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Remington 19 Inch Corded Lawnmower Review 2023 – Power Levels


Greetings once more and today I am also reviewing the Remington 12 Amp 19 inch Electric Mower which you should take a look before you consider buying it. My focus and objective will be to outline all you need to know about it including questions asked, the advantages and also the disadvantages.

I also want to try and help you save some money in the process and display a cheap place where it is currently stocked and available for sale, so let’s begin…

Electric Lawn Mower Overview:

Lawn Mower:Remington 12 Amp 19 Inch Electric Mower (3 in 1)
Model18A-212A783 (corded)
Motor12 Amp

Key Important Features:

  • Cutting path is 19 inches wide
  • 12 Amp Motor to provide extra power for thicker grass and mulching
  • Includes a 3 in 1 mowing settings
  • 3 settings are side discharge, mulching and rear catcher
  • Mow height can be changed to 6 positions ranging from 1.75 – 3.50 inches
  • Ideal for smaller to medium size lawns
  • Can be easily folded for convenient storage
  • Wheels are 8 inches at the back and 7 inches at the front
  • Weight of mower is 67.1 Ibs
  • This is a Corded Electric Mower (cordless model number is 18A212B783)

Additional images are outlined below:

Remington Electric Lawn Mower review, additional imagesFrequently Asked questions about this Electric Mower:

Q, Can the handle be folded?
A, Yes the handle can be folded for easy storage
Q, Is this a corded Mower?
A, Yes, 18A-212A783 is corded and the 18A-212B783 is cordless
Q, Is It self propelled?
A, No, this is a push mower
Q, Is the grass catcher bag included?
A, Yes, the grass catcher bag for the rear is included
Q, What type of extension cord is needed?
A, A regular 100 foot 16 gauge outdoor cord
Q, Is a Cordless version available?
A, Yes and the model number is 18A212B783

Pros / Advantages:

  • Simple push button start (no pull cords)
  • Lower maintenance required when compared to the gas models
  • Longer handle to assist in manoeuvring
  • Much lighter than a gas mower and therefore easier to push around and work with
  • No need to worry about oil, gas or fumes.
  • Noise level is significantly lower when compared to gas mowers
  • More powerful than it appears and can give power somewhat similar to a gas mower
  • Replacements are readily available if needed (wheels / 19 inch blade)
  • More positive feedback than the cordless rechargeable version due to the charge times involved.
  • 3 settings of mulching, rear catcher and side discharge are a major plus
  • Superior level of performance when tackling weeds

Cons / Disadvantages:

  • Not self propelled so you need to do all the pushing
  • Rear bag could be larger as it tends to fill up quickly and requires more frequent emptying
  • Price is a little on the high side when compared to regular gas mowers (however savings are made with no gas / oil costs and lower maintenance costs)
  • You need to be extra careful when mowing with an extension cord lying around the lawn as you mow.
  • Dragging the cord around as you mow can be quite annoying


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Finally, I really hope this review for the Remington 19 Inch Electric Corded Mower has helped you out and feel free to let know your own experiences with electric mowers by leaving a comment below.


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