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Greenworks Corded 16 Inch Lawnmower Review 2024


Hi once more from Paul at Lawn Mower Reviews and today I am reviewing the Greenworks 120V 16 inch corded Lawn mower so please take a quick look through this review if you are planning to buy it in the coming days.

My focus will be to outline all you need to know about it including some of the frequently asked questions that came up that will be of interest to you. In addition to this, I will outline the pros / advantages and cons / disadvantages so please continue to scroll down and take what you can from it. I also want to help you save some money in the process and show you 2 different places where the prices available for it are extremely hard to beat, so let’s begin…

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Corded Greenworks Electric Lawn Mower Overview

Lawn MowerGreenWorks Corded 120V 16 Inch 10 Amp - 2 in 1
Model Number25142
Corded or CordlessCorded
Power10 Amp motor
Best Place to Buy:Amazon - Check Stock Availability Here

Greenworks 120V 16 inch Corded Lawn mower

This is a corded electric mower and it has 2 separate mow settings – 2 in 1, Mulching and the rear bag collection. It has a powerful 10 Amp motor and the mow path width is 16 inches so it is only for small town house type lawns

It is really only suitable for small lawns bit it has a ABS Polymer cutting deck and the height of the mow can be adjusted to 5 levels (5/8 inch-2 5/8 inches)

There is the cam lock handle included for easier storing and folding and the weight of the mower is only 48lbs when it comes to pushing it around your lawn. For terrain condition, the wheels are 6 inches at the front and 7 inches on the rear which is plenty in our opinion for small yards or gardens

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Frequently Asked Questions for the Greenworks Corded 16 inch Mower

Q1, Is this mower self propelled?
A, No, you need to push it but is quite easy due to its lightweight

Q2, Is there a side discharge available?
A, No, it only has mulching and a rear catcher

Q3, How wide can this lawn mower cut the grass?
A, It can cut the grass 16 inches wide

Q4, Do I need to buy an extension cord?
A, Yes, you will need to get an extension cord

Q5, Is a battery and charger included?
A, No, you do not need the as it is corded.

Q6, Can the handle be folded down for storage?
A, Yes, the handle can be folded down

Q7, What type of extension cord is suggested for this mower?
A, The extension cord should be maximum 100 foot 14 gauge (or 12 gauge 150 ft)

Q8, What is the weight of this mower?
A, The weight of the mower is 48 lbs

Q9, Is a side discharge chute included?
A, No, it was mentioned somewhere that it had one but there is definitely is no side discharge chute.

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Pros for the Greenworks 120V Corded 16 inch Mower

  • Has the ability to mulch in addition to the rear bag
  • Much more environmentally friendly option when compared to gas mowers
  • No carbon emissions
  • No fuel, gas, oil costs involved plus lower maintenance costs
  • Easy and simple to assemble and includes a press button start system (no pull cords)
  • Depending on the thickness of your grass, you can adjust the mow height to 5 levels which adds greater flexibility.
  • Extremely easy to push around and work with due to the lighter weight
  • Attractive price for the quality of the machine you are getting

Cons for the Greenworks 120V Corded 16 inch Mower

  • No side discharge available (as some models do)
  • Smaller mowing path when compared to larger models (only 16 inches) so really only suitable for the smaller town house type lawns
  • Will struggle with longer thicker grass and larger lawns
  • Extension cord must be bought separately
  • If you have a larger lawn, you really need to look at the wider lawn mowers, example 21 inches or the cordless versions
  • Smaller bag catcher means you need to be emptying it quite frequently which can be somewhat annoying

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Mowing Feedback

Lastly, I sincerely hope that this review on the Greenworks Corded 16 inch lawn mower has helped you in your search and if you think I have left anything out that should be mentioned also, please let me know below, also...

Have you ever used a Greenworks Corded Lawnmower in the past? If possible, please share your own opinions, experiences or feedback with the wider mowing community by leaving a comment in the comment box section provided below…

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