Qualcast Lawnmower Review 2024 – Gone Forever?


As we are in the business of reviewing lawnmowers we wanted to conduct a new Qualcast lawnmower review but getting our hands on one wasn’t possible I’m sorry to say. The Qualcast lawnmower business was bought by German giant Bosch who already has manufacturing and marketing interests in the UK.

The sales channels of Argos and Homebase no longer stock the Qualcast lawnmower brand and we were also unable to find it on any of the other major sales channels. If you do know of anyone currently stocking the Qualcast lawnmower range, then please let us all know by leaving a comment in the comment box section provided at the end of this page – so that everyone else can learn also…

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The company is called Atco-Qualcast who are based in Suffolk and employed over 400 people. Their business was developed with Cylinder lawnmowers but this had become under significant competition pressure from the rotary lawnmower business development in garden care and maintenance centres. The takeover from Bosch has led to better access to the UK market but unfortunately the Qualcast lawnmower brand has vanished and has become virtually extinct. Atco-Qualcast continue to make lawnmowers but it is for the brand of Bosch instead.


The company Qualcast started making lawnmowers as far back as 1920 so they are over 100 years’ experience in this sector which goes a long way when it comes to building quality and reliable lawnmowers. The company Atco Ltd was rebranded and renamed as Atco Qualcast back in 1991 and then taken over 4 years later in 1995 by Bosch Gmbh in Germany. There first lawnmowers included 98cc Villiers Midget 2 stroke engines and they offered both electric and petrol powered cylinder and rotary lawnmowers.

Qualcast Lawnmower Range

Their range of lawnmowers included electric lawnmowers such as the Qualcast 1600W Electric Rotary Lawnmower and the Qualcast 400W Cylinder Lawnmower and petrol lawnmowers such as the Qualcast 41cm Push Petrol Rotary Lawnmower and the Qualcast Self Propelled 125cc petrol Rotary 46cm Lawnmower. In addition to this, they offered cordless lawnmowers such as the lower priced Qualcast 20V Cordless Lawnmower and the more powerful Qualcast 36V 2.5A 38cm wide Cordless Lawnmower.

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Alternative Qualcast Electric Lawnmowers

As the Qualcast Electric lawnmowers are no longer available, here are 2 recommendations that will do the mowing work for you every bit as good as the Qualcast Electric lawnmowers in the past. Included are both a corded electric lawnmower and also a cordless battery powered lawnmower.

1, Spear & Jackson 40cm 1700W Corded Rotary Lawnmower

Main Features

1700W electric rotary motor

Built in rear roller for stripes

7 mowing heights 2.5cm – 7.5cm

Sturdy collection bag with 50L capacity

Longer 12m electric cord cable

3 year warranty provided

Price Guide: £120 - £170 @ Argos

2, Spear & Jackson 42cm 40V Cordless Rotary Lawnmower

Main Features

Cord free mowing capabilities

Includes two 4Ah 40V batteries

1 used while mowing and 1 is a spare

Recharging takes approx. 60 minutes

Battery runtimes 50-60 minutes combined

Rear roller and 6 mowing heights available

Price Guide: £330 - £380 @ Argos

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Alternative Qualcast Self Propelled Petrol Lawnmowers

As the Qualcast Petrol self-propelled lawnmowers are no longer available in the UK market, here are 2 recommendations that will work as good if not better than the Qualcast Petrol lawnmowers of the past. They are from brands that you should already be familiar with namely Webb and Mountfield and the price levels tend to be very workable for the average person and home

1, Webb 41cm 132cc Self Propelled Petrol Lawnmower

Main Features

Smaller more affordable self-propelled mower

Includes 132cc 4 stroke engine

Capacity of collection bag is 45 litres

Brand established in Britain

7 mowing height options available

Warranty cover for 2 years

Price Guide: £230 - £280 @ Amazon

2, Mountfield SP53 Petrol Self Propelled Lawnmower

Main Features

Wider 51cm mowing path width

Engine power 166cc 4 stroke

For lawn sizes average 600-700m2

Larger collection bag capacity 60 litres

Stiga ST170 OHV Autochoke petrol engine

Includes a mulching plug option

Price Guide: £350 - £450 @ Amazon

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While we could not complete a Qualcast lawnmower review for you today due to lack of availability, we hope our alternative recommendations above can help you out in some small way and give you something to think about. We have included an electric corded lawnmower, a battery cordless lawnmower and 2 self-propelled petrol lawnmower recommendations so there should be something here to cater for your own mowing needs.

Community Feedback

Have you ever used a Qualcast Lawnmower in the past and what are your own alternative recommendations? If possible, please share your own feedback and opinions by leaving a comment in the comment box section provided below – so that others in the wider community can learn also…

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