McGregor Lawnmower Review 2024 – Compilation


Hello and welcome to this McGregor Lawn mower Review which will cover several models under this brand so at least you have more than one choice when it comes to making a final decision. The range of Lawn mower models under is brand is quite good as they have over 6 to choose from be it Hover lawn mowers, Corded, Cordless and even a Reel Cylinder mower (their petrol lawnmowers appear to be discontinued).


Our focus for this review will be to outline the range that is currently on offer, the main features, pros and cons that you need to be aware off plus we have included several frequently asked questions that will be of interest to you.

Please note though that guide prices can only be presented at the time of this review as prices can change from week to week depending on discount activities so please make sure to view the price checkers outlined below to ensure you have the most accurate up to date price information.

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Content Overview

This review will be split into 5 parts so feel free to skip to the part that interests you the most…

  • Part 1, McGregor Corded Lawn Mower Review
  • Part 2, McGregor Cylinder Lawn Mower Review
  • Part 3, McGregor Cordless Rotary Lawn Mower Review
  • Part 4, McGregor Hover Lawn Mower Review
  • Part 5, Price Comparison Alternatives and Conclusion

Lawn Mower Review Overview

Models:Hover, Corded, Cordless, Petrol
Warranty:2-year duration
Orders Online:Yes, with hassle free home delivery
Cheap Place to Buy:Argos UK – View Stock Availability Here
Support:Helpline is available at 0345 6052063 Mon to Fri 9am to 5pm

Part 1: Best McGregor Corded Lawnmower

McGregor 34cm 1400W Corded Electric Lawnmower

Definitely our favourite corded lawnmower from the McGregor brand would have to be the McGregor 34cm Corded Electric Rotary Lawnmower with a power level of 1400W and a nice comfortable grip plus lots of power to get through your mowing jobs at ease. It is a small framed foldable lawnmower with a 10m long power cord so it really can only be used for the small town house type garden lawns.

There are 6 mowing height options that range from 2cm up to 7cm which can be controlled with the central height lever and it has the rollers on the rear to give you a nice striped grass appearance. It offers a mowing width of 34cm, the grass bag has a capacity of 35 litres and it comes backed with a 2 year warranty. The 32cm version is cheaper than this model but we preferred the wider mow width on this machine and the price difference isn’t a whole lot different to be fair.

Price Guide: Only £80 - £120 @ Argos

Corded Features

Some of the features available from these Corded Lawn Mowers are outlined below…

  • Starter & Height Adjustor

Frequently Asked Questions for the McGregor Corded Lawnmowers

Q1. Can the handles be folded and how?

A. Yes, they can be folded by unlocking the knobs

Q2. Can the cord be detached?

A. No, the cord must stay in place at all times

Q3. Can you attach the cord to an extension cord?

A. Yes, you can connect the cable to an extension cord

Q4. Can they cut to the very edge?

A. They will cut very close to the edge but not 100%

Q5. What are the folded dimension of the 32cm model?

A. The folded dimensions are 58 by 37.5 by 39.5cm

Q6. What tools are needed for assembly?

A. No tools are needed for assembly

Q7. How noisy are the electric mowers?

A. On average, the noise level is 94dB

Q8. Can you mow without the striped option?

A. Yes, you can simply raise the height lever

Pros for the McGregor Corded Lawnmower

You are not limited to just one model as you have the flexibility on both prices and mow widths to choose

Larger grass collection capacity than the hover mowers that tend to be 20L to 26L only

4 wheels unlike the hover to get to your desired destination and noise level is significantly lower than petrol versions

Much easier to adjust the mow heights than the hover as it operates from a single lever adjustor

Soft grip handles are included to reduce hand fatigue as your work

The 32cm model is seriously lightweight coming in at less than 10kg which makes it simple to work with

There is no charging of batteries, replacing batteries, fuel costs or maintenance to worry about

Provides more power than one would expect from a mower of this size and folds easily away when not in use

If your grass is too long, you can start at the higher setting of 6cm and then do a second cut at a lower level

Can leave nice stripes from the rear rollers and the grass bag full indicator is very useful to have

Great customer feedback and a great bargain especially the 32cm model which has the best available price and is hard to beat elsewhere

Cons for the McGregor Corded Lawnmower

Not suitable for larger lawns at all as it can only be used for small lawns (and small to medium)

Limited to a mow length of the power cord which is 10m or an extension cord

Doesn’t cut as low as the Hover mowers which cut as low as 1.2cm

Grass bag is a bit flimsy and could be sturdier which may not stand the test of time - handle with care!

You need to master a technique of avoiding the cord across your mow paths but gets easier once you get used to it.

Some of the grass boxes especially the 32cm are quite small and require frequent emptying

Some find the assembly instruction difficult to follow but we found it very easy to put together

Additional trimming will be required around the edges which is additional work that can be expected

Performs poorly with wet or damp thick grass where a petrol mower works much better with more power

Wheel attachments could be stronger and more sturdier and the grass box on occasions could be attached better and line up closer together

McGregor Corded Lawnmower Comparison Table

A short summary table outlining the main features for each of the Corded Lawn mowers are summarised below:

Feature:McGregor 32cm CordedMcGregor 34cm CordedMcGregor 37cm CordedMcGregor 40cm Corded
Mow Width:32cm34cm37cm40cm
Garden TypeSmallSmallSmall & MediumSmall & Medium
Mow Height settings:5666
Mow Height range:2cm to 6cm2cm to 7cm2cm to 7cm2cm to 7cm
Grass Collector:Yes, 30L capacityYes, 35L capacityYes, 40L capacityYes, 42L capacity
Power Cable:Yes, 10m longYes, 10m longYes, 10m longYes, 10m long
Mulching ability:NoNoYesYes
Safety Switch:IncludedIncludedIncludedIncluded
Rear Roller:Yes for stripesYes for stripesYes for stripesYes for stripes
Warranty:2 years2 years2 years2 years

Part 2: Best McGregor Manual Cylinder Lawnmower

McGregor 30cm Cylinder Manual Lawnmower

If you only have a small area to mow and you don’t want the hassle of cords, batteries or petrol, then you should try out the McGregor 30cm Cylinder Manual Lawnmower which is certainly not for everyone but it can still do a good job providing you are prepared to put the extra manual effort in and develop a technique for avoiding twigs and long weeds that can possibly get intertwined within the cylinder.

The grass catcher has a capacity of 23 litres, there are 4 mowing heights to choose from and you really need to cut more regularly instead of letting the grass growth get out of control – otherwise you will need to invest in a rotary mower. While we wouldn’t be the biggest fan of cylinder lawnmowers, this option from McGregor does as good a job as most other Cylinder lawnmowers in the market and of course it also comes backed with a 2 year warranty.

Price Guide: £30 - £50

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Part 3: Best McGregor Cordless Lawnmower

McGregor 32cm 21.6V Cordless Rotary Lawnmower

For a life without oil, petrol and cable cords, then you should invest in a cordless battery mower and the model we recommend from McGregor is the McGregor 32cm Cordless Rotary Lawnmower which has a very attractive low price and it has been proven to be a highly popular seller in recent years. Many cordless lawnmowers in the market from other brands will cost you well over £300 but this smaller McGregor cordless lawnmower was on sale for less than £150 when seen at the time of our review so it provides great value overall.

There is a grass full indicator on the bag, a nice soft grip handle, a single mowing height adjustment lever and you get an impressive 4.0Ah 21.6V battery as well as the charging unit included in the pack. Recharging takes 1 hour only and you can expect a runtime of 20-30 minutes from the battery depending on lawn, grass and terrain conditions. Included also are the rear rollers for stripes at the back, foldable handles and it is designed for lawn sizes 120 to 150m2 on average. Overall, we would recommend this lawnmower as it provides super value for what you get and it comes with a 2 year warranty for peace of mind.

Price Guide: £120 - £150 @ Argos

Cordless Features

Some of the features available from these Cordless Lawn Mowers are outlined below…

  • Push Start & Foldable

Frequently Asked Questions for the McGregor Cordless Lawnmower

Q1. How long does it take to recharge the batteries?

A. It takes 1 hour only to recharge the battery

Q2. How long will the charged battery operate?

A. It will operate between 20 to 30 minutes average

Q3. Can the rear roller be removed?

A. It cannot be removed but the lever can be raised

Q4. Is the 24V battery interchangeable with other McGregor Tools

A. Only for select models, please call the number outlined above for specific details

Q5, Can you buy a 36V spare battery?

A. Yes, you can buy a spare 36V battery if needed

Pros for the McGregor Cordless Lawnmower

Price competes extremely well against various other cordless lawn mower brands and is hard to beat.

No cords or cables to worry about across your lawn as you work and mow so it is a much safe option

No petrol, oil, nasty fumes or maintenance costs to worry about and the noise level is a lot lower than the petrol mowers.

All the mow heights can be controlled, changed and adjusted with a single lever.

Useful battery charge indicator is included so you always know how much you have left.

If you have limited space, it is ideal as both the grass collector and the handles are collapsible and it can be stored away neatly.

You can also get stripes across your lawn with the rear roller provided.

Grass collectors are not the largest we have seen but are generally adequate for small type lawns.

As the mow height is slightly higher than the corded at 2.5cm, it makes cutting that slight bit easier to do

The biggest attraction again is the fact that there are no cords across the lawn and no fuel and the higher price is well warranted from this

Cons for the McGregor Cordless Lawnmower

Limited mow width options available with only a 1cm variable between the 2 options. Must be either a 32cm width or a 34cm width

Additional batteries can be needed as back up which is more expensive that you think (over £50)

Limited mow time is available based on the run time on the charged battery

You always need to remember to have the battery charged in advance of mowing work

Thicker and denser grass will diminish the battery charge a lot quicker so the mow time can be reduced by 5 minutes or more.

The lowest mow height is 2.5cm which is 0.5cm higher than the corded which may not be low enough for some gardeners.

Grass bag has a lower capacity of 33L/35L where the corded versions have 40L/42L options available

Assembly and the instructions will be difficult for some and could be laid out a little better

If you have extremely high grass, you will need to start looking elsewhere as the power will not suffice

McGregor Cordless lawnmower Comparison Table

A short summary table outlining the main features for each of the Cordless Lawn mowers are summarised below

Feature:McGregor 33cm Cordless 24VMcGregor 34cm Cordless 36V
Mow Width:33cm34cm
Garden Type:Small & MediumSmall & Medium
Battery Power:24V36V
Mow Height settings:56
Mow Height range:2.5cm to 6.5cm2.5cm to 7.5cm
Grass Collector:Yes, 33L capacityYes, 35L capacity
Battery Run time:32 minutes35 minutes
Battery Recharge Time:1 hour1 hour
Mulching ability:N/AN/A
Safety Switch:IncludedIncluded
Rear Roller:Yes, for stripesYes, for stripes
Warranty:2 years2 years

Part 4: Best McGregor Hover Lawnmower

McGregor 30cm 1450W Corded Hover Lawnmower

For the smaller town house type lawn, the Hover lawnmower from McGregor that works quite well is the McGregor 30cm Corded Hover Lawnmower with a power level of 1450W and this mower works by providing a cushion of air under the mower plus it works particularly well on the sides of steep slopes, difficult to access mowing areas and hilly terrain.

It comes with a smaller 20 litre grass collection unit and you get a 10m long power cable so you lawn size shouldn’t surpass this. It can be folded down neatly after use to fit in compact spaces and there is a 2 year guarantee as well as 4 different mowing heights. While Hover lawnmowers wouldn’t be our favourite type of lawnmower, this Hover lawnmower from McGregor works every bit as good as other brands in the market such as Flymo and Spear & Jackson in our opinion.

Price Guide: £100 to £130

Hover Features

Some of the features available from these Hover Lawn Mowers are outlined below…

  • McGregor Hover Collect Lawnmowers

Frequently Asked Questions for the McGregor Hover lawnmower

Q1. How does it operate?

A. It operates on a cushion of air

Q2. Can they be folded away when not in use?

A. Yes they can be folded away when not in use.

Q3. Does it operate as good as the Flymo?

A. Yes, every bit as good if not better

Q4. What is the height of the 30cm when upright?

A. The height is 80.5cm when extended out

Q5. How are the handles folded?

A. You need to unlock the quick release knobs

Q6. Can you adjust the mow heights?

A. It can be done by removing the blade bolt and adding a spacer between the impeller and blade

Q7. Is there a mulching feature?

A. It is available with the 1500W 33cm model which cuts the grass into tiny pieces for composting the soil

Pros for the McGregor Hover Lawnmower

Great set of prices to choose from and one option can be discounted heavily from time to time

Good range of mowing widths available also that start from 30cm up as far as 35cm

The Trimmer is also available in conjunction with the Hover 33cm which is a great addition for the garden

Environmentally friendly option with no hazardous gas fumes or additional fuel or oil costs.

No maintenance costs to deal with as you would have with petrol lawn mowers

The hover system and technology will allow you to cut steep banks and slopes where needed

Provides a quick and simple way to fold the handle when not in use and the front transport wheel helps when not in use

The 30cm model is the lightest in the range and comes in at less than 6kg which makes portability easy

Compacts the grass cutting which reduces the amount of time you spend emptying

The 33cm model was being promoted at the time of this review for less than £40 which is fantastic value with a price tag that is hard to beat.

You can choose the mulching option if needed to reduce grass cutting collections afterwards

Handles are height adjustable to reduce the strain on your lower back

Cons for the McGregor Hover Lawnmower

No wheels like the Rotary Mowers but it does have the front roller to assist you when not in use

Not suitable larger type gardens such as half acre sites as it will take far too long, but perfect for small gardens which take up to 30 minutes work

Struggles with wet or damp grass as it tends to clump up a bit – works much better with dry grass

Folding it down can be a bit of a challenge at first but very easy once you get the hang of it

Grass collection has been poor on occasions causing grass to fly into the air due to faulty parts

Adjusting the mow heights is a bit tricky and takes a bit of getting used to

The first cut of the season will be very difficult but subsequent cuts thereafter will be a lot easier

The lowest mowing setting is not low enough for some gardeners

Additional work can be needed collecting or raking the grass cuttings after (choose the mulching 33cm to reduce this)

Limited to a mow range of 10m from the cable and a bit lightweight for the medium type gardens

You need to master the technique of manually moving the cord away from the cutting path as you mow

McGregor Hover Lawnmower Comparison Table

A short summary table outlining the main features for each of the Hover Lawn mowers are summarised below:

Feature:McGregor 30cm HoverMcGregor 33cm HoverMcGregor 33cm Hover & TrimmerMcGregor 35cm Hover
Mow Width:30cm Blade33cm Blade33cm Blade35cm Blade
Power:1450W1500W1500W & 320W1700W
Mow Height settings:4444
Mow Height range:1.2cm to 3.3cm1.2cm to 3.3cm1.2cm to 3.3cm1.2cm to 3.3cm
Grass Collector:Yes, 20L CapacityNoneYes, 26L CapacityYes, 26L Capacity
Power Cable:Yes, 10m longYes, 10m longYes, 10m longYes, 10m long
Mulching ability:NoYesNoNo
Safety Switch:IncludedIncludedIncludedIncluded
Rear roller:NoneNoneNoneNone
Warranty:2 years2 years2 years2 years
Weight:5.88kg5.88kg5.88kg & 2.5kg8.4kg

Part 5, Price Comparison Alternatives

If you would like to compare prices elsewhere from other brands, then check out the options provided below for both Bosch and Flymo who also feature strongly in this category

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Apologies if this review was too long – it certainly took us long enough to cover it all but we hope you found the information helpful in some small way. Our personal favourite among the McGregor Lawnmower range would have to be the Cordless 32cm wide Rotary lawnmower and further information, reviews, images and updated prices can be double checked below

Community Feedback

Have you any previous experience of using a McGregor Lawnmower in the past? If so, please educate the UK community by leaving your feedback in the comment section provided below – so that they can learn also!

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  1. This review is one of the best I have seen with so many included on one page which makes is so much easier to compare them. It certainly has helped me make a much quicker and easier decision – definite preference for me is the corded 1400W 34cm rotary model – price is way lower than I anticipated so hopefully I will get a lot of use from it. Cheers for doing all the review work – it certainly has benefited me

    • Many thanks – you are more than welcome and thanks also for taking the time to stop by and leave your feedback. It is greatly appreciated. Regards, Paul

  2. Nice review on the McGregor Lawn mowers as we have been using a Webb lawn mower for the past 6 years and it finally gave up on us but served us well especially all the long thick weeds we get season after season. Handy to know that McGregor stock such a wide range and the advantages and disadvantages for each – cheers for pointing these all out as it certainly made it easier when it comes to picking one out which for me will be the Hover 33cm 1500W model that has the trimmer included, that’s my opinion anyway

  3. Thank you for this very interesting review about McGregor. I am an experienced gardener working with a very large front, back and side gardens. I have been looking to get a good quality mower as my previous lawnmower broke down after 5 years of hardship and tough graft.. The mower we have is also too old and out of use now and I have heard  lots of good reports about these McGregor Lawn mowers so coming across your review came to me at the appropriate time. I have checked the various collections of McGregor lawn mowers here and I am particularly interested in the 41cm self propelled rotary lawn mower. I love the features and the price is good and you cant go wrong with added support of self propelling with large gardens in my view.

    • Yes, you are right. The self propelled feature is so helpful with larger gardens and they are especially good around steep hills or uneven ground. Many thanks for expressing your feedback and best of luck with it!

  4. Hi Paul, I have heard lots of good reports about these McGregor lawn mowers and its great to be able to compare so many here all on one page instead of having to skip and jump from one page to the next. I have a very busy worklife where i work from at my home office, so when i feel stressed out i go and mow the lawn but I need a piece of kit that will stand the test of time year in and year out. The one that stands out for me is the 1600W Corded rotary with 37cm mow path here so cheers for your assistance in making my decision ahead of the spring and summer time. Thanks, Dahay

    • Hi Dahay, many thanks for your feedback from our review and best of luck with the Corded Rotary 37cm 1600W model In the years ahead. Thanks also for taking the time to stop by and leave your feedback – it is greatly appreciated.

  5. Hi Paul, thanks for keeping this website updated. I recently bought a McGregor 41cm self-propelled mower. Great price and cuts well. BUT I could NOT recommend it to anyone else. Now I have had a suffolk punch mower for years but at 50+ years old time for a new girl? I thought. Maybe its because I have never used a modern mower before but this McGregor model doesn’t have a throttle! Engine is ON or OFF. So at the end of each strip across I release engine lever and it STOPS – no idle setting, so I can empty the collection bag. Then I have to restart it with loads of priming and pulling the cord. By the end of 4 strips I am knackered and I haven’t done a tenth of my lawn. Also with no throttle I can’t go faster when I have a clear run and slow it as I near a flower bed. Are all mowers like this???

    • Once you need to stop to empty the grass collector, for safety reasons the lawnmowers shut down to prevent any accidents that may occur. Usually the lawn mower should only be primed on the first go when cold. After that it should start on the first pull of the cord without any hassle. It is a while ago since I reviewed these lawn mowers but I certainly didn’t come across this problem – it should start easily after you empty the grass collector after the first pull once you give it a strong robust pull. If it continues, I suggest bringing it to your local service agent to take a closer look at it. When operating around tight corners or flower beds, you should disengage the self propelling feature and operate it manually – that is what I normally do anyway for any self-propelled lawn mower. Hope that helps and many thanks for taking the time to stop by

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