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Hello once again and here we have reviewed and researched the Best Cordless Electric Lawn mowers that are currently available in the US market at present. Lawn mowers are the most common kind of grass mowers that most homeowners use. Mowers may be turning types, where blades spin horizontal to the ground, or roller mower where blade cut upright.

Normally gas or electric powered, rotating mowers may be self-propelled or be dependent on manpower to make them move. If you live in a home with a lawn, you possibly use at least one kind of grass cutter to keep your yard looking organized. Some blades are mainly designed to cut the grass clipping into tiny pieces that can be used in much.

Factors to consider with Lawn Mowers

  • When you have a lawn in your home then you must have to give it a proper cut. Many people use the various companies so it’s difficult to choose the best one. So, you need to know some aspects of the best lawn mowers to select the best one. You must keep an eye on these things like the type of mower, size of your yard, budgeting, durability, well-trimmed and well-known company products
  • Gas Mowers - A gas yard trimmer tune-up implies changing the oil, air channel and starts plug. Plan on spending about 30 minutes doing as such at any rate once a season. Also, don't ignore manufacturer notices with respect to using gas that has been put away too long (as meagre as a month at times) either on the stand or in the machine, or gas that has too high a level of ethanol or MTBE.
  • Cordless Mower - Legitimate battery upkeep will increase the life of your rechargeable battery, yet get ahead buying another battery each three to five years needs to be considered. Add this to your long drag cost devices.
  • Mower Discharge and bag - Trimmers can send trimmings out the side or out the back or can mulch trimmings by thrashing them inside the cutter's arch until the point that they are cut down to uncertain pieces. A few trimmers can manage trimmings in any of these ways, depending upon owner preference, and these offer the most flexibility.
  • Budget - Grass mower costs can vary a considerable amount among stores. On the probability that you choose to purchase on the web, ensure there's a respectable management focus close-by for possible guarantee issues.

Selection of the Best Cordless Electric Lawn Mowers (in no particular order)

1, Sun Joe iON16LM 40 V 16-Inch Cordless Lawn Mower with Brushless Motor

Key Features

  • Best Brushless and Motor Powered - Powerful brushless motor increases battery efficiency which helps you in moving your mower for more time, maximizes motor performance, decreases noise and vibration and extends motor life which may save your money.
  • Quite Working - It does its work quietly so you do not disturb while it's working.
  • Compact Design - This mower has a special design which gives you the best style. This mower has best gear system which helps you in controlling your mowers speed and easy grip on its speed. This mower is best for small lawns.
  • Cutting Range - 6 position height adjustment and this mower were made for grass which are 1.18 inches to 3.15 inches.
  • Warranty - This mower has 2 years’ warranty and this mower is approved by ETL
  • User-Friendly - No pull cords, gas, oil, tune-ups, carbon emissions or tangled extension cords which gives you best comfort than other mowers. It is a cool little mower that can get the work well and make mowing the lawn a relaxing, environmentally-friendly task.



  • Is this item easy to use?
  • Yes, this mower is easy to use and easy to handle.
  • Does it come with the warranty? Can we repair its parts easily?
  • Yes, it provides you with the 2-Year warranty and it's all parts repair easily.

Pros: This mower is not much expensive it is easily available at a cheap price which may you can easily afford - This mower has only the weight of 15.5 kg which able you to easily move it and easy to handle it - It is specially designed for the high-quality outdoor tools that are affordable - It keeps your home looking beautiful and gorgeous - It comes with the manual, cordless and electric tools - It works wonder while snow falling or the sun is shining.

This mower is available in inexpensive price which you can have enough money it easily. This mower is beautiful in design best gear system special grip design tires - It can also make less noise while it is moving in your lawn its parts increase the motor performance.

Cons: This mower was not able to cut grass while moving in reverse direction - It does work perfectly for small yards it is not used in wide areas.

2, EGO Power+ 20-Inch 56-Volt Lithium-ion Cordless Lawn Mower - 4Ah Battery and Charger Kit

Key Features

  • Battery Power - It has Advanced Arc-Lithium 4.0 Ah 56V Battery with Rapid charger provide fantastic power for a complete run of 40-45 minutes and needs to be charged only for half an hour, which is the lowest time amongst the battery operated a lawnmower.
  • Height Adjustment & 20-inch wide cutting path - If you can you can use any mower then you can easily know it’s working. It works on one lever mechanism to change the height you want to manage it. It has the 20-inch cut capacity that is perfect for all type of grass.
  • User-Friendly - The Ego power+20 inch cordless lawn mower has an excellent and versatile design. It comes with the fully assembled you just buy it and attach the handle and rear bag. It really easy to handle and drag easily you can use this mower for you mowing your lawn weekly. It is best for the task-slight trimming, heavy cutting and even walking through.
  • Fast Charging Mower - If you want to get user-friendly, compact electric lawn mower which gives you good maintenance then Ego power is absolutely good.
  • Its powerful battery operated lawn mower and enhance its cutting finesse.



  • Is Ego Power Cordless mower being self-propelled?
  • No, but it is light in weight and easy to handle and easy to move but it’s not self-propelled.
  • Is there a led battery charge indicator on the battery?
  • Yes, when it's charging below then 25% a button on top becomes red so it will help you take care of its battery for a longer period of time. You can use it this feature to record its battery timing and charging level.

Pros: It comes with the short charging time with rapid charger - It is 3-In-1 mower that contains mulch, bag and side- discharge - Its overall performance is best and amazing with its all components  - Most people do not buy the Ego Power Cordless lawn mower for their price but if it is some expensive but it contains lots of features and benefits so it is not a bad deal - It has Lithium Ion batteries that do not contain normal batteries  - It is user-friendly and work quietly and non-fuming mower while it does its work with perfection  - Even if you drive this mower slowly it will still work well.

Cons: This model of power is not for sparing buyers - some did not like the handle. Not self propelled


3, Greenworks 14-Inch 40V Cordless Lawn Mower, Battery Not Included MO40B00

Key Features

  • Battery Power - It uses the efficient 40V Lithium Battery System that makes it more powerful and durable.
  • Height Adjustment - It offered the Single lever 5-position height adjustment which gives you best-cutting height range from 1-1/4 inch to 3-3/8-inch for which is perfectly cut in all type of grass
  • User-Friendly - The Greenworks 14 Inch 40V cordless grass cutter has an amazing and flexible plan. It accompanies the completely collected you simply get it and connect the handle and backpack. It is extremely simple to deal with and drag effectively you can utilize this cutter for you cutting your yard week after week. It is best for the light trimming, heavy mowing and to give even shape to your yard.
  • 2-in-1 feature - It provided the rear bagging and mulching capability for many purposes and give it easiness and maintenance.
  • On the off chance that you need to get easy to understand, smaller electric grass trimmer which gives you great upkeep then its control is completely great.
  • Its effective battery worked grass cutter and upgrade its cutting grass.



  • Does the grass bag come along with it?
  • Yes it is included in this model and it adjusts easily
  • Can we adjust it on the wall?
  • No, it’s not good for adjusting or hanging on the wall. You can fold and place in the safe place that keeps your mower from the rain.

Pros: It comes with the short charging time with rapid charger - It is 2-In-1 mower that contains (mulch, bag) - Its complete work is best and wonderful with its all modules  - Up to 34% of U.S. homes only need one charge to do work with perfection - It contains 14 Deck that make it versatile and unique and also lightweight that make it user-friendly - It contains Single lever with the  5-position height modification that provided cutting height range from 1-1/4 inch to 3-3/8-inch for the best cut in all areas

Cons: You need to wait for the battery to be charged and struggles slightly with thick tall grass

4, BLACK+DECKER CM1640 16-Inch Cordless Mower, 40-volt

Key Features

  • Max Battery Power - In this mower, it includes (2) 40V Max Lithium-ion Batteries that make it a powerful tool. It contains lithium ion, these batteries will eventually dead rather than steadily decreasing in their performance.
  • Versatile and lightweight - This model of the mower is the versatile and lightweight that is easy to manage and get the work quick perfect. It also holds the 9.5-gallon grass box designed with a soft fabric with a hard top that maintains the all grass type.
  • Folding handles for easy & convenient storage - Folding handless is basically use for easiness and convenient storage which is best and user-friendly.
  • Cutting Height - Height Adjustment range from 6 settings, with a height of cut between 1-1/10" and 3-1/10". It contains single lever that wonderfully increased and lowers the entire mower off the ground. This mower can’t mow higher than 3.5 inches that means you will always get a close mowing at very least.
  • 7-Inch rear wheel and 6-Inch front wheel - It contains 7-inch rear wheel and 9-inch front wheels that make it more manageable and easy to drive.
  • Run Time - It takes the 2 x 2.0 Ah for up to 30 min of runtime to complete its job.


  • How does it contain maximum batteries?
  • It contains 2 batteries but you can adjust in 3 in it to enhance its power
  • What is the cut quality of taller grass
  • The cut quality of this mower needs to be improved

Pros: It comes in light and sturdy design that make it versatile - It is best for small lawn and gives outstanding result in small yards - It contains 2 batteries that make it more powerful. - If you have a small lawn then this is best for you and if you want to use it in a large area then it is an excellent backup tool for your wide area or rides on the mower - All things which contain the Black Decker mower is made off with the height quality plastic even wheels.

Cons: It’s not perfect for large lawns that take a long time to mow and no side discharge option is available

5, Greenworks 19-Inch 40V Brushless Cordless Lawn Mower, 4.0 AH & 2.0 AH Batteries

Key Features

  • Battery Power & Durability - DigiPro brushless motor with G-MAX 40V Li-Ion Battery for stability and longer run time that makes it better. It also includes a 4AH and 2AH 40V Li-Ion Battery and Charger with the
  • Well-suited with models 29462, 29472 and 29482
  • 19'' deck is versatile and lightweight - 19-inch steel deck offers 3-in-1 design offers rear bagging, side discharge and mulching capability that make it outstanding and versatile.
  • The 2-in-1 feature provides mulching and rear discharge capabilities - It contains a 2-in-1 feature that offered mulching and rear discharge capabilities that make it perfect for your yard.
  • Cutting Height - 7-position single lever height adjustment offers range from 1-1/4 inch to 3-1/2 inch cut height
  • Compatible replacement blade model 29373


  • What is the maximum weight of this mower?
  • Its maximum weight is 50 pound that is suitable to manage it.
  • Can we get this mower with warranty
  • Yes, it comes with the 4-year warranty but please double check with your seller

Pros: It comes with the affordable priced - It provides the foldable handle and easy to manage - It contains DigiPro Brushless motor which is the cause of its durability and power - It offered 3-in-1 capability which is mulching, side, discharge, rear bagging - It is always best to weigh in all necessary factors like deck size, power source, and grass-handling.

Cons: Its mulch feature could be slightly better and again not ideal for larger lawns that take a lot of time to get through

6, Snapper SP60V 60V Mower Includes 4Ah Battery and Charger

Key Features

  • Battery Power  - Snapper 60-volt lawn and garden system that is a powerful and reliable feature. The Lithium battery works as magic and it does not reduce its power while charging and discharging.
  • 21''inch steel cutting deck - It contains 21-inch steel cutting deck that give it more perfection and quality.
  • The 3-in-1 feature provides mulching and rear discharge - This model of mower provided the 3-in-1 feature also offered mulching and rear discharge which is best for its working.
  • Cutting Height - Its cutting range is 3.75 inches, it has 7 different height options for you. So, when you want to manage the density of grass changes or when you need to work some weeds this is the best mower for you.
  • User-Friendly - The basic advantage of using an electric mower and cordless one, in particular, it the user-friendly feature. You can move it easily it makes you’re mowing routinely manageable except others


  • What are the cost of the battery and its runtime?
  • Often it is offered for 3 years and the cost of the battery is 15 $.
  • What is the charge time of this battery?
  • It is often fast than other so that why it is so impressive

Pros: The Snapper SP 60V 60V mower is easy to assemble and you just attach the handle charged its battery for 4 hours and it is ready for work - It gives the best output when it is mowing. It cuts the grass easily cuts near the trees and help to minimize trimming - It is easy to start, hold the squeeze bar on handle and push the button that starter - Snapper SP 60V has an elegant design and amazing power of this mower that make it for enjoyment.

Cons: Its height adjustment is quite good but could be slightly better and it’s a little on the heavier side

7, WORX WG775 14-Inch 24-Volt Cordless Lawn Mower

Key Features

  • IntelliCut, Battery and Charger Included - The WG 775 is equipped with patented Intellicut technology that ensure that power is there when you require it.
  • The 3-in-1 feature provides mulching and rear discharge - 3-in-1 cutting for mulching, bagging, or rear discharge; push-button starting. Special mulching blade chops up clippings better than standard blades.
  • Cutting Height - It has adjustable mowing height from 1.8 to 3.3 inches; 14-inch cutting width. Cuts height range 2 - 3.5 Inches.
  • To change the height, you need to repair with the front side, with a catch lever below the trimmer so make sure to keep the begin plug withdraw when you do change the shape!
  • User-Friendly - It is user friendly and easy to manage and it is foldable handle, removable mulch blade attachment and rear bag with all handy accessories.
  • This mower is light weight.


  • Is this mower best for the small yards?
  • Yes this cordless 14 inch IntelliCut mower is designed for smaller yard with a battery that runs for up to 40 minutes in quietly.
  • How many components are there in this box?
  • It contains cordless intellicut lawn mower with the removable 24 volt battery, charger, mulch insert, grass bag, user’s manual.

Pros: It comes with the special mulching blade that mowing the grass batter than others - It cuts up to 10,000 square feet on a single charge - Its cutting range is 2-3.5 Inched that is good for small yards - It offered you adjustable mowing height from 1.8 to 3.3 inches - The 14 inch deck and hence rather short blade can works wonder - It has ability to mulch, rear discharge and bag gives its tiny motor – price is very attractive when compared to other models - This mower is easy to use and user friendly which provide you to get easiness of your work - It is ideal for small lawns and also light and easy to mange

Cons: It has only 3 height positions and struggles with wet or long grass – Only 14 inches wide when compared to other models but has the lower price

8, Makita XML02Z 18V X2 (36V) LXT Lithium-Ion 17" Cordless Lawn Mower Tool Only

Key Features

  • Delivers up to 30 minutes of run time using two 18V LXT 5.0Ah BL1850 batteries (batteries not included). Soft start suppresses start-up reaction for Smooth start-ups and longer gear life
  • Cutting Height - 17" cutting width for optimum performance. Easy to operate lever for quick adjustment of 13 cutting heights (13/16"- 2-5/16"). Makita-built motor delivers 3, 600 RPM for faster and powerful cutting.
  • Run Time - It takes up to 30 minutes of run time using two 18V that is faster than others. It assembled easily and did not an excellent job. The grass catcher fills quickly.
  • Grass Cather Bag - It contains grass level indicator is located on the top of the grass catcher bag. It holds the up to 13 gallons of grass. It is impressed tool which is the best selection for your yard.
  • User-Friendly - It is easy to manage and user-friendly which works wonderfully.



  • Where is it manufactured?
  • China
  • What is its gallon storage capacity?
  • It has 13-gallon capacity grass collector and mowing capacity.

Pros: It contains Dual LED battery indicators that show charge level for each 18V of Lithium-Ion battery - Rubberized soft grip handlebar for added comfort - It contains 17 cutting width for optimum performance that is good - It contains extreme protection technology is engineered for improved dust and water resistance for operation in tough conditions - It has batteries and charger provide separately - Only use genuine Makita batteries and chargers - Soft start suppresses start-up reaction for smooth start-ups and longer gear life - It contains Electric brake for maximum output - Weighs only 40.8 lbs. with batteries (batteries not included)

Cons: It is heavier but manageable and also only suited to smaller lawns  - No battery included but you have the lower price to compensate

9, Snapper XD SXDWM82K 82V Cordless 21-Inch Walk Mower Kit

Key Features

  • Cutting Height - It comes in a 7-position height of cut adjustment which is perfect for the long and large grass. It mows all type of grass.
  • Battery Power - It comes with the 82V lithium ion 2.0 Ah battery which is powerful and durable for its working
  • Run Time - Its runtime up to 45 minutes that contain 2Ah battery charge which is good battery runtime that is the cause of long life of the battery.
  • Grass Catcher Bag - It offered the grass catcher bag that is an amazing and additional feature. It contains efficient load sensing technology. That adjusts to meet the demands of the cutting blades and works wonderfully.
  • User-Friendly - It is amazing and versatile features that give you manageable and helps to maintain it. Squeezed vertical storage ability permits you to store your mower in tight spaces in your garage or shed


  • Does it contain bagger?
  • Yes, it contains 1.6-bushel bagger which is good for working
  • Does it contain the latest technology?
  • Yes it contains smart, efficient load sensing technology

Pros: It works very well and its batteries charged in 30 minutes that is the shortest duration of this mower - It is much powerful and durable which gives it power - It works in the house, the pool and the pond and an area where the trees throw so much shade the grass does not grow - It comes with the push button start and single lever and also include the 7- height of cut adjustment

Cons: Grass catcher bag could be a little larger

10, Greenworks PRO 21-Inch 80V Cordless Lawn Mower, Battery Not Included GLM801600

Key Features

  • Cutting Height - It contains smart cut technology which improves performance and extends run time which is the cause of its long lasting and more power
  • Battery Power and Run Time - It battery works with up to 60 minutes and it did not stop during working and it’s fully charge time is 4.0 AH which is good and more enough for the mowing grass. You can buy the
  • Battery and charger distinctly, well-matched battery and charger models GBA80200, GBA80400 and GCH8040
  • 21- Inch steel deck -  21-inch steel deck with 3-in-1 design for mulch and side discharge or rear bag ability.
  • DigiPro Brushless - DigiPro brushless motors are more consistent and delivers gas equal work which is new technology for enhancing its working.
  • User-Friendly - Its working is more manageable and easy to use. You can easily handle this and easily assembled its component. You can do your work steadily and easily


  • Does it contain bagger?
  • Yes, it contains 1.6-bushel bagger which is good for working
  • Is a battery included?
  • No, the battery is not included with this model.

Pros: It comes with the most powerful cordless tool that contain 80-volt Li Ion Battery power - Its run time is more than 60-minute - It contain 21 inch steel Deck - It takes 30-Minute charge time which is faster than others - It comes with the 3-in-1 mulch and side discharge along a rear bag - Some tools may offered to be gas-equivalent but Greenworks pro tools can replace your gas equipment - It works quietly easy on your ear and even at it full power - It works longer without exhaustion - It comes with the Professional performance without carbon emission - It saves your health without sacrificing power

Cons: It does not provide battery and charger so you need to buy separately

11, Snapper Cordless 21-Inch Walk Mower

Key Features

  • Cutting Range - It contains a Push button start and a single-lever including the 7-position height-of-cut adjustment of grass. 
  • Power and Durability - The most sold item isn't costly and it is extremely attractive, and on the off chance that you need to get it now, you must not miss this open door since this item is the value length applications.
  • Battery Power and Run Time
  • It offered up to 45-minutes run time with the Briggs & Stratton 82V lithium-ion 2.0Ah battery that makes it durable and powerful. It includes a Kit comes with 2 each of the 2Ah lithium-ion battery. It Charge Time (min):2 Ah: 13 (50%), 30 (100%) 4Ah: 25 (50%), 60 (100%).
  • 21- Inch steel deck - It contains 21" Steel mowing deck with a 3-in-1 design containing mulch along bag or side discharge grass clippings easily.
  • User-Friendly - This model is Smart, efficient load sensing technology with the power adjusts to meet the demands of the cutting blades.



  • What is its exact battery time?
  • It worked brilliantly!! The battery will last for 30-45 min depending on the width of the grass you are cutting. You will hear the mower start to run tougher if it runs into the thick or high grass, and will slow down in lower thinner grass! So if your lawn is lower in height the battery will last 40-45 min denser taller grass 30 -35 min.
  • Is it a walk behind mower? Is it lightweight?
  • Yes it’s a walk behind mower and lightweight that can be managed easily 

Pros: It contains push button to start it and also a walk in lawn mower - 21-Deck in front of it which make it more durable along with the 3-in-1 design mulch, bag or side discharger grass mower - It does not produce noise while working so you and your neighbours are not disturbed while it’s mowing - It has a versatile feature for electric start which is outstanding and versatile - It also includes the hardtop grass catcher bag which collects all these meowing grass - It has the large 1.6-bushel bagger

Cons: For more work and large area, its battery does not run extra time - You can use this power only for small yards as it is not good for larger areas

12, Black & Decker CM1836 18-Inch 36-Volt Cordless Electric Lawn Mower

Key Features

  • Cutting Range - It contains Cordless electric lawn mower with integrated 36V battery for cutting lawns up to 1/3 acre that is an excellent feature of it.
  • Power and Durability - It produces zero emissions that include Energy Star rated charger.
  • 18- Inch steel deck - It contains 18-inch steel deck which is best for its working. It has 64 pounds weight which is manageable.
  • Warranty - 2-year limited warranty; includes rear bag assembly, mulch plug, safety key, and battery charger
  • 1-touch Adjustment - 1-touch adjustment quickly changes the height on all 4 wheels at the same time. It gives you the user-friendly environment.



  • What size lawn does it work best on?
  • Third acre lawn sizes
  • How wide is the deck?
  • The deck is 18 inches wide


Pros: It is best cordless lawn mower containing 36V battery for perfect mowing of grass - It gives the 1-touch adjustment which quickly changes the height on all 4 wheels. You can quickly change cutting height of all four wheels at once - It produces zero emissions that include energy star rated charger that is amazing feature - This mower equipped with the rear bag assembly, mulch plug safety key that contains battery charger - This mower is easy to adjustments and storage - It works quietly more than gas mower so it did its job with perfection

Cons: It requires more power and strength to handle it as it weighs 64 Ibs

If you are undecided on cordless electric mowers and would like to look at corded or reel options instead then take a look at the following:

Or if you want to save money – then check out some of the stocks outlined below for corded mowers as an alternative…

In summary, these lawn mowers can work fabulously for you. A yard trimmer which is just called a grass cutter machine turns out to be extremely famous and it is normally utilized for outfitting delicate grasses. Presently it is vital for cleaning gardens. Since it is effortlessly working machine so now it is utilized for different applications.

They remove tall weeds with no problem. Most of extremely lightweight which make it easy to manoeuvre and use. Very much furnished with mulching, bagging. This electric cutter's foldable outline and climate verification complete making everything the all the more appealing for urban property holders with restricted storage room. A lot of these cordless mower is quite versatile and has good power. These mower gives you the excellent result and makes your work easy. Everyone must enjoy the mowing the yard. It is cost effective and very much worth the price if it continued to work.

Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for visiting and I hope this review for the Best Cordless mowers has helped you out.

Also, if you believe a model has been left out of this this list and needs to be included – please let me know by leaving a comment in the comment box below



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  1. Hey Paul, thank you for the in depth review of so many cordless mowers. I wish I had done more research before I bought my last cordless mower… it has no sustaining power and lets me down constantly. I like the Snapper SP60V, and when I choose in the coming weeks, that will be the one. Thank you for your insight! I will know for again! – Clay

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