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PowerSmart 21 Inch Push Lawnmower Review 2024


A big hello to everyone from Lawn Mower Reviews and today we have decided to review the Powersmart 21-inch Gas Push Mower to see if it lives up to its expectations and indeed the expectations of many mowers across the country.

My focus will be to outline the advantages and disadvantages so you can have a clear picture if this model can do the job you want it to do.

In addition, I also want to try and help you save some money in the process and show a really cheap place to buy so without further ado, let’s get started…

Gas Push Lawn Mower Overview

Lawn MowerPowersmart 21 Inch Gas Push Mower
Engine159cc 4 cycle OHV
Best Place to Buy:Amazon - View Stock Availability Here

Key Important Features:

  • Mow deck width is 21 inches
  • Gas powered
  • Pull cord start system
  • Mow height levels can be adjusted 5 times (1.18 inches to 3 inches)
  • 3 separate settings of mulching, rear bag and also side discharge
  • Rear bag catcher capacity is 18 gal.
  • Wheels are 8 inches in diameter on the rear
  • Size is 23 by 18 by 33 inches
  • Mower weight is 66 Ibs
  • 2 year limited warranty is not fully confirmed (seller dependent)

Additional images are outlined below

Powersmart Lawn Mower Review, additional images

Frequently asked Questions:

Q, Is this model self-propelled?
A, No, this model is not self-propelled

Q, What type of oil is used?
A, A standard 4 stroke 30 weight oil

Q, Does it have the capability to mulch?
A, Yes, it has the capability to mulch

Q, Can the mow height be changed?
A, Yes, it can be changed to 5 different levels

Q, What is the maximum mow width?
A, The maximum mow width is 21 inches

Q, What height can it mow to?
A, It can mow from 1.18 – 3 inches high

Pros for the Powersmart 21-inch Gas Push Mower:

  • Allows 3 settings of mulching, side discharge and rear bag catching
  • Simple assembly upon delivery (5 to 10 minutes work)
  • Mulching will help put nutrients back into the soil
  • The larger grass catcher bag at the rear requires less frequent emptying
  • 5 different mow height settings allow you to adjust the mow height to suit your own requirements
  • Lightweight which make it easier to move around
  • Ability to mow around tighter areas

Cons for the Powersmart 21-inch Gas Push Mower:

  • Cord can get tangled which is quite annoying
  • Only suitable for smaller to medium size lawns
  • Not enough power to tackle larger heavier and thicker lawns
  • Need to double check the warranty prior to purchase – seller dependant
  • Price is a little on the high side when compared to various other options on the market
  • Some minor customer issues with oil leaking, loose bolts and loose wheels

Need to Consider Alternatives???

If you are on the fence like me, then consider a Gas Pushed Mower that has a more popular brand and a higher rating overall such as the examples outlined below

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Finally, I sincerely hope that this review on the Powersmart 21-inch Gas push mower has helped you out and you can let me know your own personal experiences with lawn mowers good or bad by leaving a comment below.


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  1. PowerSmart 170 CC 21″ self propelled lawn mower very poor performance. With self propelled engaged you have a difficult time keeping up with it. Its to fast and there is only one speed. Think twice about purchasing this mower unless you have roller skates to use while you mow.

    • Not hard to keep up with mine.Self propelled broke in 2 hours use.No one talks about the other flaws in the mower.Oil leaks—-Engine bolts not secure–Wrong amount of oil enclosed with the new mower(13.5 oz bottle enclosed and you need 16.9 oz to fill) and with the short amount of oil and no warning in the lawnmower pre-start preparation directions without the oil leakage and need for extra lubrication during first 5 hour break in period you never have a chance’Also,when you call the company and tell them about your problem they tell you it was packaged in China and they know.This was on a recorded phone call with them.My only question was why Homedepo sold them.I KNOW FOR A FACT THIS IS THE REASON THEY WOULD CHANGE THERE 90 day return policy to 30 days now effective in the last 30 days. Any questio please email toddchristo2002@yahoo.com

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