Webb Cordless Lawnmower Review 2024 – Comparisons


If you are interested in buying the Webb Cordless Electric Lawnmower in the coming days, then make sure to check out our Webb Cordless Lawn mower review which will outline all our pros and cons during the course of our review which we hope will be of interest to you.

We will also compare it to 2 other brands further down on this page namely Greenworks and Spear and Jackson so at least you can see for yourself if this is the right electric lawnmower for you or not.

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Cheaper Lawnmower Batteries

When choosing a cordless battery, you need to be aware that the cheaper brands and lower priced models generally have the less powerful batteries which in turn give you less mowing time and can cover smaller mowing areas. As a rule of thumb, the 2Ah battery is only suitable for lawns average 250m2, the 4Ah battery is suitable for larger lawns up to 500m2 and the more powerful and more expensive 6Ah/7Ah batteries can cover larger areas again up to 750m2.

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Too many times we see people complaining about battery mowing times so please make sure to measure up your own garden in terms of metres squared and have a rough idea of how many m2 your own lawn actually is before deciding on a cordless lawnmower.

If you lawn is over 500m2 then there is no point in buying a cordless lawnmower under £200 which only has a less powerful 2Ah battery. In some cases, the package will provide two 2Ah batteries so both combined can cover areas up to 500m2 which can also be used as an alternative solution for your own lawn.

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Webb Cordless Lawnmower Review

Webb Classic 20V 4Ah Cordless Electric Rotary Lawnmower WEV20LM33

This cordless lawnmower from Webb WEV20LM33 comes with a 4Ah 20V battery and charger and it offers a mowing path width of 33cm or 13 inches. It’s a small framed lawnmower with a small but robust grass collection bag with a storage capacity of 35 litres which would be on the lower scale when it comes to grass collection boxes.

There are 5 mowing height options that is controlled with a single lever and the mowing heights range from 2.5cm up to 6.5cm. The battery takes approx. 3 hours to recharge and you can expect a mowing time of 25-35 minutes depending on grass and terrain conditions. The weight of the lawnmower is 12.6kg for pushing , a mulch plug is included and it comes backed with a 2 year warranty

Price Guide: £150 - £180

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Pros for the Webb Cordless Lawnmower (5)

  • A big attraction here is the price where many other cordless lawnmowers will cost you well over £300, this lower priced option from Webb can be got for less than £200 (when seen at the time of our review)
  • There are no cords, cables, petrol, oil or maintenance costs to worry about
  • Starting the machine is simple with no pull cords – just place in the battery and press a button
  • Once the mowing season is finished, the handles can be folded down and stored away nice and tidy
  • Unlike many other cordless lawnmowers, you get a mulch plug included in the overall package.

Cons for the Webb Cordless Lawnmower (5)

  • This lawnmower is a push lawnmower and not self-propelled – if you need the help and support of a self-propelled cordless electric lawnmower, then check out some our popular recommendations here.
  • The grass collection box is on the smaller scale and will fill up rather quickly and it lacks the superior power at the lower mow height settings that petrol lawnmowers can give you
  • Mowing taller, denser and more difficult grasses and terrain will deplete the battery charger a lot quicker so be prepared for this (light mowing trim gives a longer battery runtime)
  • Starting off the battery works great however it will be susceptible to battery degradation over time and additional batteries are more expensive than you think
  • The recharging of the battery is far too long at 3 hours so if you cannot finish your lawn in 1 sitting, you need to take a long 3 hour break before starting to mow again (explains the lower price tag somewhat)

Alternative Cordless Lawnmowers

If you need a wider mowing path, additional back up batteries or a faster recharging unit, then check out the 2 alternatives below from Greenworks and Spear and Jackson that will be of interest to you (but will cost you more)

Greenworks Cordless Electric Hand Push Lawnmower G40LM41K2XF


Wider mowing path of 41cm / 16 inches

More powerful 40V 2Ah x 2 batteries

Larger collection box with 50L capacity

Faster recharging unit at 30 minutes

Use 1 battery and the second battery is back up

Heavier weight to push 20kg approx.

Longer 3 year warranty

Designed for lawn areas 450-500m2

Price Guide: £350 - £400 @ Amazon

Spear & Jackson Cordless 34cm Lawnmower & 25cm Grass Trimmer


Combo pack lawnmower plus trimmer

Includes two 4Ah batteries

Use 1 battery and the second is back up

Rear roller for stripes & mowing path is 34cm

Mowing battery runtime 20-30 minutes

Recharging takes 60 minutes approx.

Trimmer cutting width is 25cm wide

Covered with a 3 year warranty

Price Guide: £230 - £280 @ Argos

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Comparison Table

If you need further clarity on the Webb Cordless lawnmower, then feel free to check out the comparison table below where you can see it against the Greenworks and the Spear & Jackson cordless lawnmowers side by side

Mower Webb WEV20LM33Greenworks G40LM41K2XFSpear & Jackson (+ Trimmer)
Mow width33cm / 13 inch41cm / 16 inch34cm / 13.4 inch
Battery4Ah x 1 (20V)2Ah x 2 (40V)4Ah x 2 (24V)
Collection box35L capacity50L capacity35L capacity
Recharging time3 hours30 minutes60 minutes
Mowing time25-35 minutes25-35 minutes20-30 minutes
Height settings555
Mow heights2.5cm-6.5cm2.5cm-8cm2.5cm-6.2cm
Mulch PlugIncludedIncludedNone
Rear RollerNoneNoneYes
Foldable handlesYesYesYes
Warranty2 years3 years3 years

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Would we recommend the Webb Cordless Lawnmower? While it is certainly not the best cordless lawnmower we have ever used, it still provides superb value for money if you are a person seeking the lowest possible price. Smaller lightweight lawnmowers need to be used more regularly as you cannot expect them to clear dense thick or tall grasses that have been left untouched for several weeks – only a powerful petrol lawnmower can do this so bear this in mind when you buy one. Frequent and regular lawn mowing maintenance is required.


Our preference though among the 3 lawnmowers in this review would have to be the Spear and Jackson lawnmower which has the grass trimmer included in the overall package and further information along with updated price offers can be double checked below…

Webb Cordless Lawnmower Feedback

Have you ever used a Webb Cordless electric battery powered electric Lawnmower in the past? If so, please share your own feedback and experiences with the wider mowing community by leaving a comment in the comment box section provided below…

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