Sun Joe MJ402E Corded 12 Amp 16 Inch Lawnmower Review 2023


Hello once again from Lawn Mower Reviews and here I have reviewed the Sun Joe Electric Corded 16 inch 12 Amp Lawn mower (model MJ402E) so you can know exactly what is involved before you buy and how it compares to similar models in the market place.

My focus will be outline in great detail all the main features it has to offer, the pros and cons and also to outline some of the common frequently asked questions that came up about this mower. I will also examine what it can and cannot do for you and your own lawn requirements… so let’s begin…

Corded Electric Lawn Mower Overview

Lawn Mower:Sun Joe Electric Corded 16 inch 12 Amp MJ402E
Type of Power:Electric with a Cord
Width of Mow:15 inches
Power:12 Amp
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Warranty:2 years

Top associated Features:

  • Small Lawn mower that is suited for small and medium sized lawns only
  • 6 different height adjustments available for mowing your grass (1.2 – 2.52 inches)
  • Wider mow width of 15 inches
  • Electric mower so no pull cords / gas / oil / fumes to worry about.
  • Quick and easy start system
  • Gives power similar to a smaller gas mower
  • Includes a rear bag that has a capacity of 9.3 gallons
  • Very little maintenance to worry about
  • Includes a 2-year warranty
  • ETL approved and weight is 30.4 Ibs
  • Mulcher has been stated but is questionable (see below)
  • Dimensions are 30.4 inches W by 38.1 inches H by 43.11 inches D

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Sun Joe Lawn mower review, Electric model 12 amp 16 inch, additional imagesFAQ’s that have come up...

Q, Does it need to be plugged in all the time as you mow?
A, Yes, you will need to have it continuously plugged in to operate

Q, Do you need to buy an extension cord separately?
A, Yes, you will need to buy an extension cord separately (example 12 gauge up to 100 feet)

Q, Can it be plugged into a normal house hold outlet?
A, Yes, it can be plugged in the same as normal house hold appliances

Q, Can it mulch effectively?
A, The level of mulching capability is quite poor to non-existent (no Mulch plug)

Q, Can I adjust the height of the blade?
A, You can adjust the mow settings to 6 levels using the notches provided

Q, Does this model include a side discharge?
A, No side discharge is included with this model

Q, Can you use it without the rear bag?
A, Yes the rear flap will deflect the cuttings however some will end up on your feet

Q, Can it mow larger lawns up to half acre?
A, This is not recommended as it is more suited for small to medium size lawns

Q, Is a battery pack included here?
A, It is not included as this is a corded mower - not a cordless


  • No fumes, gas or oil so is a cleaner and healthier alternative
  • Little to no maintenance work is required on your end
  • Simple start system by just plugging in and pressing a button (no pull cords)
  • The height of the mow can be adjusted 6 times to suit the height and thickness of the grass.
  • Incredibly light and very easy to push around the lawn
  • Very low level of noise when you compare it to a gas mower
  • Great customer service available at Sun Joe to deal with any problems that may arise
  • The 2 year warranty gives you security


  • Lower power levels when compared to the gas mowers
  • Push mower only and is not self-propelled
  • Mulching capability of this mower is relatively non-existent and is not been highly rated.
  • If you are looking to buy this based on Mulching, you will need to look elsewhere
  • Lightweight can lead to a lack in robustness so it needs to be treated more carefully.
  • Small rear bag for grass clippings so you need to empty it quite regularly.

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