Snapper 725 Self Propelled Lawnmower Review 2024


Welcome once again to Lawn Mower reviews and here I have reviewed the Snapper 21-inch Gas Self Propelled Front Wheel Drive 725exi series Mower which also includes the rear bag, side discharge and mulching options.

If you are looking to purchase this model, then make sure to read through this review which will outline all the important features and aspects that you need to be aware of, some frequently asked questions, the pros and cons, and a simple comparison chart to help you compare it against other brands and models in the marketplace.

Lawn Mower Overview:

Lawn Mower:Snapper 21-inch Gas Self Propelled Front Wheel Drive Mower
Warranty:3-year warranty (limited)
Engine:Briggs & Stratton
Engine Type:725exi Series
Drive system:Variable speed and front wheel
Mower width:21 inches
Cheap place to buy:Amazon - Check Stock Availability Here

Important Features

  • Variable speed front wheel drive system
  • Includes rear bag, mulching and a side discharge option
  • Suited to flat, uneven and hilly areas up to 1-acre size
  • Self-propelled which makes it easy to mow with
  • Briggs & Stratton Engine 725exi series and 163cc
  • Simple starting with no choke / prime required – single pull ready start
  • 6 different adjustments of height
  • Grip handles can be changed for additional comfort
  • Wheels are 8 inches on the front and 11 inches at the back
  • Oil changing is not required, only to check oil levels and add when necessary

Further images of the Snapper Self-propelled 725exi Series are outlined below…

Frequently asked questions:

Q, How much oil do you add when delivered?
A, Add the full bottle of oil which comes with the delivery

Q, What are the wheel sizes?
A, The front is 8 inches and the back wheel is 11 inches

Q, How many levels can be adjusted?
A, 6 different levels can be used depending on your requirements

Q. Is this model front or rear wheel drive?
A, This model is front wheel drive

Q, Can the speed levels be changed?
A, Yes the level of speed can be adjusted for your own particular needs

Q, Can this self-propelled Mower be used as a push mower?
A, Yes, it can be pushed in addition to being self-propelled


  • A number of compatible attachments are available such as the blade removal tool and walk behind blower
  • Higher spec Mower than the 550ex series
  • Powerful self-propelled mower which allows easy mowing
  • Can be easily converted when reversing or going around obstacles
  • Mow height levels = 6
  • Engine noise is quite tolerable and easy to mow up on hills or slopes
  • Easy to mow around obstacles as it can be changed to a push mower when needed
  • Converts easily bagging to mulch to side discharger
  • The warranty of 3 years gives additional security when you buy
  • Assembly time only is about 10 minutes
  • Oil is included when delivered
  • Variable speed levels can help get the job done faster
  • Delivery is fast and reliable and almost fully assembled when it arrives


  • Routine maintenance is required to keep it in good working condition
  • Small level of assembly required upon arrival
  • Grass bagger sometimes did not fit tightly enough
  • Lighter than many other models which makes it less strong and less durable
  • Few complaints over the warranty being upheld but in most cases there were no issues.
  • Oil and fuel levels need to be checked often
  • Minor engine restarting issues
  • Limited availability as there are reports that it has been discontinued by the manufacturer

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Finally, I hope this review on the Snapper 21 inch Self Propelled 725exi Series Gas Lawn Mower has been helpful to you and feel free to let me know your own thoughts or experiences with this by leaving a comment below…

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  1. Like the mower only downfall is the drive wheel gets packed with grass. Have to remove and clean every couple mowings. It takes a while hot at least to pick all the debris from the wheel sprocket’s good time wasted

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