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After putting together a list for the best cordless grass trimmers, we also wanted to outline a list for the best cheap grass trimmers which are available in the UK at present and this is more geared towards people who need a reliable and basic corded grass trimmer at the cheapest possible price.

Brand Selection

We have reviewed and researched over 15 brands and we have come up with our top 7 options for you to choose from and each of these grass trimmers in the UK was available for less than Β£50 at the time of this review so there should be something here that can meet your own requirements.

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Cord Lengths

Cordless grass trimmers are generally more expensive that corded trimmers so we have focussed on what we believe are the best corded trimmers instead that are reliable, trustworthy and which also come backed with warranties that suppliers can stand over. Some of these cables are only 6m long while others are 10m long so please bear in mind that you may need to get a small extension cord also to reach the full length of your garden (measure up in advance)

All of these trimmers were available for less than Β£80 at the time of this review but please make sure to view the price checkers provided below to ensure you have the most accurate up to date price information. So, without any further delay, let’s get started with this list…

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Best Cheap Grass Trimmers UK - Our Top Picks

1, Hyundai HYTR250E 250W 25cm Corded Grass Trimmer

Main Features Available:

Twin Line cutting mechanism, 25cm trim width

2 handles for balance and weight is 1.7kg

Line diameter is 1.2mm, line 2m x 2

Dimensions are 165cm by 130cm by 540cm

Available @ Amazon

Price Guide: Less than Β£50 (3-year warranty)

2, Flymo Mini Trim 230W 21cm Corded Grass Trimmer

Main Features Available:

Basic and effective grass trimmer

For smaller gardens only, lighter trimming duties

21cm trimming width and weighs 2kg

Shorter cable of 6m long and manual line feed

Available online @ Argos

Price Guide: Less than Β£40 (1-year warranty)

3, McGregor 25cm 350W Corded Grass Trimmer

Main Features Available:

3 in 1 trimmer with rotatable head

Adjustable shaft and handle, 350W power

Auto feed spool line system with edging

Cable length is 8m long, dual line feed

Available online @ Argos

Price Guide: Less than Β£50 (2-year warranty)

4, Bosch EasyGrass 23cm 280W Grass Trimmer

Main Features Available:

Budget alternative option from Bosch

Adjustable front handle only (not the shaft)

Shorter 6m cable cord, auto line feed

Trimming width is 23cm with edging capability

Available online @ Argos

Price Guide: Less than Β£60 (2-year warranty)

5, Spear & Jackson 25cm 350W Corded Grass Trimmer

Main Features Available:

Additional spare spool line included, dual feed

Pedal adjustment for head angle adjustment

Plant flower guard, adjustable handle & shaft

10m long cable, weight 3kg, trim width 25cm

Available online from Argos

Price Guide: Less than Β£60 (3-year warranty)

6, Black + Decker 23cm 250W Electric Grass Trimmer

Main Features Available:

250W powered trimmer, 23cm trim width

Single handed tool with cable management

Lowest price on this list at the time of this review

Uses a A6226-XJ replacement spool line

Available online @ Amazon

Price Guide: Less than Β£35 (2-year warranty)

7, Einhell 30cm 450W GC-ET 4530 Grass Trimmer

Main Features Available:

Widest grass trimmer on this list - Shaft can be extended for taller people

Front auxiliary handle also adjustable - 30cm trim width and 450W power

Head can be rotated to 180 degree angle - Works great under benches & trampolines

Twin lines and includes edger roller for accuracy - Includes a set of 3 spools and tilts in 4 positions

Line length is 10m and diameter is 1.4mm - Highest power level from this list

Available online from Amazon

Price Guide: Less than Β£50 (1-year warranty)

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Comparison Table

To help you compare each of the grass trimmers against one another, then check out the comparison table outlined below so that you can compare the features that interest you the most

ModelPower:Cord:Trim Width:Weight:
Hyundai HYTR250E250W10m Long25cm1.7kg
Flymo Mini Trim230W6m Long21cm2kg
McGregor MET3525350W8m Long25cm2kg
Bosch EasyGrassCut280W6m long23cm1.7kg
Spear & Jackson350W10m long25cm3kg
Black + Decker250W8m long23cm3kg
Einhell450W8m long30cm2.6kg


Which one would we recommend in particular? Its hard to say but it would most likely be either the Hyundai or the Spear & Jackson as they have the longest cords available on this list which would be key. The fact that the Spear & Jackson has the adjustable shaft and the 3 year warranty is certainly the more impressive for less than Β£50. That being said, the McGregor and the Einhell trimmers were both surprisingly much better than expected also and they deserve serious consideration. If the lowest possible price is what you are after, then the Black & Decker and the Flymo win this one out based on what we have seen at the time of this review!

Feedback for Others

Which one on this list would you prefer, or which corded cheap Grass trimmer do you believe is the best value for the money?

If possible, please educate others in the UK community by sharing your feedback or comments in the comment box section provided below – Best of luck!


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