Sun Joe MJ408E 12 Amp Lawnmower Review 2024


Greetings from Paul at Lawn Mower Reviews and here I have examined and reviewed the Sun Joe 12 Amp 20 Inch lawn mower (model MJ408E) which you will find helpful if you are considering buying it in the coming days or weeks.

I will outline all the main features it has to offer, the advantages and disadvantages, a comparison chart and also point out the main common questions that has been asked. In addition, I will help you out also by showing a cheap place to buy it so at least you can save some money on the process…

Corded Lawn Mower Overview

Lawn Mower:Sun Joe 12 Amp 20 Inch Electric MJ408E
Type of Power:Corded electric
Width of Mow:20 inches
Cheap Place to Buy:Amazon - Check Their Low Prices Here
Warranty:2 years

Most important Features:

  • Perfect for small to medium sized lawns
  • Rear bag capacity is 14.5 gallons
  • Width of the mow path is 20 inches
  • Powerful 12 Amp motor and a 20 inch blade
  • Heights of the mow can be adjusted to 7 levels
  • Mulching ability
  • ETL approved
  • Side discharge chute
  • Quick and easy start system (simple press a button)
  • 2 year warranty
  • Size is 44.1 inches by 25.6 inches by 59 inches and weighs 51.8 Ibs

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Frequently asked questions:

Q, What is the biggest height of the mow possible?
A, The max height for mowing is 4.13 inches

Q, Does it need to be plugged in all the time as you mow?
A, Yes, it needs to be plugged in

Q, Can it be set to mulching?
A, Yes it can be set to mulch

Q, Is this mower self-propelled?
A, No, this is a push mower only

Q, Is an extension cord included?
A, No, an extension cord needs to be bought separately

Q, What type of extension cord should be used?
A, A 12 gauge cord 50 foot to 100 foot or if less than 50 foot use a 14 gauge cord

Pros for the Sun Joe Mower MJ408E:

  • Environmentally friendly alternative as no gas / oil / fumes is involved.
  • Little to no maintenance is required apart from sharpening the blades
  • Wider mow width of 20 inches than most other electric corded /cordless models
  • No pull cords to worry about and starting the mower is very easy (simply press a button)
  • The 7 different height adjustments allow you to adjust to the thickness / height of your grass
  • This model has the ability to mulch and is very easy to assemble upon delivery
  • Lightweight when compared to gas mowers so it’s very easy to push around and get around tighter spots
  • The 2-year warranty gives the consumer added security

Cons for the Sun Joe Mower MJ408E:

  • Small rear bag so it needs to be emptied quite regularly
  • Push mower only and is not self-propelled
  • Less power especially when it comes to thick / damp grass when compared to gas mowers
  • Can only be used for your smaller to medium town house type lawns
  • Extension cord needs to be bought also which is an added expense on your behalf
  • Mowers need to be extra careful when cords are lying around the lawn so a technique needs to be developed to get around it and avoid going over it.

Alternative Options???

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Finally, I hope this review has helped you out and please let me know your own personal experiences of Sun Joe Electric mowers by leaving a comment below.

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  1. This is a great detailed review of the Sun Joe 20 Amp mower and is clear and concise. The details you have provided are great and so easy to read and quick also. I am thinking about getting something like this as a gift for my daughter who recently married. They have a small yard close to the house and this would be perfect! Do you think it is a good unit for someone who just bought their first house?

    • Absolutely, it would be perfect for their first house and what a great gift idea also! Many thanks for stopping by and best wishes to you and your daughter and also your new son in law.



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