Sun Joe 12 Amp MJ401E 14 inch Lawnmower Review 2024


Today at Lawn Mower Reviews, I have taken a close look and reviewed the Sun Joe Electric Lawn Mower MJ401E so that you can know everything there is to know about it if you are thinking of buying it in the coming days.

In addition, we will show you a really cheap place where it is on sale so at least you can save some money in the process. Furthermore, I have outlined all the important features that you need to be aware of plus some FAQ’s, pros and cons so you can decide for yourself if this Lawn Mower is the one for you or not.

Electric Lawn Mower Overview:

Lawn Mower:Sun Joe Electric Lawn Mower MJ401E
Type of Power:Electric with a Cord
Width of Mow:14 inches
Power:12 Amp
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Warranty:2 years

Top associated Features:

  • Small Lawn mower that is easy to store away
  • 3 different height adjustments for mowing your grass
  • Grass can be mowed from the lowest 1-2/10 inch to the highest 2-1/2 inch
  • Tough steel mower blade cuts 14 inches’ wide
  • Starter safety switch
  • Ideal for smaller lawns and gives power similar to a gas mower
  • Includes a rear bag with a hard top for easy grass disposal
  • Simple maintenance with no oil or gas to worry about
  • Includes a 2 year warranty
  • ETL approved and the weight is 28 Ibs
  • Size of the mower is 52 inches W by 38.5 inches H by 16.5 inches D
  • Rear Drive system with front and rear wheels both 5 inches in diameter
  • No mulching capability

Further images are outlined below…

Sun Joe Lawn mower review, Electric model 12 amp 14 inch, additional images

Some Frequently Asked Questions:

Q, Can I change the height of the blade?
A, The blade should not be changed but the mow height can be adjusted 3 ways

Q, Can it mulch?
A, No, this model does not mulch

Q, Do I need to buy an extension cord separately?
A, Yes, a 12 gauge cord 75-100 ft. long needs to be bought separately

Q, Can you mow without the catcher rear bag?
A, Yes, there is a flap door to deflect the clippings but some will end up on your shoes.

Q, Can it be used for a half acre size lawn?
A, No, it is recommended for a quarter acre lawn or less, the smaller the better

Q, Does it need to be plugged in as you mow?
A, Yes, the mower needs to be plugged in as you mow

Q, Is there a side discharge?
A, No side discharge is available in this model

Q, Is this a push mower or a self-propelled mower?
A, This is a push mower only

Q, Is a battery pack included?
A, No as this is a corded mower model (not a cordless)

Q, Can it cut large hilly areas?
A, Yes it can though you would be better off with a larger self-propelled gas mower in this case


  • Noise level is quite lower when compared to gas models
  • Lightweight and very easy to move around and mow at ease (less than 30 Ibs)
  • One of the easiest mowers to push on the market and provides a nice exercise for you also
  • No gas or oil to worry about and little to no maintenance is involved.
  • Perfect for families who have a small front or back town house type lawn
  • Simple to assemble and gets mowing quickly and efficiently
  • Most people find the middle notch level gives the best results
  • 2 year warranty is a major plus
  • For smaller lawns – this Lawn Mower is difficult to beat. Once you manage the cord and the height, this has performed better than expected in many cases for so many mowers.


  • Doesn’t have the full power associated to a gas mower
  • Only suitable for town house type small to medium front /rear lawns in my opinion
  • Associated danger of having an electric cord lying on your lawn as you mow (must be extra careful)
  • Long cords can be difficult to work around at times on the lawn as you mow
  • Mow width is only 14 inches wide so additional time is needed to get the job done
  • Grass collection bag is quite small so additional trips are need for disposal
  • Struggles with heavy thick grass growth
  • The lowest level on the mower can prove to be very difficult to work with whereas the middle notch or top level works a whole lot better.

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  1. I have been in the market for a small electric or battery powered lawn mower, so I am glad I found this review. I have a pretty small yard and my gas powered mower is finally dead. I don’t need a giant lawn mower, so I was considering a small one, that is a lot less noisy. My old lawnmower woke up everyone in the neighborhood. The only thing that concerns me with a corded lawnmower, is just that, dragging the cord around. But, it’s pretty inexpensive, and it would serve my needs. Thanks for sharing this review, now I have more to think about.

    • That’s awesome and thanks for taking the time to leave your comment. The cord can be mastered easily once you get the hang of it and best of luck if you decide to go ahead with it.

  2. Howdy Paul, There is nothing like a nice freshly cut lawn that looks so beautiful and really give that wow. What also amazes me is these kind of sun joe electric lawn mowers do such a good job that these machines are better than the gas mowers as they are so much more healthier – no fumes!!!!. I really appreciate all your work, other reviews I see only have one set of prices but you have both Amazon and Walmart also, a detailed review plus 2 options of buying it is simply awesome – thanks for the detailed information that has really helped me with changing from our (old) gas mower to a new sun joe electric version, Thanks again

    • Yes, the Sun Joe Electric 14 Inch Mower MJ401E is an awesome mower with an affordable price and many thanks to you for stopping by and leaving a comment – Also best wishes to you and new mower!



  3. Have been using the SunJoe 14 inch model for 2 years to mow a strip about 10 by 60 feet along the edge of the woods where I keep bird feeders. Allows me to keep that grass at a low enough level (using mid height setting) for also scattering bird seed on the ground. Perfect for project…only problem is the need to frequently empty catcher. Wish though that the wheels were slightly larger.

    • Many thanks for stopping by. Yes the wheels could be larger and the catcher does need to be emptied regularly. Great to know you continue to use it after 2 years – take care!

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