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Greenworks 19 Inch 40V Cordless Lawnmower Review 2024


Greetings once again and here I have reviewed the Greenworks Cordless 40V 19 inch 3 in 1 Lawn mower model number 25223 to give you a better understanding on its capabilities and also to give you an overview if this Lawn mower can suit your own particular needs and requirements.

I will also display 2 different low price buying options which will help you save some money in the process. In addition, I will outline some frequently asked questions that came up from previous buyers, the advantages and also the disadvantages in an open and unbiased manner so you can decide for your yourself if this Lawn mower is the one for you. So, without any further delay, let’s get started…

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Cordless 40V Lawn Mower Overview

Lawn MowerGreenWorks Cordless 40V G-Max 19 Inch - 3 in 1
Model Number25223
Corded or CordlessCordless
Power40V G max Lithium Ion battery
Cheap place to buy:Amazon - Check Stock Availability Here

 Greenworks 19 Inch 3 in 1 Cordless Mower

This cordless lawnmower includes 3 different mow settings of rear bag, mulching and side discharge so there are plenty of options to go around and it offers a mow cutting path of 19 inches wide

The mow heights can be adjusted to 6 different levels and its mow height can vary from a maximum of 3 inches to minimum of 1-1/8 inch. It is ideal for small to medium sized lawns plus it comes with a steel cutting deck and also a useful cam lock for easy folding and storing when not in use.

For pushing, the weight of the mower is 65lbs and the batteries x 2 and the charger included in the pack. For the terrain, the wheels are 7 inches at the back and 6 inches at the front and the dimensions size of the mower is 32.90 by 21.50 by 17.10 inches. When it comes to the batteries, this lawn mower is suited to the G-Max 2Ah battery 29462 and also the G-Max 4Ah battery 29472

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Greenworks Lawn Mower reviews, 25223, 40v 19 inch, additional imagesFrequently asked Questions

Q1, Can this G max battery be used for other tools?
A. Yes it is compatible with over 20 other Greenworks tools but you need to double check individual tools.

Q2, Is this mower self propelled?
A, No this is a push mower but it is very easy to do so due to the lightweight

Q3, Do I need a cord for this mower?
A, No cord is needed for this as it is powered by a charged battery

Q4, How long does it take to charge the batteries?
A, It will take 120 minutes to charge the 4Ah battery and 60 minutes for the 2Ah battery.

Q5, How long will the charged battery last and mow for?
A, The fully charged battery will run 45 to 60 minutes but will be reduced further if the grass is thicker and longer than usual.

Pros for the Greenworks 19 Inch 3 in 1 Cordless Mower

  • No need to worry about using an extension cord and having it lay across your lawn as you mow when compared to corded mowers
  • No maintenance and no pull cords to worry about – simple press button start system
  • No gas / oil costs when compared to gas mowers
  • Environmentally friendly alternative with no gas emissions
  • Includes smart cut technology so the power adjusts to the thickness of the grass as you mow.
  • Less noise and less vibrations when compared to gas mowers
  • Provides a power level much higher than most people would expect
  • A lot of flexibility is included with the ability to use the side discharge or the rear catcher or even mulch.

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Cons for the Greenworks 19 Inch 3 in 1 Cordless Mower

  • The 40V G Max and 40V Lithium Ion Batteries are not cross compatible
  • Only the G-Max 2Ah battery 29462/G-Max 4Ah battery 29472 can be used for this mower
  • If the lawn takes over 45 minutes to mow, then you will need to stop and recharge which can be annoying. Otherwise you can have a second charged battery on standby to make sure you can mow the full lawn in one sitting.
  • Additional batteries if needed are an added expense to you.
  • Price for the cordless is on the higher side when compared to corded but is not limited to the distance of an extension cord when comparing against corded mowers.

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Greenworks Mowing Feedback

Finally, I hope this review on the Greenworks Cordless 19 inch 3 in 1 mower has been helpful to you. If you believe anything was missed or needs to be included, please let me know by leaving a comment below

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