowned for steel and made high quality steel products back as far as the 14 century.

The company was founded by both Sam Jackson and John Spear and they are highly recognised for their high quality products and localised customer service. As with any business, they looked to reduce some costs so a part of their manufacturing was moved to Asia but the quality of the products they produce remain the same.

FAQ's about Spear & Jackson Lawnmowers

Q1. Which is the most popular lawnmower in their range?
A. The most popular is the corded 32cm 1200W model

Q2. What can I do if I have problems with the mower?
A. You can contact Spear & Jackson directly as they have a dedicated support service to answer any queries you may have.

Q3. What level of warranty is available?
A. There is a 3 year warranty available from Spear & Jackson

Q4. Is the corded 32cm 1200m fitted with a Roller?
A. No, there is no roller fitted with this corded 32cm 1200w model.

Q5. How do you get replacement parts such as blades?
A. You can contact them directly on 01904 727500 for replacement parts but please make sure you know the model number before calling

Q6. How long does it take to charge the battery for the cordless model?
A. The recharge time on the 40V battery is approximately 1 hour

Q7. How long do the batteries last on the cordless mowers:
A. The duration of the battery typically is 30 to 40 minutes long

Q8. Is the roller included with the cordless model 37cm?
A. Yes, a roller is included with this model to give a striped effect.

Spear and Jackson Lawnmower Review Compilation

1, Spear & Jackson 32cm Corded Rotary Lawnmower 1200W

Main Features:

  • This model is by far the most popular in the range and is 32cm wide blade
  • This is a cored mower so there is no need to worry about batteries or fuel
  • You get a grass collection unit with a capacity of 30L and it also has an indicator
  • Perfect for your small to medium sized lawns
  • Gives great power and more than one would expect from a machine this size
  • The cutting heights are easily changed by the spring-loaded axles.
  • There are 3 different mow height settings to suit different types of grasses and the mow heights range from 2cm up as far as 6cm.
  • The cable you are provided with is 10m long
  • The weight of this model us 10.6kg and there is also a safety switch included.

Pros:  Overall this mower has received excellent feedback and is certainly one you should consider if you have a small lawn. Its reliable, easy to assemble and easy to move around as it is less than 11kg in weight. The price is also a major attraction when you compare to similar models in the category.

Cons: The maximum length of the cord is 10m so you will need to buy an extension cord for a further reach around your lawn. Grass box is quite small and will fill up very quickly. Really only suitable for your smaller type lawns.

2, Spear & Jackson 37cm 40V Cordless Rotary Lawnmower

Main Features:

  • This is a cordless mower so there are no cables involved in operating this model
  • This mower has the RunBoost technology to assist the 40V battery
  • It also has the battery patented cooling system so you get a longer run time of approximately 40 minutes which is great if your lawn takes that bit longer to get completed.
  • The width of the blade is 37cm wide
  • The size of the lawn that it can manage to cover is approximately 375 metres squared so you need to make sure your own lawn is measured and below this are to avoid disappointment.
  • Battery charge time is roughly 1 hour and the grass box which is included has a capacity of 40L.
  • You also get the Edgemow guide which helps you get a cleaner finish around tight corners and edging
  • The roller is also included for this model to give you the striped effect and the handles can fold down for easy storage
  • There is 5 height settings and the mow heights range from 2.2 cm to 6.2cm
  • Included also is the safety switch and the weight is 13.6kg.

Pros: The one thing you don’t have to worry about is a cable across your lawn as you mow. Perfect and ideal for smaller type lawns that take less than 40 minutes to get through. Having the roller included to give you a striped finish makes your lawn look really professional and attractive.

Cons: You are limited to 375 metres squared lawn size, if your lawn is bigger than this, you will have to wait and recharge the battery to go at it again. You also need to remember where the charger is at all times and always remember to have it charged prior to any mowing work you plan to do. Price is also on the high side when compared to the corded version and there is the possibility of battery degradation over time.

3, Spear & Jackson 33cm 1700W Hover Lawnmower

Main Features:

  • This hover lawnmower is 33cm wide 1700W and is powered by an electric cable which is 12m in length.
  • The hover moves on a cushion of air so there is reduced friction.
  • You have the options of both collecting the grass or indeed mulching if that is your preference
  • There is 4 separate mow height settings provided for you with this model and the mow heights range from 1.2cm up to a maximum of 3.3cm
  • The grass box is somewhat smaller than others and is 20L
  • Depending on your own height, the height of the handle can also be adjusted to suit your own individual needs
  • There is a 12m cable included also and you also get a safety switch for added protection
  • If you want to collect the grass, simply remove the mulch plug.

Pros: Gives to a finer mow to a lower height of 1.2cm and it is extremely easy to move about as the weights is less than 9kg. The price is also very competitive when compared to similar models on its category. The added capability of the mulching feature will also help you put nutrients back into your soil if needed and there is a nice soft grip handle which is great at helping you with fatigue.

Cons: The grass collection box is very small and fills up very quickly.

4, Spear & Jackson 40cm Corded Rotary Lawnmower 1700W - S1740ER

Main Features:

  • This is the widest corded mower under the Spear & Jackson brand at 40cm wide and is also the most powerful with 1700W which gives you plenty of power in dealing with thicker heavier grasses.
  • Again – this is corded (not cordless) so you need to make sure you have a separate extension cord that will travel the length of your lawn.
  • More suited for larger type lawns only (as the 32cm/34cm will suffice for small lawns)
  • You get 7 different heights to choose from - 2.5 cm up as far as 7cm and it is controlled in one central location
  • For striped effect, there is a roller at the back and the bag size is 50L
  • The power cord is 12 mitres long – however if your lawn is longer than this – please look at getting a suitable extension cord.
  • The handle is also height adjustable to suit your own height and comes in at a weight of 18.6kg
  • Price tends to be higher and is generally found to be in the £140 to £160 region and can be checked below and of course there is an attractive 3 year warranty included as standard.

Pros: The larger grass bag, roller added in for the striped effect, the 1700W of power and the 3 year warranty makes this lawnmower one of the best choices especially if you lawn is larger and needs a wider blade than the 32cm or 35cm. The extra width does cut down on the number of passes you need to do which saves time and the power cord of 12 mitres is longer and a safety switch is included for your added protection. This mower is more powerful than you would expect for its size and the assembly process is simple and easy to get started.

Cons: You need to be prepared to spend a little more as it is the most expensive in the corded range but is well justified with the increased size and features. Ideally it should be used for your larger type lawn – if you have a smaller type town house lawn - then the lower priced 32cm should suffice for your needs. Apart from the higher price, and some minor issues with the bag indicator, there is very little to complain about here

Comparison Table

A quick summary comparison chart is also outlined below for a selection of the lawnmowers under the brand of Spear and Jackson

ModelTypeGrass boxMow heightWeight & WidthPower
Spear & Jackson 32cm Corded Rotary Lawnmower 1200WCorded30L3 settings, 2cm – 6cm10.6kg, 32cm1200W
Spear & Jackson 40cm Corded Rotary LawnmowerCorded50L7 settings, 2.5 – 7.5cm18.6kg, 40cm1700W
Spear & Jackson 37cm 40V Cordless Rotary LawnmowerCordless40L5 settings, 2.2cm – 6.2cm13.6kg, 37cm40V battery
Spear & Jackson 33cm 1700W Hover LawnmowerHover20L4 settings, 1.2cm – 3.3cm8.7kg, 33cm1700W

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Finally, if you have used a Spear & Jackson lawnmower in the past - please share your experiences good or bad with the wider community by leaving a comment in the comment box below - so that they can learn also!

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  1. I have purchased the Spear and Jackson electric lawn mower S1232ER. All looked good until I tried the first step of assembling the mower – fitting the lower part of the handle into the slots on the deck. The handle does not fit into the slots. There is no way I can get the screw holes aligned. I would expect it to be fairly tight but not impossible for one person to manage alone. I live alone and now I have tried the after sales support line but just get a recorded message directing me to the website or email. Hopeless as help!

    • Sorry to hear of the hassle you are experiencing, yes they can be a very tight squeeze. Do you know of a friendly neighbour or tradesman in the locality who would be able to help you? Or even a close relation that would have the strength to get them into the slots? Hopefully somebody you know close by can give you a helping hand in getting them into the slots, best of luck to you – I really hope you can get it sorted out with some neighbourly support!

  2. Why are there no stocks of spear jackson scarifyer/ rake it’s the best on the market if only I could find one. Help

  3. Bought a cordless 24v lawnmower in March, just before lockdown,used it twice in my small garden and it no longer works,seems to be the battery as when connected to the charger the charger shows no lights,unable to take back to ARGOS AS SHOP CLOSED,WHAT ARE MY OPTIONS as has 3 year warranty.
    Regards Drew Boyle,frustrated gardener.

    • Hi there, you are covered by the warranty so be patient. I would suggest raising the problem with Argos directly by email or phone or alternatively contact Spear & Jackson customer helpline directly on 0345 605 2067 who can support you also as the problem may be sorted over the phone, best of luck, Paul

  4. just used my brand new 40 volt cordless mower for the first time,battery lasted all of 15 minutes,great cut but 15 minutes is a joke i guess iam going to have to buy a second battery.

    • It depends on the grass thickness in my opinion – if the grass is thicker and longer, then it will deplete the battery quicker than expected. The trick really is to cut more frequently so that the grass is easier to cut which allows the battery to run longer. Thanks for sharing your feedback to the wider community – it is greatly appreciated

    • Hi there, many thanks for your question. I didn’t get around to reviewing the S1740ER yet but I will take a closer look at that model in the next week as you requested. Hopefully by Friday week! Thanks again, Paul

  5. I bought a 54 inch Toro Time Cutter three and one half years ago thinking I was purchasing a quality product. It is a sweetheart to operate when it is running. But it has been the most unreliable piece of equipment I have ever purchased.
    The first day I used it the mower belt came off. The dealer I purchased it from found there was a loose retaining clip and tightened it. Several months later the belt broke and had to be replaced. In the second season it began cutting off while I was mowing and then would not start until I let it sit for a while. But the “cutting off” continued through the season. The dealer checked it over several times but could not find the cause. The season ended and it sat in my barn until the next season began with the same problem. After consultation with Toro my dealer replaced the entire fuel system during which I had no decent mower. I have a considerable sized property to keep up, most of which I mow with a tractor and finishing mower and on unsafe inclines my old reliable 9 hp 25 years old 30inch Snapper for safety. The cutting off continued. The only way I could get the Toro to start was to sit in the seat and bounce up and down or pump the parking brake off and on or shake the hold machine. Further evaluation by the dealer identified a loose screw related to the parking brake assembly and tightened it. I got through the season, but again this year it is cutting off.
    I have used 89 octane fuel with fuel stabilizer and change the oil as recommended as long as I have owned the mower. The dealer has stuck with me through all of this although I am sure he has been frustrated too. I purchased a lemon.

  6. I am looking to buy a cordless mower for next spring which of the spear & jackson would you recommend 24v or larger I have an average sized lawn?.

    • Thanks for taking the time to visit – for a cordless Spear & Jackson mower, my personal preference is to go for a model with additional power and width so I would suggest the 40V model S4037CR that is 3cm wider. Please note that this will cost you around £80 more so If you need to stick to a price level of under £150, then the 24V S2434CR will also do a great job but will take you longer to do which is fine if you have time on your side. Thanks again for your question and best of luck next Spring!

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