Karcher Cordless Lawn Mower Review 2024


Karcher are well known for their high quality Pressure Washers and we wanted to complete our own quick Karcher Lawn mower review to see how well it stacks up against various other brands in the market. Their range of Pressure Washers is vast however their range of Lawn mowers is somewhat limited as they don’t have any petrol or electric corded powered lawnmowers in their range so it is limited to Cordless battery powered Lawn mowers only.


The first thing that stands out here is the fact that these cordless lawn mowers come with a more powerful 5Ah battery which explains the higher price level to some degree when compared to numerous other cordless lawn mowers that only have 2.5Ah batteries. That being said, you only get 1 battery in this lawn mower but additional back up spare batteries are readily available to support longer type mowing sessions.

Lawn Mower Overview

Lawn mower type:LMO Cordless 33cm wide and 36cm wide
Battery:5Ah 18V
Best Places to buy:Karcher UK – View Stock availability here
Wickes UK - View Stock availability here
Warranty:2 years (+1 if registered online)

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Karcher Cordless Lawnmower Review – 2 Options

Option 1: Karcher LMO 18-36 Cordless Lawn Mower

This cordless lawn mower is a 2 in 1 lawn mower in that you can collect the grass clippings in the grass bag or you can use the mulch plug to return the grass clippings as a fine mulch to the lawn which can act as a natural fertiliser. That way you can have a natural healthier lawn without the need for any additional fertiliser products. It comes with a 5Ah 18V rechargeable battery in the pack and the handles can be folded down neatly when not in use as shown in the picture below

The battery and charger is compatible with other Karcher 18V products in the Karcher wider range and there is a safety key in place for added protection. The grass collection is larger than expected with a 45L storage capacity and you have the foam handles on the top handles to reduce possible hand fatigue setting in and for more hand comfort.

The grass box also has a grass full flap indicator so you know when it needs to be emptied and there are 4 mowing height options that range from 3cm up to 7cm for longer grasses.

This lawn mower while designed in Europe is made in China and the battery has a useful indicator to show you how much battery life is left for your mowing times. The top handle can also be adjusted as required and it comes backed with a  2 year warranty.

Price Guide: £350 - £400 @ Wickes UK

Compare: Karcher UK Price Here

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Pros for the Karcher Lawn mower

  • If you have a Karcher 18V 5Ah battery and charger already for other Karcher products, then you can buy the bare unit option alone so money can be potentially saved here
  • A safety key is included for an extra safety measure to prevent any accidental startups
  • It folds down neatly and very small which is ideal for people with limited storage spaces
  • Most small electric lawnmower only have small grass boxes but this is larger at 45L capacity
  • Additional spare batteries are readily available from either Karcher UK or Wickes
  • Mowing heights are easy to change using the single lever and there are no cords to worry about
  • There are free deliveries available when the order values are over £50
  • The weight is only approx. 14kg so it is lightweight when it comes to pushing and mowing
  • There is no pull cords to worry about and the noise level is much lower than petrol lawnmowers

Cons for the Karcher Lawn mower

  • There are no rear rollers in place for generating attractive lawn stripes
  • Difficult mowing conditions deplete the battery charge a lot quicker than expected.
  • Limited to use on small lawns 300m2 to 350m2 maximum
  • The lowest it can cut is 3cm high where many other cordless lawn mowers can give a tighter cut to 2.5cm and in some cases 2cm
  • You need to make sure the 5Ah battery is included in the pack as the mowing runtime from their 2.5Ah is far too short (only buy if the 5Ah battery is in the pack)
  • While easy mowing conditions can give 20-25 minutes mowing time, damp thick or longer grasses will deplete the battery a lot quicker than you would expect so you need to mow more regularly and keep grass levels under control
  • The recharging took a little longer than expected coming in on average 2.5 hours
  • Additional batteries when needed are more expensive than you think – around £100 from what we have seen
  • Lacks the power for cutting longer denser grasses as it tends to get bogged down when under stress

Alternative Karcher Lawnmower

If your lawn is smaller at between 200m2 to 250m2 or even less, then there is a lower priced Karcher Cordless lawn mower available outlined briefly below. It represents good value as it is only 3cm narrower than the LMO 18-36 yet is around £70-£80 cheaper to buy so you should keep this in mind when making a final decision

Option 2: Karcher LMO 18-33 Cordless Lawn Mower

Key Features

Lower priced Karcher lawn mower alternative - Narrower cutting deck of 33cm

Includes 5Ah x 1 battery and recharging unit

Mowing runtime 20-25 minutes on average - Recharging takes same time 2.5 hours

2 in 1 – grass collection or use the mulch plug

For smaller lawns 200m2 to 250m2

Price Guide: £280 - £330 @ Karcher UK

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Starting off we would have to say that this Lawn mower works perfectly fine but the only thing that really concerns us is that difficult or even moderately difficult mowing conditions seem to deplete the battery a lot quicker than expected. In addition, you also have to keep in mind that battery degradation will happen over time so replacement batteries may be needed in the future and these don’t come cheap.

Also, we were concerned that in isolated cases, other users had expressed disappointment in their battery life which should have lasted longer. That being said, once fully charged, you can only expect to get anywhere from 20 to 24 minutes mowing time before having to recharge once again and this recharging will take 2.5 hours on average so you need to bear this mind if you decide to buy.


If you tend to allow your grass to grow thick and long and don’t mow that frequently, then this cordless lawn mower is not the one for you as the battery will deplete too quickly and it will get bogged down (similar to many other cordless lawn mowers).

However, if you are prepared to mow regularly and keep the grass growth under control, then we would recommend it for you and getting a second additional battery as back up would be an ideal situation to cater for longer mowing sessions over 20 minutes. Further reviews and prices can be checked out at Wickes UK directly below…

Karcher Lawnmower Feedback

Have you ever used a Karcher Cordless Lawn mower in the past? If so, please share your own experiences and feedback with the wider mowing community by leaving a comment in the comment box section provided below – so that others across the mowing community can learn also…

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