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Poulan Pro 163cc Lawnmower Review


Hello again from Lawn mower reviews and this time I have taken a close look and reviewed the Poulan Pro 22 inch 3 in 1 163cc front wheel drive lawn mower so please take a quick look through this review if you are thinking about buying it in the coming days or weeks.

Time is important to you so I will outline as quickly as I can all the advantages and the disadvantages that you need to be aware of before you buy plus all the important features that it has to offer to help you getting the best results from your overall mowing experience. In addition, I will also display 2 low priced options so at least you can save some money in the process so without wasting any more of your time, let’s get started…

Gas Lawn Mower Overview:

Lawn MowerPoulan Pro 22 inch 163cc 3 in 1 Front wheel drive
Model PR675Y22RHP
PowerGas, 163cc
BrandPoulan Pro
EngineBriggs & Stratton163cc 675 EXI Series
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Key Features:

  • Power assisted front wheel drive transmission
  • Cutting deck width is 22 inches steel
  • Adjustable handles
  • Front wheel Drive mower and variable speeds.
  • Ready-start system for easy starting (no choke or primer)
  • Higher rear wheels of 11 inches when compared to the front smaller wheels of 8 inches
  • 3 in 1 capability of rear catcher, mulching and side discharge
  • Includes the powerful Briggs and Stratton 163cc 675 EXI Series engine
  • Clean running engine with Just Check and Add Technology
  • Mow heights can be adjusted to 9 different levels
  • Water hose connector built in to assist is simple cleaning under the deck
  • Weight of this mower is 85 Ibs

Further images are outlined below:

Poulan pro lawn mower review, 22 inch 163cc, additional imagesSome Frequently asked Questions:

Q. Is the rear bag included with the price?
A. Yes, the rear bag is included
Q. Can the speed be changed or adjusted?
A. Yes, the speed can be adjusted to suit your own needs
Q. Can the mow heights be changed?
A. Yes, it can be changed to 9 different mow height positions
Q. Do I need to empty the oil?
A. No, all you need to do is top it up.
Q. Is it rear wheel drive or front wheel drive?
A. This is a front wheel drive mower.
Q, Is this mower self propelled?
A. Yes, this mower is self propelled and it can be stopped by pressing down and tilting the mower upwards.
Q, Is it easy to assemble upon delivery?
A. You will need to attach and tighten bolts and knobs on the handles /arms, add oil and gas and also the grass catcher to the rear frame

Pros / Advantages:

  • It includes the just check and add technology for a clean engine that doesn’t require oil changes.
  • Oil only needs to be topped up – not changed – which means you don’t have to worry about oil changing or oil disposal.
  • Depending on the height and thickness of your grass, you can adjust the mow settings to 9 different levels allowing you to start at the highest if needed and go lower on the second pass.
  • Depending on your size the handles can be adjusted to 3 positions
  • Side discharge, mulching and rear grass bagging options give you superior flexibility when compared to many mowers across the market
  • You can increase of decrease the speed of the mow by adjusting the speed controls.
  • A container of oil is included with the delivery to help get you started.
  • Being self propelled is a major bonus and it will do most of the hard pushing for you.

Cons / Disadvantages:

  • A number of pulls on the cord is sometimes needed to get it started.
  • If you have an acre or larger size garden, then you need to consider a ride on option instead
  • Warranty details are not clearly outlined yet it has been mentioned that they are backed with a 2 year warranty. This should be made more clearly from the start.
  • Not environmentally friendly when compared to electric mower alternatives
  • Some issues have been raised over the front wheel drive not working correctly and the height adjustors being too flimsy and not to the standard one would expect so this will need to be checked upon arrival.
  • Height adjuster issues have been raised far too many times and the rear wheel attachments could be a lot sturdier.

Further Options?

If you need to look beyond this lawn mower and make further comparison, then check out some of the popular suggested options outlined below...

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Lastly, I really hope this review on the Poulan Pro 22 inch 163cc 3 in 1 Front wheel drive Lawn mower has helped you in your search and please let me know your own experiences with any Poulan Pro lawn mowers by leaving a comment below.



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