Sun Joe ION16LM Cordless 40V Lawnmower Review 2023


Hello once more from Lawn Mower Reviews and today I have examined and reviewed the Sun Joe 40V 4Ah Cordless 16-inch Brushless Mower (iON16LM) so please take a quick look through this if you are looking to buy it in the coming days or weeks.

My focus will be to show you everything you need to know about it plus show you a cheap place where it is on sale so at least you can save some money in the process. I will also outline to you all the key important features, a comparison chart, some of the advantages and disadvantages and also to point out some of the most frequently asked questions which you need to be aware of before you buy, so let’s get started…

Cordless Lawn Mower Overview

Lawn Mower:Sun Joe Electric Cordless 16 inch 40V Brushless ION16LM
Type of Power:Rechargeable 40 V Eco-sharp battery
Width of Mow:15 inches (38 cm)
Corded or Cordless:Cordless
Cheap Place to Buy:Amazon - Check Stock Availability Here
Warranty:2 years

Most important Features:

  • Easy start system using a push button
  • Suited to smaller to medium sized lawns
  • Mow heights available is 1.18 to 3.15 inches (30-80mm)
  • 6 separate mow heights available
  • Fully charged gives up to 40 minutes runtime
  • Cordless mower powered by a rechargeable 4.0 Ah / 40 V battery
  • Battery technology is Lithium-ion based
  • Powerful 600 W brushless motor included to last 2k hours (improves efficient and extends life)
  • Strong solid steel mow blade
  • ETL approved
  • Grass rear bag capacity is 9.25 gallons
  • Weight is 37.3 Ib
  • Wheel sizes are 8 inches at the back and 6 inches at the front.
  • Size is 17.7 inches W by 42.9 inches H by 48.4 inches D

Further images are outlined below…


Comparison Chart

Below is a comparison chart also against similar models that you should take a look at…

Mower ModelSun Joe iON6LMSun Joe iON6LM-HYBSun Joe iON6LM-CT
Mow width:15 inches15 inches15 inches
Mow Height:1.18 -3.15 inches1.18 -3.15 inches1.18 -3.15 inches
Battery duration:40 minutes25 minutesBattery not included
Motor:600W brushless780W brushless600W brushless
Battery Power:4.0 Ah / 40 V40 V 20 amp DC/6.5 amp ACBattery not included
Weight in Ibs:37.34234.6
Warranty:2 years2 years2 years

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q, Is this mower self-propelled?
A, No, this mower is not self-propelled

Q, How long does it take to charge when delivered?
A, It can take up to 5 hours for the initial charge

Q, How long does it take to fully recharge?
A, On average it can take up to 2-3 hours to fully recharge once again

Q, How do you store the battery when not in use?
A,  Keep it on the dock charge unplugged in a warm dry area (in your house if possible)

Q, How often do the blades need to be sharpened?
A, They can be sharpened once per year or when the quality of the mow starts to deteriorate

Q, How big are the wheels?
A, The front is 6 inches and the rear is 8 inches

Q, Can this mower mulch?
A, No, this mower is not designed for mulching

Q, Is the battery and charger included with the delivery?
A, Yes both the battery and charger is included

Q, Can the batteries be used for other Sun Joe tools?
A, Yes, he battery is interchangeable and can be used for other tools under the Sun Joe brand

Q, How does this model compare to the “CT” version?
A, “CT” stands for “core tool” which means you only get the basic lawn mower without the charger/battery


  • No carbon emissions for a cleaner environment
  • Includes a brushless motor for better efficiency and can extend the motor life to 2000 hours
  • Small compact design allows easy pushing around tighter areas on your lawn
  • No need to deal with fumes, oil, gas, pull cords or tangled extension cords
  • It can run for 40 minutes on a single charge
  • Simple start as all you need to do is press a button (no pull-cord)
  • Depending on the thickness and length of your grass, the mow height can be adjusted to 6 different levels
  • Level of power is a lot more than one would expect to get for the size
  • A discharge chute accessory is available to buy separately if needed
  • Not having to deal with the extension cord saves time so you get the job done quicker
  • Giving you a 2 year warranty gives additional confidence


  • Not ideal for larger lawns that take over 40 minutes to mow
  • Small rear bag requires more frequent stopping and starting to keep it emptied.
  • Additional batteries may be needed if your lawn takes more than 40 minutes and you want to have it all mowed in one sitting.
  • Extra back up charged batteries are suggested for larger lawns, otherwise you will have to wait.
  • No mulching capability
  • Need to watch out for reconditioned mowers rather than new depending from the actual sellers who is supplying it.

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Finally, I would like to thank you sincerely for visiting my website and I would like to hear of your own personal experiences of Sun Joe cordless mowers by leaving a comment below.


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  1. Hi there Paul,Many thanks for this awesome detailed review of the Sun Joe lawnmower iON16LM. The specs are pretty impressive, so that augers well for great results. I suspect as we go forward, that the battery technology and performance, will be greatly enhanced, improved and extended. Ideal for small lawns as you rightly pointed out which is ideal for me and its also envoirnmentally friendly, no emissions and no electrical extension cords to worry about which is a major bonus also.Thanks again for showing me these 2 super prices also as I am looking to change over from our gas mower to an electric mower next month and this looks like it will fit the bill perfectlyCheers PB.

    • Yes the brushless motor extends the duration so you get more out of it and yes it is perfect for your smaller to medium size lawns. Many thanks for stopping by and I am certain that the changeover from gas to electric will work out perfectly for you.

      All the very best – Paul

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