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Greenworks Cordless 40V 16 Inch Lawnmower Review 2023


Greetings once again from Paul at Lawn Mower Reviews here I have also reviewed the Greenworks Cordless 40V 16 inch 2 in 1 Lawn mower to give you a better understanding of what is involved if you are considering purchasing it in the next few days.

It is one of smallest lawn mowers available on the market and it is certainly worth looking at if you have a small town house type lawn. If you have a decent sized lawn or even a larger lawn, then it would be wiser to look at some of the larger and wider mowers that can save you mowing time in the long run.

I will do my best to display some frequently asked questions that came so that there is no confusion and I will also display the pros and cons in a list format which will be straight forward and to the point so you don’t have to waste too much of your time looking through this review, so without further ado, let’s get started…

Cordless Lawn Mower Overview

Lawn MowerGreenWorks Cordless 16 Inch 40V G-Max Lithium Ion - 2 in 1
Model Number25322
Corded or CordlessCordless
Power40V G Max Lithium Ion
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Key Features for the Greenworks 16 Inch 2 in 1 Cordless Mower:

  • Cordless electric mower
  • Size of the mower is 29.80L by 21.30W by 17.90H Inches
  • Weight of the mower is 51.25 Ibs
  • Features a ABS polymer cutting deck
  • 2 in 1 mow settings of Mulching and rear bag catcher
  • Power will not fade in the battery until fully depleted.
  • Width of the mow path is 16 inches (for smaller lawns)
  • 5 separate mow height settings available with a single adjustable lever
  • Mow height levels range from 7/8 – 2.3/4 inches
  • Smart cut technology so the power is adjusted to suit the thickness of the grass
  • Wheels are 7 inches at the back and 6 inches at the front
  • Includes the 40V GMax Lithium-Ion battery that delivers fade free power
  • A can lock for easy folding and storing away

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Greenworks lawn mower review, 40V 16 inch, additional imagesFrequently asked questions about the Greenworks Cordless 16 Inch Mower:

Q, Is the charger and battery included?
A, Yes the battery and charger is included for model 25322

Q, How does it perform in wet grass?
A, The same as all mowers and waiting for it to dry will get the best results

Q, Do I need an extension cable for this mower?
A, No extension cords are needed as it is battery powered

Q, How long does it take to charge the battery?
A, It takes 60 minutes for a 2Ah battery and 120 minutes for a 4Ah battery

Q, How long does the charged battery run before it runs out?
A, Generally it will run for 60 minutes if fully charged but will also be reduced with you are mowing thicker or longer grass

Q, How low can it mow the grass?
A, The lowest level it can cut to is 7/8 inch

Q, Is this self propelled or a push mower?
A, This is a push mower but it very light and easy push around


Pros for the Greenworks Cordless 16 Inch Mower

  • Capability of mulching in addition to rear bag catching
  • The G max battery is compatible with 25 plus other tools under the Greenworks brand
  • You get up to 60 minutes mow time on a fully charged battery
  • No costs when it comes to gas or oil and the maintenance costs is minimal (sharpening blades when needed)
  • 50% less noise when compared to gas mowers and over 40% lighter than gas mowers
  • Superior smart cut technology is incorporated to maximize efficiency on different thickness of grass
  • This little mower gives you more power than you would expect and has excellent feedback from several mowers
  • The power will also increase as you come across heavier patches of grass which is a major plus


Cons for the Greenworks Cordless 16 Inch Mower

  • No side discharge available which lowers the level of flexibility you have
  • Battery run time will be lower than 60 minutes if your grass is thicker and longer than normal.
  • A second battery may be needed to have on standby to get the lawn fully mowed in one sitting (which is an added expense to you)
  • This model is only 16 inches so additional time will be required to get the grass cut when compared to a wider model
  • The 40V G-Max and the 40V Lithium-Ion Batteries are not cross compatible so this mower is only compatible with the G-Max 2Ah battery 29462 and the G-Max 4Ah battery 29472.
  • Price is a little on the high side however you save in the long term when it comes to having no maintenance, gas or oil costs.

Wider or Larger Alternatives?

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On a final note, I really hope this review on the Greenworks Cordless 16 inch 40V 2 in 1 mower has helped you out – if not – please do let me know by leaving a comment below!!!

Happy Mowing!


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