Daewoo Cordless Lawnmower Review 2024


Daewoo are an established brand worldwide when it comes to electrical and home appliances and we wanted to check out their Cordless Lawn mower to see how well it performs against other leading brands in the market. Other countries have a more diverse range of Daewoo lawn mowers to choose from as it appears that there is just 1 option when it comes to buying a Daewoo Lawn mower in the UK.


We will keep this Daewoo Lawn mower review short and straight to the point outlining the features, pros and cons plus we also have 2 alternative Lawn mowers for you to consider at the end of this page so at least you have more than just one option when it comes to making any final decision.

Battery Maintenance

To ensure you maintain the battery properly, it should be removed from the lawn mower after use and stored in a dry safe place. You should charge it fully at the end of the mowing season and leave it in a cool and protected place over the Winter months and avoid using it in wet or rainy conditions.

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Lawn Mower Overview

Lawn mower:Daewoo Cordless 18V 32cm Lawnmower
Battery:2Ah or 4Ah (or Bare unit)
Best Place to buy:Wickes UK - View Stock availability here
Warranty:2 years

Daewoo Lawnmower Review

Daewoo Cordless 18V 32cm Lawnmower

This cordless lawn mower from Daewoo offers a 32cm wide mowing deck and a 4Ah rechargeable battery in the pack but it can also be bought as a bare unit if you already have a 4Ah Daewoo battery in stock at home. There is the option to buy it with a 2Ah or a 4Ah battery but we would recommend buying it with the 4Ah battery only for longer mowing sessions

The Daewoo company originates in South Korea but this lawn mower is actually made in China as is many other branded lawn mowers in the UK. The top handle can be folded down for better storage in small sheds and there are just 3 mowing height settings that range from 2cm up to 5cm – the middle setting works best in our opinion to prevent it from getting bogged down

It is designed with an 18V motor and they use a U-Force battery where the 4Ah works best for its operation. Recharging the battery takes 2.5 – 3 hours long and you can expect to get 15 to 20 minutes mowing time depending on grass conditions and terrain. It includes a safety button on the top handle for safer starting and the grass box is of average size with a capacity of 35L for the grass clippings

Price Guide: £150 - £200 @ Wickes

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Pros for the Daewoo Cordless Lawnmower

  • If you already have a Daewoo 4Ah battery, then you can choose the bare unit which will save you money
  • Noise levels emitted are low which is great for neighbours living close by
  • There are no power cords, cables, petrol, oils or fumes to worry about
  • It has a lightweight design so there are no issues when it comes to pushing and mowing
  • There is a safety button on the top handle to prevent accidental start ups

Cons for the Daewoo Cordless Lawnmower

  • Limited UK stock availability plus limited availability on batteries which would be a concern
  • Not an established brand for Lawn mowers in the UK like Flymo, Bosch, Einhell or Spear & Jackson
  • Lacks the power needed to deal with difficult mowing conditions such as long grass, damp or thick grass
  • Recharging was well over 2 hours and tough mowing conditions depletes the battery charge a lot quicker
  • Only suitable for small lawns up to 150m2 to 200m2 in our opinion
  • Tends to get bogged down on the lower mow height settings with difficult conditions
  • There are no rear rollers in place for lawn stripes and no mulching plug either

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Alternative Cordless Lawnmowers

As availability is quite limited on the Daewoo Cordless lawn mowers in the UK, we would prefer to recommend 2 other more established brands summarised briefly as follows…

#1, Bosch City Mower 18V Cordless Lawn Mower

Key Features

Popular and established brand in the UK

32cm mowing deck and 18V power

Comfortable Ergoflex handles

3 mowing heights 3cm to 6cm

Lightweight design approx. 10.5kg

Price Guide: £250 - £300 @ Wickes

#2, Einhell GE-CM 18/33 Cordless Lawn Mower

Key Features

For small lawns 150m2 to 200m2

Lower priced alternative to consider

33cm mowing deck width & 4Ah battery

5 mowing heights 2.5cm to 6.5cm

Brushless motor and integrated carry handle

Price Guide: £150 - £200 @ Wickes

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After completing our Daewoo Cordless lawn mower review, we hope our work here can give you a better understanding of what this Lawn mower is all about and the main pros and cons associated with this particular cordless Lawn mower.

Would we buy it? As availability is limited in the UK and there is also a limited availability of batteries from what we have seen, we would prefer to stick with a more established brand instead such as the Einhell or Bosch Cordless Lawn mower examples outlined earlier and further information on these alternative brands can be checked out directly at Wickes below…

Daewoo Lawnmower Feedback

Have you ever used a Daewoo Electric Lawn mower in the past? If so, please share your own experiences and feedback with the wider mowing community by leaving a comment in the comment box section provided below – so that others across the mowing community can learn also…

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