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Remington 22 Inch String Trimmer Review 2024


Hello once more and today I am reviewing the Remington 22 inch Gas String Trimmer Lawn Mower so please take a quick look through this review before you buy so you can fully understand if this model trimmer will suit your particular requirements.

My focus will also be to help you save some money in process and show you a cheap place in which to buy where a fantastic service and reliable customer service is available. In addition, I will outline all the pros and cons so you can understand what the advantages and disadvantages are, so let’s begin…

Walk Behind String Trimmer Overview:

Lawn Mower:Remington 22 Inch Gas Powered String Trimmer - Walk Behind
EnginePowermore 159cc OHV Engine
Cheap Place to Buy:Amazon - Check Stock Availability Here

Main Features:

  • Rear wheels are a high 14 inches in diameter
  • Ideal for areas around fencing / flower beds / tight regions
  • Provides a better manicured looking lawn
  • Powermore 159cc OHV engine gas
  • Mow width is 22 inches
  • Durable Trimmer line .155 included
  • Starter Primer included to assist start up
  • Trimmer height can be adjusted to 3 levels
  • Warranty is 2 years
  • Size is 34.69 by 22.01 by 21.16 Inches
  • Weight is 70 Ibs

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Remington Lawn Mower Review, Wheeled String Trimmer Mower, additional images

Frequently asked Questions:

Q, Can new replacement string be bought?
A, Yes, the .155 trimmer string is available in many retail shops

Q, Do you mix the gas and oil?
A, No, they are kept separate

Q, What type of oil is used?
A, A 4 stroke 30 weight engine oil

Q, Can other trimmer liens be used?
A, Only the .155 Trimmer line can be used

Q, Can you change the height level for the grass cutting?
A, Yes, it can be adjusted to 3 different positions

Q, What gas is used?
A, A regular gas is to be used like any other lawn mower

Q, Can a blade be added as an attachment?
A, No, it is string only


  • Provides a better manicured finish for your lawn in particular around tight spaces.
  • 2 year warranty gives additional confidence and security
  • Safety bar added for extra precautions
  • Delivered already assembled, just add oil and gas and fold
  • Excellent around curves, fences and flower beds
  • Model is very competitively prices when comparing to other models in the market
  • Simple changeover of strings when needed
  • Provides a powerful performance beyond it’s appearance


  • Difficult to manage in hilly areas
  • Not self propelled so you need to do all the hard pushing
  • Need to be careful around trees and plants as it is very powerful and can damage them.
  • Need to slow down and be patient in areas that are tricky
  • Must be extra cautious if children or pets are around the lawn

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Lastly, I hope this review for the Remington 22 inch Gas String Trimmer Lawn Mower has helped you get a better understanding on what it can do and feel free to let me know your own experiences with String Trimmers by leaving a comment below.


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