Sun Joe Mower Review – Model 16 inch Manual Reel with Catcher MJ500M


Hello once again from Paul at Lawn Mower Reviews and here I have reviewed the Sun Joe 16 inch Manual Reel Lawn Mower to provide you with an open and honest overview on everything you need to be aware of before you even consider buying it. Many people have bought this Reel Mower in the past – it has worked for some but has not worked for others so please take a quick look through this review so you can decide for yourself if it will fit your own set of circumstances.

My focus here will be to outline all the important features, the advantages and disadvantages and to also outline some of the common frequently asked questions so have a greater understanding of what is involved, so let’s get started…


Lawn Mower Overview

Lawn Mower:Sun Joe 16 Inch Manual Reel MJ500M
Width of Mow:16 inches
Cheap Place to Buy:Walmart – View today’s low price here
Reliable Stockist:Walmart – View today’s stock levels here
Warranty:2 years
Overall Rating:Sun Joe Lawn mower review, model 16 inch Reel, rating

Key Features:

  • Maintenance free Reel Mower
  • Nice comfortable foam grip
  • Only suitable for small lawns
  • Height can be adjusted through 4 different levels (0.79 – 1.81 inch)
  • Grass catcher capacity is 6.6 gallons and can be detached easily
  • Steels blades x 4
  • Wheels x 2 which are 8.8 inches in diameter
  • Cuts up to 1.81 inches maximum height
  • Size is 53.1 by 22 by 29.5 inches
  • Includes a 2-year warranty
  • Weight = 22 Ibs
  • Price stated is the latest advertised – Click image to view any price updates at Walmart…

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Further images are outlined below…

Sun Joe Lawn mower review, model 16 inch Reel, additional images

Comparisons against 2 other reel mowers namely Best Choice and Greenworks are outlined below – Click image below if you would like to compare more options at Walmart…

Sun Joe Lawn mower review, model 16 inch Reel, comparison chart

Some FAQ’s to be aware of:

Q, Can you use it without the grass catcher?
A, Yes but it will leave clippings scattered everywhere

Q, Can it cut long grass?
A, No, Ideally the grass needs to be quite short, otherwise it can be entangled / roll over it

Q, Where is the mower made?
A, It is made in China

Q, Can you fold it up for storage?
A, The handle can be unscrewed if needed and made smaller that way

Q, What are the lowest and highest cutting levels?
A, The lowest id 0.79 inches and the highest is 1.81 inches. 


  • Environmentally friendly alternative with no gas / oil / fumes
  • Extra work involved gives a superior workout and builds upper strength
  • Works better when you don’t have to deal with long grass
  • No loud noise to deal with
  • Cheaper alternative to other models so it is ideal for people on a tighter budget 



  • At times the mower will skim over the longer grass and the blades don’t turn which creates a lot of frustration
  • Ideal only for small green areas with thin grass that is not long
  • Blades need to kept sharpened and they tend to get jammed regularly
  • Poor at cutting weeds and several attempts are needed to complete it
  • Lawns need to be more regularly cut as allowing it to grown too thick or long creates problems
  • Long grass can get entangled in the reel making it seize up or get caught up in the axle
  • Lacks power to mow thick long grass and can simply knock it and roll over it instead of cutting it
  • Grass catcher doesn’t perform as expected and it is a bit flimsy and can become disconnected easily
  • In many cases people find it too difficult to cut grass with especially if it is anyway long
  • Price is on the high side for what you actually get and you will need to develop a technique to master it.

If your grass is long and too weedy and if you do not have the patience for a reel mower, then take a look at the alternatives which are available under the Sun Joe brand at Walmart. They include both the corded and the cordless options which are turned out to be much more popular than the reel mower. Prices outlined below are the latest stated – Click image below to view any price updates or to explore more at Walmart…

Sun Joe Lawn mower review, model 16 inch Reel, alternatives

If you are still determined on getting a Reel Mower, you may also be interested in the selection below which is available from Amazon online and includes the Sun Joe Reel Mower among others. If interested – Click any Reel mower image to read more at Amazon…

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Finally, I would like to thank you sincerely for visiting my website and I would love you hear about your own experiences with reel mowers by leaving a comment below!

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