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Toro Lawnmower Reviews 2022 – Top Picks


Hello again and welcome to this review about the Toro Lawn mowers which will cover various models in a format of a compilation review so you can pick and choose which model will suit your own individual needs the best. Toro is a brand that has been established for a long time and is certainly one that you can trust and the selection of lawn mowers they have certainly have gained a lot of interest across the public for the past number of years.

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Toro Lawn Mowers - Overview

  • Toro lawn mowers are diverse and are loved by most of the consumers around the world. They are indeed necessity for maintenance of lawns. If you like to spend time in your lawn then buying a sturdy and strong Toro lawn mower is something that you must consider.
  • The below mentioned lawn mowers by Toro are the ones that have received most reviews from the buyers. Based on the pros and cons, now you can easily decide which lawn mower will suit you the best.

  • Working in different ways and having different sizes, you can buy any lawn mower that fits your needs and suits to the size of your lawn.
  • Doing your homework before buying a lawn mower will definitely help you out and save you some bucks as Toro indeed offers a diverse variety of economical and strong lawn mowers for you.
  • There is no need to hire a gardener or borrow a lawn mower from your neighbor now as these lawn mowers are here to rescue you.
  • Overall, Toro lawn mowers have a good reputation in the market. They are widely used and are appreciated by the customers for not only their great working but also their good prices.

Toro Lawn Mower Review - Our Top 3 Picks

1, Toro Recycler 22 inch 190cc Personal Pace Lawn Mower Blade Override

Main Features

  • The Toro Recycler Personal Pace Lawn Mower is driven by self-propulsion and has a variable speed. This Personal Pace mower can adjust to the speed of your walk automatically and has a lightweight agility that gives powerful performance.
  • It is infinitely adjustable to the pace of your walk (up to 4.8 miles per hour). You can step away at any time from the mower without having to restart it again on use due to the mower’s Spin Stop System.
  • The Bag on Demand feature allows you, within seconds, to switch from mulching of the material to bagging, while the bag is left on the mower.
  • The Guaranteed-to-Start (GTS) warranty and just Check and Add feature means that for the life of the engine, you would not have to change the oil and it will start easily and smoothly.
  • You will find it easy to clean and wash due to its Quick Wash Wash-out Port.

2, Toro 22 inch Smartstow Variable Speed High Wheel Mower 20339

Main Features

  • The Toro SmartStow Variable Speed High Wheel Lawn Mower’s SmartStow feature will allow you to store the lawn mower upright, reducing the space needed for storage up to 70%.
  • You can mow uneven terrain with the help of this model due to its 11-inch high rear wheels. These wheels are also helpful in manoeuvring complex landscapes and obstacles.
  • The self-propulsion and variable speed makes it easier for you to manoeuvre in tight spaces. It comes with a two-year full coverage warranty.
  • Easier access has been provided to make it easier for you to service the mower’s blade and to clean the under-deck.
  • Its 3-in-1 feature allows you to bag, mulch or side discharge, providing flexible performance for all kinds of mowing conditions.
  • Its 3-years’ warranty on Guaranteed-to-Start (GTS) ensures that the mower will start on the first or second pull, resulting in an easy start.

3, Toro 21 inch 53cm High Wheel Push Mower 21320

Main Features

  • The Toro High Wheel Push Mower comes with a 21-inch cutting width and is lightweight as well as manoeuvrable. You can easily mow in tight areas due to its smaller width and manoeuvrability.
  • The Check & Add engine allows the engine to function without oil change for the rest of its life and also helps the machine in providing you with superior mulching and cutting capabilities.
  • The compact and easy to use mower model provides excellent performance to you at great value.
  • If you are looking for a mower to manage smaller, flatter yards, the Toro High Wheel Push Mower is the best option.
  • You can use the mower in uneven terrain quite smoothly due to its 11-inch rear tires.
  • Its 3 year GTS warranty ensures that the mower will start on the first or second pulls for three years, or the mower will be fixed by the suppliers.

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