Cobra Tractor Ride on Garden Mower Review 2024 – Manual & Hydrostatic


After reviewing several Cobra Petrol and Electric Lawn mowers, we also wanted to complete our Cobra Ride on Garden Tractor mower review to see if it can work as well as other branded Tractor Ride on mowers in the market.

There is over 15 different Tractor Ride on Mowers within the Cobra range so we have focussed this review on just 2 models namely the Cobra LT86MRL Manual Transmission Ride-On Tractor Mower and the Cobra LT108HSL Hydrostatic transmission Ride on Tractor Mower.

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Loncin OHV Engines

These Cobra Tractor ride on lawnmowers are powered by Loncin OHV engines which range in power from 352cc up to 452cc. These engines have low levels of emissions and the level of fuel efficiency’s has been improved to be kinder to the environment. The 352cc Cobra Garden tractors engine are geared towards lawn areas of around 1 acre while the 452cc Cobra Tractor Ride on mowers can handle larger lawn areas up to nearly 2 acres in size.

Cobra Garden Tractor Mower Review Part 1

Cobra LT86MRL 34 inch 352cc Manual Transmission Ride-On Tractor Mower

For people seeking a good value Tractor mower at a more affordable level, this Cobra LT86MRL manual Transmission Ride-On Tractor Mower offers good value overall and it gives you a mowing path width of 34 inches or 86cm and it is designed with a Loncin OHV 352cc engine.

It is designed for lawn areas up to 1.2 acres as a rough guide and it has the LED front headlights to help you in the early mornings or darker evening times. This Cobra tractor ride on mower includes the Tow bar hitch as standard as well as the mulch plug for returning the grass clippings to the soil as a natural fertiliser.

The mowing operates as a twin blade 34 inch wide cutting system and you get great results from the large grass collection box that has a storage capacity of 245 litres. You get 7 different mowing height options that range from 2.5cm up to 8cm and you have 4 forward gears and 1 reverse gear with the manual transmission.

It starts with an electric key starter and the Loncin engine performs well giving you plenty of power when you need it most. We liked the tow hitch for pulling trailers and garden machines and it comes with a long 5 year warranty as long as it is serviced annually. There are more powerful engines than this in their range such as the LT102HRL that has the 452cc engine but this smaller less powerful version offers good value for the money in our opinion.

Price Guide: £2000 - £2300

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Cobra Ride on Tractor Mower Review Part 2

Cobra LT108HSL 42 inch 452cc Hydrostatic T2 Transmission Ride-On Tractor Mower

Our second featured Cobra Garden tractor mower is the Cobra LT108HSL Hydrostatic T2 Transmission ride on Tractor mower that offers the wider 42 inch mowing and the more powerful Loncin OHV 452cc engine. There is no grass collection here as you have the side discharge instead as well as the mulch plug option also.

The big attraction here is the hydrostatic transmission so you don’t need to worry about any gear changing which in turns makes the whole mowing job a lot easier to do. It can handle larger lawn areas up to 1.8 acres in size as a rough guide and you also have the LED lights included as well as the mulch plug option and the tow bar hitch for pulling various attachments such as trailers, carts and garden tools.

It has the same 7 mowing heights that range from 2.5cm to 8cm plus the same turning radius of 45cm but the extra mowing width and the extra engine power go along way for working on tougher terrain, slopes and more difficult mowing conditions.

It is covered with a 5 year warranty for peace of mind and it is delivered ready to mow so you can get mowing straight away without delay. In addition, the supplier in Gloucester offer a free delivery as well as a 90 day money back guarantee from what we have seen

Price Guide: £2300 - £2600

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Pros for the Cobra Garden Tractor Mowers

  • They are delivered ready to mow so you don’t have to worry about getting it started
  • You get a long 5 year warranty which is a great level of protection (must be serviced annually)
  • The tow hitch is included as standard so you don’t have to worry about paying anything extra
  • You also get a 90 day money back guarantee plus it is delivered ready to mow

Cons for the Cobra Garden Tractor Mowers

  • While the tractor mower started great, it will take a while to see if it can stand the test of time as it is relatively untested for the next season but so far so good
  • Power engines are somewhat limited and could be better for dealing with sloped terrain
  • Lacks superior technology you see in more premium brands

Price Comparisons

Cobra Garden tractor Mower Comparison Table

To add further clarity on these Cobra Tractor Garden Ride on Mowers, feel free to check out this comparison table below where you can see the features of both side by side…

Cobra TractorCobra LT86MRLCobra LT108HSL
Mow width34 inches / 86cm42 inches / 108cm
Engine352cc Loncin OHV452cc Loncin OHV
TransmissionManualHydrostatic T2
Grass box245L capacityNone
Forward Gears4N/A
Mow Heights7, 2.5cm – 8cm7, 2.5cm – 8cm
Turn Radius45cm45cm
Mulch plugYesYes
Tow HitchYesYes
Lawn size guideUp to 1.2 acreUp to 1.8 acre
Head lightsLEDLED
Side dischargeNoneYes
Warranty5 years5 years

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Tractor Seat

For your comfort, you can sit back and relax on this tractor seat with can absorb any shocks from uneven lawn surfaces. It can be adjusted to suit your height level and it has lumbar support and the high back frame to support your lower back area. This works great especially when you have longer mowing jobs to complete.

Mulching the Grass

Instead of collecting the grass in the grass box, you have the option of inserting the mulch plug into the rear chute and then the grass is chopped up into finer clippings and returned to the soil as a natural fertiliser. This system can also help to speed up the mowing work as you don’t have to stop and empty the clippings and the grass gets valuable nutrients for improved lush grass growth at the same time.

Cobra Ride on Mower Feedback

Have you ever used a Cobra Tractor Ride on Mower in the past? If so, please share your own feedback and experiences with the wider mowing community by leaving a comment in the comment box section provided below – so that they can learn also…

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