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If you are looking for a low priced cheap Lawnmower in the UK, then check out our review for what we believe are the best value cheap lawnmowers available across the market and they are all from reliable brands backed with lots of positive customer reviews (well most of them anyway).

A total of 12 Cheap Lawnmowers has been researched and reviewed on this list for you to consider and the one advantage with these cheap lawn mowers is the fact that you can save money on commuting expenses! – Instead of driving to the store and collecting – they can be easily ordered online and get delivered to your home hassle free which is one less thing that you need to worry about.

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Our review will be split into 6 different parts for easier navigation so feel free to skip to the Lawnmower section that interests you the most. Part 1 is for cheap Corded electric Lawnmowers, part 2 is for cheap Reel Manual Cylinder lawn mowers, part 3 is for cheap Cordless battery powered lawnmowers, part 4 is for cheap Hover Electric lawnmowers, part 5 is for cheap Robotic Mowers and finally part 6 is for cheap Petrol lawnmowers.

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In addition, please note that guide prices can be presented at the time of this review as prices can change slightly from week to week or month to month depending on local discount activities so please make sure to view the price checkers outlined below to ensure you have the most up to date accurate price information.

Part 1: Cheap Corded Electric Lawnmowers UK – 2 Recommendations

#1, McGregor 32cm 1200W Corded Lawnmower


Mowing width 12m with 1200W power

For smaller lawns up to 60-80m2 as a guide

5 mowing heights from 2cm to 6m

Small rear roller included in the design

Comfortable soft grip handle

10m long power cord cable

Covered with a 2 year warranty

Price Guide: Β£65 - Β£85 @ Argos

#2, Spear & Jackson 37cm 1600W Corded Lawnmower


Larger grass box 40L capacity

Higher power level of 1600W

Longer 12m long power cord cable

7 mowing height options 2.5cm to 7.5cm

Grass combs to assist edges and boundaries

Designed with a built in rear roller

Covered with a 3 year warranty

Price Guide: Β£100 - Β£120 @ Argos

Video - How to assemble a Spear and Jackson lawnmower

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Part 2: Cheap Reel Manual Cylinder Lawnmowers UK – 2 Recommendations

#1, McGregor 30cm Wide Cylinder Reel Lawnmower


Lowest priced Reel manual push cylinder mower

4 grass cutting heights 1.8cm to 3.8cm

Cutting width 30cm with 23L grass collection

Lightweight design at only 6.3kg

Mini rear roller included with design

Covered with a 2 year warranty

Price Guide: Β£40 - Β£60 @ Argos

#2, Einhell 30cm Hand Push Reel Lawnmower


Lightweight design 6.5kg for pushing

Environmentally friendly grass cutting

Small grass collection capacity 16L

For small lawn areas only up to 100m2

4 grass cutting levels to choose from

Comes with a standard 2 year warranty

Price Guide: Β£50 - Β£90 @ Amazon

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Part 3: Cheap Cordless Battery Lawnmowers UK – 2 Recommendations

#1, McGregor 32cm 21.6V Cordless Rotary Push Lawnmower


Includes a 4Ah 21.6V battery

Mowing heights from 2.5cm up to 6.5cm

Grass collection box 30L capacity

Recharging takes approx. 1 hour

Mowing runtime is 20 – 30 minutes average

Rear roller, safety switch & foldable handles

Price Guide: Β£140 - Β£170 @ Argos

#2, Spear & Jackson Cordless 34cm Lawnmower & Grass Trimmer


Great value combo trimmer with a lawnmower

4Ah batteries x 2 and fast 1 hour recharger

Grass collection capacity 35 litres

5 mowing heights 2.2cm to 6.2cm

Spare additional battery included

3 year warranty provided

Price Guide: Β£230 - Β£270 @ Argos

Video overview - Spear & Jackson Cordless Lawnmower

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Part 4: Cheap Hover Electric Lawnmowers UK – 2 Recommendations

#1, Flymo Turbo Lite 27cm 1400W Corded Hover Lawnmower


Corded Hover lawnmower only 5.1kg

Floats on a cushion of air to cut grass

Folds down easily after use

Dual levers for easier controls

10m long power cord cable

Lower mow heights 1.1cm to 3.1cm

Price Guide: Β£50 - Β£80 @ Argos

#2, Black + Decker 30cm Wide Electric Corded Hover Lawnmower


Budget type Hover electric lawnmower

Power cord is 10m long

Offers a mowing width of 30cm

Lightweight design only 7.5kg

3 mowing heights 2cm to 4cm

Covered with a 2 year warranty

Price Guide: Β£50 - Β£80 @ Amazon

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Part 5: Cheap Robotic Lawnmowers UK – 2 Recommendations

#1, Flymo EasiLife 250 16cm Cordless Robotic Lawnmower


Designed for lawn areas up to 250m2

Ability to deal with slopes of 25%

Requires boundary wire installation

Returns automatically for recharging

5 mowing heights available 2cm to 5cm

Connection with the App required

Price Guide: Β£630 - Β£680 @ Argos

#2, WORX Landroid Cordless 500 18cm Robotic Lawnmower


Designed for larger lawns up to 500m2

Controlled with App Wi-Fi connection

Ability to mow narrow passages

Required installation of boundary wire

4 mowing heights available 2cm to 5cm

Covered with a 12 month warranty

Price Guide: Β£680 - Β£730 @ Amazon

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Part 6: Cheap Petrol Hand Push Lawnmowers UK – 2 Recommendations

#1, Mountfield HP41 Petrol Lawnmower


Hand push petrol powered lawn mower

Mowing path width 39cm (actual 41cm)

Stiga Mountfield ST120 123cc engine

For lawn areas up to 250-300m2

Capacity of grass collection box is 40L

5 mowing heights available 2.5cm up to 7cm

Price Guide: Β£150 - Β£200 @ Amazon

#2, Yard Force 40cm HP Petrol Lawnmower


Hand push lawnmower with unleaded petrol

Briggs and Stratton 125cc engine

Offers a mowing width of 40cm

Weight for pushing is 19.2kg

5 mowing height options 2.5cm to 7.5cm

Capacity of grass collection box 45L

Price Guide: Β£150 - Β£200 @ Amazon

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So, that more or less wraps up this list of 12 Cheap Lawn Mowers available in the UK at present. I am not sure if you will find cheaper than these – perhaps you will or maybe your preference is to go down the road of a cheaper Reel mower instead. If you do, please be aware that Reel mowers require a certain level of experience and physical manpower to operate depending on the type of lawn you are looking after, the level of weeds and also the amount of twigs you come across.

Community Feedback

Finally, have you any particular favourite cheap lawnmower not featured on this list that you feel deserves a mention?

If possible, please educate and share with the local community by leaving your recommended brands or models in the comment section provided below – so that other people across the community can learn also...

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  1. Thanks for helping me find a good value cheap lawnmower, I would recommend the Spear and Jackson lawnmowers here as they are well made, easy to use and extremely reliable – I know from years of experience!

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