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Hello once more and welcome to this review on the Best Robotic Lawn Mowers that are currently available to buy at present in the US. The one added bonus here is that you can also order online from the comfort of your own home and get it delivered to your door hassle free.

As with other mowers, the Robotic Lawn mower has become one of the most popular mechanisms in getting your lawn looking fantastic and of course you don’t even have to mow it yourself- it is all done automatically for you which saves you so much time in the process.

There is preparation work needed in getting it all set up but once you have it set up, there is very little maintenance work needed on your end thereafter…

Robotic Lawn Mowers an essential machine for homeowners because it makes your life easier if you want to find the best lawnmower too boring and hot days of summer. These robot mowers help you to maintain properly your lawn and give a beautiful outlook to your entire house. You can just start it these mowers work on your own. New automatic technologies’ make everything easier. Technologies have much variety and a wide range of household mechanics. The invention of automation with basic products like vacuum cleaners. The first robotic lawn mower introduced in 1969 for the commercial objective. Latest inventions are introduced in robotic lawn mower in 1995. The robot lawn mowers work with simple programming. A line or guide wire is utilized to encompass the parameters where the lawnmower needs to cut. The auto cutter is fitted with sensors that are equipped for mapping out and cutting the yard to accuracy.

Things to consider before you buy:

  • When you want to buy robotic lawn mowers you have to look some important features for selecting good and original robotic lawn mowers. When you want to buy robotic lawn mowers you have to look some important features for selecting good and original robotic lawn mowers. You must capable to choose a best US lawn mower, also knows about the price while buying.
  • When you want to buy robotic lawn mowers you have to look some important features for selecting good and original robotic lawn mowers.
  • When you want to buy robotic lawn mowers you have to look some important features for selecting good and original robotic lawn mowers. You must capable to choose a best US lawn mower, also knows about the price while buying.
  • If you are buying the mower for the first time then it’s very difficult to choose best one. If you have sufficient budget then you must purchase any famous and well-known brand lawnmower. You must check the warranty and guarantees that gives you with a pack of the mower. Ensure before buying the qualities in price and range.
  • A wide range of cutting is the best quality of lawnmower so before buying any mower must confirm the coverage that covers different ranges.
  • A gardener gives a clean, beautiful look and edging to your lawn. But this process is very expensive because you will pay many dollars for this work. The robotic lawnmower is an excellent idea to save your money and keeps your landscape clean and clad. On the off chance that you get lawn mower with the correct grass tallness limits, once your garden is cut, touch-ups are extra.
  • The easiest to use of mower is another feature that you must check before buying. Manuals provide any information and instructions about the using of product. Everybody wants to find user-friendly and easy to use and install setup. Nobody wants to choose difficult and hard 
  • Sharp Sensor is essentially required for best use of lawnmowers because the incorrect setting of boundary markers will spoil and rough cutting on your lawn. High quality and the expert sensor will guide the mower to lead the right constraints and overcome the obstacle and avoid rocks and trees.
  • To get accurate and best mower you have to spend a lot more than the conventional mower. A lawnmower can cost up to the tune of a few thousand.  So, make sure to review the list below in detail.
    Tilted Landscape - The robotic lawnmower cannot work and handle with correctly of very diverse and slanted landscape it is best and safe to use in lawns. Slopes up to 36% is required for good working and the best result which gives perfection.
  • Low upkeep and repair -  When you spend several thousand to purchase a mower then you did not want to keep spending again lots of money for repairing and upkeep. So, must choose the weatherproofing and easily rechargeable for perfect work.
  • Best Base Station - The base station is required for the robot lawnmower to keep it secure and safe. It is the best to place to stay mower after work. Models which introduced to the market are presently fitted with auto-off highlights that are started when the cutter is put in a few positions or if misused and exhausted. This is an extra element that will spare you excursions to the crisis room.
  • Anti-Theft - Always look for a robotic mower with an alarm and other helpful anti-theft features. The useful feature includes PIN code access and GPS sensor to allow you to know the mower is at all times.


Selection of the Best Robotic Lawn Mowers (in no particular order)

1, Robomow RC306 Automatic Robotic Lawnmower

Key Features:

  • Base Station for self-charging - The base station is that place where mower goes automatically and recharged the Lithium-ion battery after battery down. We can say that it is a place where mower rests in during the mowing period which helps to enhance their work and configured it.
  • Child Lock equipped - Child lock feature is also latest and smart safety feature that reduce and stop. Children from meddling with work or any harm. Robomow suggests that you don't introduce the base station close to a sprinkler or on a slant however in a shady area in your garden.
  • Slopes - Robomow can mow area inside the working area with slopes of up to 36%.
  • Rain Sensor - It has rain sensor which helps to stop work automatically while raining that keeps it secure from rusting and any kind of damage.
  • Several Zone - The Robomow RC306 is classy design to cover lawn area of up 600m2, containing double wheel which works wonderful and drives it in a large area. Its design can handle most slants up to 20 degrees.
  • It cuts a wide range of grass including little twigs, pine cones, thick yards, St. Augustine and high grass.

Pros / Advantages: If you want to look for the best mower that needs not required supervision it works on its own - Robomow RC306 Robotic Lawnmower is the best choice that contains Bluetooth, rain sensor, and child lock qualities - It available at a reasonable price also contain 1-year warranty which covers any repair which attracts most of the buyers - It has low noise and does not leave any effect on your activates so you can work easily while mower working - The PIN code is another benefit of it you can secure your machine with the use of pin lock - It’s mowing speed for longer time Lithium-ion high-performance batteries makes it more strong and long-lasting.

Cons/ Disadvantages: Its battery takes up 70 minutes to fully recharge which is a long time and when you set and install the first time then it is quite difficult and confusing while setting the boundary wire.


  • If it is automated then can we start it after recharge?
  • Yes, it starts work automatically. When the battery level is down then it returns to the base station and resumes its work after full charging.
  • Can we use this while raining?
  • It has rain sensor which works all time while raining or sunshine.
  • How the maximum range of area which is mowing it?
  • If your lawn range is maximum 0-600 m2 then it works perfectly.

2, Robomow RX12 Robotic Lawn Mower

Key Features:

  • Covers 2000 sq. ft Lawn - The Robomow RX12 Robotic lawn mower is best for smaller lawns. We can use it easily so because there’s no programming or phone app required with this model you just push the GO button and it starts work. The range of Robomow is 2000 sq. ft lawn.
  • Mowing time 90-120 minutes - Robomow RX12 is complete mowing in 90 to 120 minutes after charging.
  • Max slope of 15 %. - It has a maximum slope of 15% Robomow RX12 likewise explore slants up 8.5 degrees.
  • Base Station - Lead acid battery powered - The Robomow RX12 Robotic Lawn Mower is battery powered and available in base docking station to which this mover returns for recharging.
  • 1-year full warranty - Robomow comes with a 1-year warranty manufacturer-sponsored warranty. This warranty covers the whole robot lawn mower as well as battery, parts and labour.


Pros / Advantages: Lift sensor will quickly stop the blades while the robotic lawn mower is pick up. These sensors cope all obstacle like trees - It is easy to adjust blade height. No tools are compulsory - The Robomow RX12 is easy to use and user-friendly lawn mower - Robomow RX12 is complete mowing in 90 to 120 minutes after charging - Maximum cutting height of 0.5-1.7 inches - The mower includes a gliding deck that gives the shape of grass in very smooth - Robomow RX12 available with perimeter wire and hooks.

Cons / Disadvantages: This model does not work well on St Augustine grass


  • Does It support WIFI or Bluetooth like Robomow RX12 Robotic Lawn Mower?
  • It does not support any connecting device like WIFI, Bluetooth or any mobile app.
  • Is it available with a base station or docking station?
  • Yes, this is available with a docking station.
  • Does its installation is tough or not?
  • No, it’s easy it starts works with just one-touch with a simple press of the Go button on the unit.

3, WORX WG794 28-volt Landroid Robotic Lawn Mower

Key Features

  • User-Friendly - Fully programmed which is easy to install and use.
  • Edge and grass cut - AIA technology allows Landroid to make involved cuts and cross narrow passages. Landroid can cut at 5 distinct statures and it can be balanced effortlessly. The statures change between 2-6 cm which is alright for the vast majority. I can't envision why you would go higher or bring down for your yard. Landroid evenly mows inclines and declines up to 20-degrees.
  • Landroid uses shock sensor system to mow around obstacles
  • Rain Sensor - Rain sensor keeps it safe while raining. In raining, it returns the bases station and resumes work.
  • Simplicity of finding substitutes for wearable parts - It very beneficial that you can replace all its parts if you need. It repairs easily after any damage.
  • Performance and Efficiency - Its performance and good work make it excellent
  • Durability - It keeps more strength and makes it durable.

Pros / Advantages: Pre-Programmed for Easy set up so you can buy and Landroid works quickly - User-friendly Interface make it more attractive and make it programming and customization - Mows thicker grass equal and with a pattern so you can use it in heavy, height and all grass type - Narrow intricate area of your lawn is responsive and flexible Landroid while working it.

Cons / Disadvantages: Not programmable by cell phone or remote.


  • Is it can cut up very steep slopes?
  • No, it cannot cut up very steep slopes
  • Is it required any supervision while it’s working?
  • Indeed, some essential supervision is required to get the changes perfectly for your grass.

4, Husqvarna Automower 430X Robotic Lawn

Key Features

  • Working area capacity  - Husqvarna 430X Automower can cover 0.8 sections of land at greatest output simply like the guide said. A significant measure of organizations guarantees that their trimmers can cut grass on slants well however this is uncommonly the situation
  • Battery type - It has Li-ion battery which considered a strong battery power.
  • Typical charging time - It consumes 65 minutes to complete its charging and cover it all these areas.
  • Sound level Measured - It has 57 dB sound level which is low and very suitable for work.
  • Usability  -It is very easy for use although it's easy to install and manages.
  • Weather Sensor - It contains weather sensor which allows the mower to work more correctly in very bad weather and any seasonal condition.
  • Toughness  and Simplicity of finding trades for wearable parts


Pros / Advantages: This mower is water-resistant unlike most electric mowers, so it will not dissolve in the rain like the others - The blades can be polished every month or so but if you need substitutes you can buy them online - If you required extra parts, Husqvarna will direct you to the near seller - Travel a lot – mower can be checked from your phone or computer.

Cons / Disadvantages: Will struggle if obstacles are in place on the edging and the price is a little on the high side


  • Can be a monitor on any connecting device like mobile or WIFI?
  • Yes, it can be handled with mobile anywhere you are in the world
  • Is its blade being safe to stop when lifting or tilting the mower?
  • It is useful to use as the blade stop when it lifting the mower.

5, Husqvarna Automower 315 Robotic Lawn Mower

Key Features

  • Durability - Sufficient power and durability to handle uneven terrain, sharp slants, large and compound areas and heavy rain.
  • Cutting Size - Delivers silent and releases-free presentation with a cutting size of up to a 1/4 acre, on slopes up to 27°.
  • Blades Sharpness - 3 razor-sharp pivoting blades rotate to cut grass evenly and clean for a healthy and perfect cutting result every time.
  • Working - It works all over the day so you don’t have to!
  • Install kit - It can work with the installation kit which helps to works perfectly making your job easier
  • Lock - Safety lock avoids children or other people from messing with your settings.
  • Pin Code - Pin code devices make it unusable to thieves and an alarm sounds if it is raised without first unlocking it.


Pros / Advantages: It has a climate changing to modify cutting time in view of the season and rate of growth of your grass - Low preservation cost so it essentially pays for itself in a few years if you are presently paying someone to cut your lawn - It goes over slopes (27 Degrees/40%) that different trimmers at higher costs are unequipped for taking care of it - Pin code and lock keep it secure for others.

Cons / Disadvantages: It does not get to the edges if there is wall, stone or another obstacle at the edge of the lawn.


  • Is it automatic charging features?
  • Yes, it has automated charging station.
  • Does it contain a battery and what’s the kind of battery?
  • It contains a strong battery of 1 Lithium ion batteries required

6, McCulloch ROB 1000 Programmable Robotic Mower

Key Features

  • User-Friendly - It is easy to install and user-friendly the robotic mower can be programmed to mow at any time of the day or night.
  • Cutting Capacity - Cuts up to .25 acres of grass which is the good cutting capacity length. ROB cuts the grass into small clippings, which fall back into grass that give perfect look to your lawn. Cuts even on slopes with slants up to 25%.
  • Working Time - Virtually silent run it at night and it won't interrupt the neighbours it works quietly.
  • Battery Power - Ransack is fuelled by a lithium-particle battery which implies it is exceptionally proficient, charges rapidly (in less than 60 minutes) and can be completely charged over and over with no memory impacts.
  • Audible alarm - An audible alarm is another special feature of this model that helps to protect your device.
  • Blades - 3 durable metal cutting blades work wonder for this that cutting all grass more efficiently.


Pros / Advantages: Fully programmed and easy to install which works wonderfully - This leaves no patches and no irregular path - It’s safe containing audible alarm which secures your device - Its blades work wonders that trims the grass in perfect shape - It contains a docks station which recharged it.

Cons / Disadvantages: Only a 17cm cut width and operates to a maximum slope of 25%


  • What is cut height range?
  • ROB cuts grass at height of 0.8 to 2.
  • Is it programmed or not?
  • It is already programmed so you do not need to programme it yourself

7, Robomow RS612 Battery Powered Lawn Mower

Key Features

  • Base Station - Robomow is charged automatically if their battery lows down and resume its work. After recharging it will again start its works.
  • Remote Control - Robomow's Remote Control is applied for cutting each one of those sectors where the programmed framework does not work.
  • Slopes - Robomow works perfectly in the area of 36% range. It works not perfectly and good if the inside area is more than 36%.
  • Rain Sensor - Rain Sensor will secure and keep works in any kind of weather and does not stop it’s working. It works on its own while any intense weather.
  • Multiple zones - Robomow can handle lawns with numerous zones and mow each one separately.
  • Child Lock - This is a safety feature to help stop children or others not aware of the safe operation of Robomow from operating it.

Pros / Advantages: It has best mowing result which gives your garden perfect look - It has low noise so you can do your work while it's working - It contains a long-lasting battery that makes its performance best - It has additional remote control which controls all those parts where Robomow not reached.

Cons / Disadvantages: Can be difficult to get programmed from the very start but it easy thereafter


  • Can it use used remotely?
  • Yes, you can use it with a mobile app.
  • Does the speed be above to 20%?
  • No, its maximum speed is only 10%.

If you are thinking that perhaps the Robotic Mower is a little too expensive for you, then take a look at some of the lower priced gas / electric / reel mowers as follows:


Alternatively, feel free to check available stocks by clicking on any of the images provided below

Finally, I would like to thank you for taking the time to visit my website and I hope this list for the Robotic Lawn mower has helped you out in some way…

Also, please share your experiences with Robotic Lawn mowers with the community by leaving a comment in the comment section below



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  1. I just recently bought a robotic vacuum for my mom and now I’m looking for a lawn mower for my dad. I didn’t know that there’s a robotic lawn mower that will do the lawn mowning by itself. This is a great way for my dad to skip lawn mowning and let the robotic do it as he is getting on in years if you know what I mean. Thank you for sharing this information and I will surely buy one of this for his birthday – this is a helpful list is the selection process

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