Poulan Pro Lawn Mower review, 22 inch 140cc, featured image

Poulan Pro 140cc Lawnmower Review


Greetings once again and here I have reviewed for you the Poulan Pro 22 inch 140cc 2 in 1 Front wheel drive Lawn mower so you can know for certain what this mower offers, what it can do for you and also all the advantages and disadvantages are which are associated to this mower.

If you are considering buying this mower in the coming days then please take a quick look through this review to help you make an informed decision before you buy. In addition, I will also outline 2 low prices which can help save you some money , so without further ado - let’s begin…

22 Inch Lawn Mower Overview

Lawn MowerPoulan Pro 22 inch 140cc 2 in 1 Front wheel drive
Model 961220037
PowerGas, 140cc
BrandPoulan Pro
EngineBriggs and Stratton 140cc 500e series engine
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Key Features:

  • Steel Cutting deck width is 22 inches
  • Reliable pull cord
  • Front wheel drive power assisted
  • Reliable and powerful Briggs & Stratton 140 cc 500E Series engine
  • Mulching blade included
  • Mow height can be varied across 9 different levels
  • 4 height adjusters (one at each wheel)
  • Side discharge alternative
  • No rear bag grass catcher
  • Easily turns direction without disengaging the drive wheels
  • Heavy duty steel body to stand the test of time
  • Water hose connection facility to allow simple deck washes
  • Weight of the mower is 61.2 Ibs
  • Size is 35 L by 24.25 W by 17.75 H inches


Further additional images are outlined below:

Poulan Pro Lawn Mower review, 22 inch 140cc, additional images


Frequently Asked Questions that came up:

Q. Is this a self propelled mower?
A. Yes, it is self propelled front wheel drive power assisted
Q. Can a rear grass catcher be included?
A. No grass rear bag catcher is included.
Q, Can I adjust the mow of the grass heights?
A. Yes, it can be adjusted to 9 different levels

Pros / Advantages:

  • Self propelled is a major plus to help you get your grass mowed a lot easier.
  • It has one of the best prices in the Poulan Pro range and compares well to other brands in the same bracket.
  • Depending in the height of your grass, you can change the mow height settings 9 times to suit your own individual requirements.
  • Water hose connection for deck washing is an added feature
  • Comes under a reputable brand of Poulan Pro which is a trusted brand from many years.

Cons / Disadvantages:

  • No rear bag grass catcher is included so you need to rake afterwards if you need grass clippings removed.
  • A lot nosier and will cost more in terms of maintenance and fuel costs when comparing to electric mowers
  • Some minor issues of wheels not being straight and the frame being bent so you will need to double check this upon arrival.
  • Warranty of this model is not clearly defined and also needs to be double checked prior to purchase. This should be made very clear from the start if it is included or not, so please double check from your actual seller.
  • Price is a little on the high side but is matched with the extras associated to this mower

Further Options?

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Finally, I really hope this review on the Poulan Pro 22 inch 140cc 2in1 Front wheel drive Lawn mower has helped you out and you can let me know your own experiences with Poulan Pro lawn mowers by leaving a comment below.


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  1. I purchased a self propelled Poulan mower 2 years ago. Biggest piece of junk I have ever bought. Hard to start no matter the number of times you primed it. I finally got tired of messing with it and set it out for the junkers to pick up. I’ll never buy anything with the Poulan name on it. I bought a Hart 40 volt mower to replace it and it works great.

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