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Hello and welcome to this compilation review on the Challenge lawn mowers which are currently available across the UK market at present. Challenge have a product range from electric devices to garden Lawnmowers, it is a popular brand and is being used extensively worldwide because of its reliable and low priced products. It offers complete range of outdoor devices, especially for gardens and they have a selection of the lawnmowers that have generated a lot of interest due to their low prices that they tend to offer.

These products are manufactured according to the European standards in the UK with special focus on the innovative designs to make them user friendly and they are also available at really low prices on the Argos and Amazon websites from what I have seen.

Review Overview:

Compilation ReviewDetail:
Lawn Mower Brand:Challenge Lawnmower Compilation
Models Reviewed:7 popular models
Lawnmower types:Hover, Electric, Petrol
Cheap Place to buy:Argos UK – View today’s low prices here
2nd Cheap Place to buy:Amazon UK – View today’s low prices here

Helpful Tips to consider before you buy:

Following are the tips for you that might be helpful in maintaining your lawnmower for longer period of time.

  • Use the Right Gasoline: Do not use weed-whacker fuel. It can be either too lean or too rich depending on the type of mower you have. If you have a four-cycle or two-cycle engine, take care to use the recommended type of fuel.
  • Even if you use the wrong gas, your mower will probably run for a while, but eventually the engine won’t restart. If you make this mistake, just drain the fuel tank and see if the spark plug needs a change. Then, refill your mower with the right gas.
  • Look for Worn or Damaged Belts: If you have a power propelled mower, you will have to keep an eye on the machine’s belts. Once you notice any major wear and tear, replace the worn or damaged belts with new ones. To maintain the driver system, check the gear case and surrounding area. Make sure this region stays clean of dirt and grass build up. During your cutting season, clean the drive cover at least twice.
  • Read the Owner’s Manual: Just like with a car or any fancy new electronic, you should consult with the owner’s manual before you use it. This is true for lawnmowers as well. Each mower is different, so maintenance requirements might vary slightly between machines. Some machines might need more frequent filter changes or have an unusual tank placement.
  • Get a Professional Tune Up: You don’t need to take your mower into the shop often, but an annual check-up can be helpful, especially if you don’t often work with mechanical equipment. A professional will check your filters, plugs and engine as well as perform diagnostic tests.
  • Plus, they’ll even clean the mower for you. As long as you stay in tune with how your machine is running, you will be able to catch issues early before they become large problems. If you follow these lawnmower maintenance tips, you will get the most out of your machine for many seasons to come.

Some Frequently Asked Questions that came up:

Q: Can you tell me what the length and width of the mower is once the handle is installed? I want to know what size garden box I would need to store this mower in. Do the handles collapse or fold at all?
A: Once the handle is installed the overall dimensions of the Challenge 30cm Wide Cylinder Mower L1200 W440 D220cm.  It isn't foldable at all. I guess it's about 40-45 cm wide. The upper and lower handle parts are bolted together (so could be disassembled), and the complete assembled handle then just pushes onto lugs on the cutting chassis. i.e. the whole handle could be detached
Q: Will the blades rust if stored outside and how long before they need sharpening?
A: The manufacturer does advise the cylinder mower to be stored inside, as some of the components will be affected by the weather. There is no recommended time before you need the blades sharpening, it will be your personal preference
Q: How big is the box it comes in??
A: The Challenge 30cm Cylinder Mower is supplied in a box 220mm x 485mm x 385mm. 
Q: Can you buy a replacement blade cylinder for this item please? If so, where from. Thank you.
A: Unfortunately, we do no stock any spare parts for this item, and we are the manufacturer, therefore you cannot get spare parts elsewhere. 
Q: My grass is really long -so wondered if I brought this mower would I also need a trimmer?
A: The cutting height range for the Challenge 30cm Wide Cylinder Mower is 1.8cm-3.8cm. So, if the grass is longer than 3.8cm then additional products would be required to reduce the height of the grass
Q: Is the 30cm the overall width or the width of the cutting cylinder?
A: I can confirm the 30cm is the width of the actual blade.
Q: What is the boxed weight so it can be taken overseas
A: I've had a look into this for you and the boxed weight of this item is 7.10 kg.
Q: Can you adjust length of cut?
A: The Challenge 30cm Cylinder mower has three different height settings, these cut between 18-38mm. Please ensure the model number on your machine matches that of the one shown online.
Q: Does it come with a battery?
A: Yes, the Challenge Cordless Rotary Lawnmower - 24V comes with the battery and the charger
Q: How many years Warranty?
A: All of the items come with minimum 1 year warranty. 
Q: How do you adjust the cutting height? (I don't mean how do you make the handle longer) Is there an adjustable bar underneath, or do you have to unscrew the wheels?
A: Set the cutting height only when the motor is switched off and the power cable has been disconnected. To do this, turn the hub cap clockwise to release the bolt and remove the hub cap with the bolt and wheel. The wheels can now be fitted in position 1, 2 or 3 to suit the required cutting height. Fit all four wheels at the same height so that the cutting blade rotates parallel to the lawn.  Before you begin to mow, check to ensure that the blade is not blunt and that none of the fasteners are damaged. To prevent any imbalance, replace blunt and/or damaged blades. To carry out this check, first switch off the motor and pull out the power plug. Position Cutting heights: 20, 40, 60 mm.
Q: Does it have a metal blade?
A: The Challenge Corded Mower 1000W has a steel blade. 


Compilation Review of Challenge Lawnmowers (in no particular order)

1, Challenge Electric Hover Lawnmower - 900W

Key features

  • The Challenge 900W Hover Mower is ideal for a small to medium sized lawn. The turbo drive motor will help you efficiently keep your garden tidy and presentable. It's easy to store away with an ergonomic handle that folds away with a quick release and its own on-board blade storage compartment. Lawnmower features: 900 watt electric hover motor.
  • This 29cm Challenge 900W mulching hover mower has safer to use impact resistant polymer blades to mulch grass into fine particles.
  • The powerful hover lift creates a lightweight and very manoeuvrable mower which is ideal for small gardens. The compact size and folding handle allows easy storage in the smallest spaces.
  • A mulching mower is quick and simple to use on a small lawn. There is no grass box to empty and no need to collect and dispose of the clippings. This mulching mower finely cuts grass and drops it back on to the lawn.
  • Mulching the grass clippings returns nutrients usually taken away when mowing.
  • Plastic blade. 29cm blade width. 3 cutting heights. Cutting heights ranging from 1cm-3.3cm. Turbo drive motor. 10m power cable.
  • Safety switch included and the weight is 5.5kg.  Impact resistant polymer safety blades.
  • 8 spare blades included.

Pros: Best thing is the foldable handle while storing in the compartment. Good mulching function that cuts the grass so finely that it disappears within the lawn and provides nutrients to the rest of the lawn. No grass box to empty. The price is also a major attraction for this model

Cons: Not suitable for bigger lawns. Requires physical effort to operate it.

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2, Challenge 1100W Corded Hover Collect Mower

Key Features:

  • This 29cm Challenge 1100W collecting hover mower has safer to use, impact resistant, polymer blades. The powerful hover lift creates a lightweight and very manoeuvrable mower which is ideal for small gardens. 
  • The compact size and folding handle gives you easy storage in the smallest spaces.
  • This hover mower is ergonomically lightweight and highly manoeuvrable which is ideal for very small lawns. It features a centrally positioned collection box which is easy to empty and easy to fit.
  • Designed for safety the high speed impact resistant polymer blades are a safer grass cutting alternative to metal blades. Twin safety triggers allow for right or left handed usage.
  • The vacuuming chute to the rear of the lawnmower quickly and conveniently collects the grass clippings from the lawn as you mow.
  • Lawnmower features: 1100 watt electric hover motor. Plastic blade, 29cm blade width
  • 2 cutting heights - cutting heights ranging from 1cm-3.3cm, 15 litre grass collection box
  • Height adjustable handle, Power cable, Safety switch, Weight 7.3kg.


Pros: Very safe while working because of polymer blades. Light weight and easy to operate.  The design is quite ergonomic and it is very easy to use. Copes well with both long and wet grass. Quite effective for lawns with overhanging shrubs. Again the price is seriously low and is the main attraction

Cons: Only two cutting heights, there should be more. The grass collection box is very small and have to be emptied frequently. Some users have complained significantly about this mower overall especially when it comes to collecting the grass (see feedback in comment section below). Other users have stated that it is just too difficult to work it. Personally, I would a pay little extra and look elsewhere...

3, Challenge 30cm Wide Cylinder Mower

Key features

  • This lightweight and easy to push cylinder lawnmower is ideal for the smaller garden.
  • Without the need of mains, battery or petrol this is the most eco-friendly lawnmower you will find.
  • The cylinder contains 5 metal cylinder blades which cut your grass like scissors, leaving a clean cut which enables your lawn to recover quickly, ensuring a healthy lawn.
  • Features 4 height positions to choose from ranging from 1.8cm - 3.8cm.
  • Light weight - Weight of 6.4kg
  • Lawnmower features: 30cm blade width.
  • Cutting height range of 1.8cm-3.8cm
  • 23 litre grass box capacity
  • Rear roller

Pros: Light weight and compact mower. Ideal if you have a small lawn to cut and don't want the trouble of getting an electric mower out.

Cons: Handle would not stay on the mower. The lugs to hold it in place were almost non-existent, so just picking the lawnmower up, the handle came off. The top half of the handle also fitted together badly and wobbled around.

4, Challenge Cordless Rotary Lawnmower - 24V

Key Features

  • This Challenge 32cm cordless electric lawn mower is powered by a 24V High Capacity 4.0Ah Lithium-Ion battery. Cutting performance and run-time is ensured by the long-life brushless motor and the power management system.
  • The battery is fully charged in only 1 hour and cuts up to 200m2 of lawn on a single charge. The brushless ec motor achieves maximum torque and long life reliability whilst using less battery power.
  • This, combined with the high capacity 4.0ah battery, means it will cut up to 200m on a single charge.
  • To manage both battery life and cutting performance the automatic power management system releases more energy when the grass cutting gets tough and reduces energy usage when the grass cutting is easy.
  • The battery is fully charged in only 1 hr and cuts up to 200m2 of lawn on a single charge.
  • The battery and charger is included.
  • Lawnmower features: Electric rotary motor, Steel blade, 32cm blade width, 5 cutting heights, Cutting heights ranging from 2.5cm-6.5cm
  • 33 litre grass collection box, Height adjustable handle
  • Safety switch, 1 hour recharge time, Weight 10.4kg.


Pros: Not difficult to assemble, battery removed and replaced very easily. Charging is fast and takes less than 10 minutes for my medium size lawn. Cuts really well but don't power walk, it is battery operated. Easy to adjust cutting height, grass goes into the box which is easy to remove for emptying and easy to refit. Good product.

Cons: The mower simply brushed the grass and chopped sporadic parts of the lawn, to the point where I thought I must have left a guard on the blade from transit. As for the mower, it does not seem to have sufficient power to cut thicker grass.

5, Challenge Corded Electric Lawnmower - 1100W

Key features

  • The Challenge electric rotary mower is ideal for efficient grass cutting in smaller gardens. The lightweight design and folding top handle make it easy for you to use and store.
  • Safety features include a quick stop blade brake and a 2 handed starting switch. Powerful 1000w motor with v-drive system for more torque and less weight.
  • 31cm winged steel blade for improved airflow and efficient grass collection.
  • Wheeled lawnmower for easy push mowing and for transportation to and from the garden.
  • Lawnmower features: 1000 watt electric rotary motor, Steel blade, 31cm blade width
  • 3 cutting heights, cutting heights ranging from 2cm-6cm
  • 30 litre grass collection box
  • Height adjustable handle and there is a 10m power cable
  • Safety switch and the weight 8.6kg.

Pros: Quick and easy to assemble the handle and wheels. the mower is light to move around when not in use. It gives the grass a good low cut and is powerful. Would highly recommend for a cheap product, much better than i was expecting. Best thing about it it's much easier for me to use and it don't need much pushing thank you so much argos. Lightweight easy to assemble cuts extremely well although the grass collection box is smaller than my old one so you need to empty a few more times but overall as a low cost mower is great.

Cons: It is ok but annoying you can't alter the height for different cuts without taking it apart. My last one just had a switch to adjust height. The lawnmower is easy to assemble, lightweight and cuts the grass well however it is cheaply made and breaks easily firstly as the wheels keep falling off. Spend a bit more and buy something that will last more than 5 minutes. It is a good mower but no spanner included to undo blade and handle angle is not adjustable

6, Challenge Push Petrol Lawnmower - 129cc

Key features

  • This powerful 129cc Challenge 40cm hand push petrol lawn mower is ideal for the small to medium lawn (200-400square meter).
  • Lightweight and compact this Challenge 40cm petrol mower is easy for you to push around flowerbeds, curved edges and over obstacles.
  • With 5 cutting heights to choose from you can keep your lawn pristine throughout all seasons.
  • The large collection bag of 45L means fewer trips to the compost bin.
  • This lawnmower comes with a one year guarantee and a comprehensive support package.
  • Cutting heights ranging from 2.5-7.5cm.
  • Dedicated petrol support service - 01904 727508 7 days a week UK based technical support!
  • Free collection and delivery of your product if we need to repair it - making sure you only have to miss it for one weekend.
  • Online support and spares department. Central height adjustment. Lawnmower features: 129cc 4 stroke petrol engine, Steel blade, 40cm blade width
  • 5 cutting heights and the cutting heights ranging from 2.5cm-7.5cm,
  • 45 litre grass box capacity, Height adjustable handle
  • Central height adjustment and the Weight is 23kg.


Pros: A good mower for the price. Easy to assemble and start. Remember to follow the instructions regarding filling with oil and changing oil after the first few hours use. . Great product love it best one I've ever had. Just tape the cable out the way of the grass box. The machine did an excellent job and the amount of grass the collection bag held was amazing as initially when you build it up- it looks small.

Cons: Does suffer from some design flaws or "facts" which I don't like; The carburettor primer is lacking any tactile or audio feedback; on my old Briggs and Stratton, you could hear and "feel" the primer bulb fill with fuel and then be "squirted" into the carb. You can't with this. Cloth "bag" grass box could do with being plastic and larger. Brake cable runs on same side as starter cord which is annoying and gets in the way. Assumed would be sold dry, but found a lot of oil had leaked out in box

7, Challenge 35cm Corded Electric Rotary Mower - 1400W

Key Features

  • The Challenge electric rotary mower is ideal for efficient grass cutting in medium sized gardens.
  • The robust, easy to use, central height adjust lever makes it easy to change between heights making it comfortable for you no matter how tall you are.
  • The upper and lower handles fully fold down for compact storage.
  • Safety features include a quick stop blade brake and a 2 handed starting switch.
  • Powerful 1400w motor with v-drive system for more torque in tough cutting conditions to maintain an even cut if you encounter wet or long grass. 35cm winged steel blade for improved airflow and excellent grass collection.
  • The large rear wheels and central carry handle make it easy to move to and from the lawn.
  • Lawnmower features: 1400 watt electric rotary motor, Steel blade, 35cm blade width
  • 6 cutting heights, Cutting heights ranging from 2cm-7cm
  • 35 litre grass collection box and a Height adjustable handle
  • It has a 10m power cable, Safety switch and the weight is 10kg.


Pros:  The multiple height options, weight, grass basket capacity and manoeuvrability made it just right for many needs. Although not fully tested due to wet weather it certainly appears to tick all the right boxes. Excellent value for money, easily manageable, easy to use controls and folds down for easy storage. Great capacity cuttings box which really cuts down the number of times it needs emptying.

Cons: Looks nice and sturdy, just had to put the handle on and ready to go. Had a lot of power and cut my grass with ease, my previous mower kept cutting out, quieter than my old one too. Couldn't get the blades low enough to cut the heads off the clover. It didn't give that just cut look. Looks streaky. Only downside it's a bit heavier than others

A Quick Summary Comparison Table is also outlined below:

ModelMow Width Weight
Challenge Electric Hover Lawnmower - 900W29cm5.5kg
Challenge 1100W Corded Hover Collect Mower29cm7.3kg
Challenge 30cm Wide Cylinder Mower30cm6.4kg
Challenge Cordless Rotary Lawnmower - 24V32cm10.4kg
Challenge Corded Electric Lawnmower - 1000W31cm8.6kg
Challenge Push Petrol Lawnmower - 129cc40cm23kg
Challenge 35cm Corded Electric Rotary Mower - 1400W35cm10kg

If you want to look beyond Challenge lawnmowers, then take a look at some of the Best UK Lawnmowers reviews as follows:



In summary, if you are looking for lawnmowers for durable and for the long term then Challenge offers lawnmowers according to the user's need, as depending on the size of the lawn. Quality plays a major part to make a leading seller of lawnmowers all over the world. Their products are come with warranty, so if you get a manufacturing fault in your machine you can replace or get back your money in return.

Finally, if you have purchased or used a Challenge lawnmower in the past, please write your own experiences and reviews in the comment box below to benefit the wider community – it would be greatly appreciated!!!

Thanks for taking the time to visit and best of luck



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  1. Challenge Lawnmower a nightmare the wheels keeping falling off. So frustrating! Cuts well. Nice and light. Being elderly I thought it would be a good buy, unfortunately with the wheel problem it more a hindrance than a help.

    • Hi there and thanks a million for sharing your personal experiences. If it is still in the warranty period, you should contact your seller and make sure you have your receipt and request a replacement. If it is outside the warranty period, then this sounds like a problem that can be fixed in your local lawnmower repair shop. Can you do a search for a lawnmower repair service in your locality? I am sure they would be able to get them attached firmly again in a few minutes, perhaps a friendly neighbour can help you bring it to them. Hopefully this can help you and best of luck to you with getting this issue resolved. Finally, take care and thanks again for taking the time to comment and sharing your own personal experiences.
      Regards – Paul

  2. Hi just purchased a challenge 1100 corded mower and this has to be the worst load of rubbish I have unfortunately owned it will not throw the grass into the collection box but just builds up underneath then throws it out in chunks your review is so out of kilter with real life and should be changed

    • Many thanks for sharing your personal experience for the 1100 corded mower, the review has been adjusted to reflect your feedback, thanks again for taking the time to visit and sharing your own feedback with the UK public!

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