Snapper Cordless SP60V Lawnmower Review 2024


Hi again from Lawn Mower reviews and here I have reviewed the Snapper Cordless Electric SP60V 60V Mower that includes the 4Ah battery and charger.

Before you consider buying this model, please take a quick look through this review which will help you understand exactly was is involved about this Mower in particular all the features, pros and cons which you need to know.

In addition, I will outline to you some of the more frequently asked questions involved and also a simple comparison chart for you to view to make sure you are buying the correct Cordless Electric Mower.

Lawn Mower Overview:

Lawn Mower:Snapper SP60V 60V Cordless Mower with 4Ah battery and charger
Warranty:3 year limited warranty and 2 years on the battery
EnginePowered by Briggs and Stratton
Power Type:Electric Cordless
Battery Power:60V lithium ion battery power
Mower width20-21 inches
Cheap place to buy:Amazon - Check Stock Availability Here

Important Features:

  • Cordless and includes the charger and battery 4Ah
  • Briggs and Stratton powered engine
  • Low level of noise when mowing and low level of maintenance required.
  • Can be stored vertically and the handle can be adjusted in 3 different positions
  • Level of power is 60 volts lithium ion
  • Battery supplied can be used also on other Snapper tools (example blower)
  • Steel deck is 20 inches heavy duty
  • Weight is nearly 58 Ibs
  • Allows seven different mowing heights (1-3/8 to a height level of 3-3/4)
  • Simple push button start and brushless system to allow better efficiency
  • One single charge can mow up to half acre with its smart technology
  • Rear wheel is higher at 10 inches (front is 8 inches)


Further images of the Snapper Cordless  Lawn mower are outlined below…


Q, What level of costs are involved with charging?
A, A one hour charge costs in the region of 6c

Q, How much mowing can one expect from a single charge?
A, It can cut up to half acre with a single full charge but depends on the thickness of the grass

Q, How long does the charge take?
A, It can take 2 hours or more to fully recharge a 4Ah (1 hour for 2Ah)

Q, Can the mow height be changed?
A, Yes, it has 7 different height levels

Q, Can it be changes to a self-propelled mower?
A, No, it is a push mower only

Q, What hosr power is it?
A, 1.5 HP

Q, How many charge cycles has the battery?
A, The battery can be charged up to 1000 times over


  • Noise level is lower and the weight is lighter to move around
  • Less maintenance work involved though blades will need to be sharpened from time to time.
  • No gas or oil needed
  • Mow time duration on the charged battery can be up to 45 minutes
  • 3 levels of hand adjustments and very easy to push along
  • 3 ways included be it mulching, rear bagger or side discharge
  • Easy to store away vertically which is ideal for limited spaces.
  • Cordless allows you to move in comfort without having to worry about long electrical cords lying around the lawn as you mow.
  • Push button start so no need to worry about a pull cord


  • Will struggle with higher thicker grass level when compared to gas models
  • Less voltage when compared to other 80V branded models but is justified with the appropriate price tag.
  • For larger lawns, the Mower won’t cut all the grass at a single time as it will be need to be recharged to finish it which can be very annoying. A second battery in place already charged would solve this problem though.
  • Mow time duration can vary depending on the thickness of the grass
  • Price can be a little on the high side
  • Questions over the blade size being too small have been raised.
  • Size of the bagger tends to be smaller.
  • Having additional batteries (more than one) be it 4Ah or 2Ah would solve many headaches so at least the lawn can be mowed at one sitting.

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Finally, I hope this review on the Snapper Cordless SP60V Lawn Mower has been helpful to you in your search and I would like to wish you the very best with your mowing in the months ahead!

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