Ryobi Lawnmower Compilation Review 2024


Greetings and welcome to this review on Ryobi lawnmowers which are on sale in both the US and UK markets at present. If you are considering buying a Ryobi lawn mower in the comings days or weeks, then take a quick look through this review which will help you decide if this brand of mower is the one for you or not.

Our review will outline the main features that you need to know plus the main pros and cons which we came across that you can check out further down on this page. So, without further delay, let's get started with this review...

Electric Review Overview

Lawn mower ReviewRyobi
Detail:Ryobi Lawn mowers - Electric and Petrol
Models:3 Reviewed - Our Top Picks
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Brief Ryobi lawn Mower Overview

Ryobi is a brand which is recognised worldwide for various power tools that can be used around the house and garden and they are considered as one of the most innovative companies in its category.

They supply tools to millions of people across the globe and their products are backed with a 2 year warranty which is an added bonus in terms of security and peace of mind before you buy.

Frequently asked Questions on Ryobi Lawn Mowers

Q1. Is the 36V a single battery?
A. No, you get 2 18V batteries

Q2. What is the duration of the charged battery?
A. General feedback from previous buyer’s state 25 to 30 minutes on a fully charged battery.

Q3. What size lawn can a charged battery cover?
A, The 2x 18V 4Ah batteries when fully charged can cover 600 metres squared.

Q4. Can you get striped lawn from these mowers?
A. No, you should look elsewhere if you are looking for striped lawns

Q5. Does the OLM1833H model include a battery?
A. No, this model has no battery and is a bare tool only

Q6. Which is the better battery to get – a 4Ah or a 5Ah?
A. For longer charged timeframes, the 5Ah is superior

Q7. How do the cordless mowers perform on wet grass?
A. The performance on wet grass is only average and works best on dry grass only.

Ryobi Lawn Mower Reviews - Our Top Picks

1, Ryobi 18V Lawnmower Cordless OLM1833H (bare tool)

Key Features:

This is a perfect option for you if you have a battery and charger already which you use for other tools as this particular model number is a bare tool only and does not include the charger or battery.

Battery / charger will need to be purchased separately and you get a 33cm deck and also the ability to change the height settings to 5 different levels and the height range varies from 22 to 75mm.

The design here allows you to collapse the machine and fold over so it will work great if you have tighter storage spaces plus the he weight of this model is just over 12kg and the dimensions are 68 by 39.2 by 37.4cm. The lightweight feature makes it really easy to move around and mow.

You also get the grass collection box included with your purchase and the batteries which are separate should be a 4Ah or a 5Ah battery only and requires minimal assembly work upon delivery

  • Pros: Perfect and lower priced option if you already have the battery and charger or if you want to buy the battery separately. Fold over also for you which is excellent when storage space is limited. Perfect for small gardens as it is quite small so it very easy to get into tight corners. Really simple assembly process so you are up and running in no time at all.
  • Cons: Not for you if you need a battery and charger to come with your mower. You are limited somewhat only to the 4Ah or the 5Ah battery to use. If your lawn takes longer than 25-30 minutes to complete, then you need a backup battery or should even consider a cored version. The grass box is also quite small and will fill up very quickly. Will struggle also with tall thick grass if you let the growth get out of control.

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2, Ryobi 36V Fusion Cordless 40cm Lawnmower (with 2 x 18V 4.0Ah batteries)

Key Features:

Unlike the model above, you actually get the batteries included with this particular model. The term fusion means that you are using the 2 batteries at the same time. You get 2 18V 4Ah batteries included which is great if one has depleted and you need to switch over to finish your lawn that takes over 25-30 minutes. (total 36V)

This model is also wider than the model above as it has a deck of 40cm so it will save you some time as it will require less passes on your part. For flexibility, there are 5 separate height adjustments and the range of heights vary from 20mm to 70mm and there is a simple assembly process and there is very little effort needed on your end to get started straight away.

The size is 52 by 76 by 42 cm and overall it has a well designed handle which will reduce the level of fatigue as you work and it fold down nice and easily which is great if you only have small spaces available for storage. The grass box you get is larger at 50L capacity so you get more mowing time and the speed of the blade is 3,550 per minute.

  • Pros: Provides you with similar power to what you would get from a petrol mower and it’s an environmentally friendly alternative to gas mowers. The larger grass box also allows more mowing time and reduced stoppages for emptying. Pollution free engine and you don’t have to worry about cords on the lawn as you mow or the ongoing costs of fuel and maintenance which are associated to gas mowers. There is also the battery gauge so you know how much time is left in your battery as you work.
  • Cons: You always need to remember to keep the batteries charged and you always need to remember where your charger is at all times. Only suitable for small to medium sized lawn up to 600sqm’s – the battery life could be longer also. if your lawn is over 600 meters squared or takes over 30 minutes to complete, then you should be considering a different solution to avoid disappointment

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3, Ryobi Corded Rotary Lawnmower - 1900W RLM19E40H

Key Features:

This option is for your larger sized lawns and is an alternative to the cordless models outlined above. It’s a 1900W electric powerful lawn mower and has a small compact size giving the level of power you would expect.

Assembly process is quick and easy and the size of the deck is 40cm and the weight is 14kg. It includes a comfortable handle to work with also which reduces the level of fatigue you get.

Included in this model also is the dual trigger system which is required for safety when starting your mower. You also get 5 separate mow heights that range from 20mm to 70mm and the size of the grass box which is included has a capacity of 50L There is also a 2 year warranty is included for you also.

  • Pros: You don’t have to worry about batteries or charging them as you have a reliable power source to get the job done. Price is also very attractive and much lower when comparing to the cordless versions. Again having a constant power supply as you work is the main attraction along with the lower price.
  • Cons: You are limited to the area you can work on to the length of the extension cord you buy. An extension will also be an added expense for you but is quite affordable. Cable could also be longer for the smaller gardens and also more secure.

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Comparison Table

A short summary comparison table is also outlined below:

ModelBattery includedMow HeightsWeight and Deck size
Ryobi 18V Lawnmower Cordless OLM1833H (bare tool)No22-75mmApprox 12kg, 33cm wide
Ryobi 36V Fusion Cordless 40cm Lawnmower (with 2 x 18V 4.0Ah batteries)Yes20-70mmApprox 21kg, 40cm wide
Ryobi Corded Rotary Lawnmower - 1900W RLM19E40HNo20-70mmApprox 14kg, 40cm wide

Further Reading

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Finally, I hope this review has helped you out and feel free to ask any questions in the comment box below.

In addition – Please share your experiences with electric lawn mowers good or bad with the community by leaving a comment in the comment box below – the community would greatly appreciate it so that they can learn also!

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  1. I purchased a Ryobi lawn mower because I have plenty of Ryobi equipment. It’s the very worst lawn mower that I have ever experienced. I am 70 years old so had a few. In dry weather it’s useless at collecting grass. If it’s wetish, then it’s more than useless. if you purchased one and want spares, please contact me, and I feel sorry for you.
    My advice, go and buy anything other than Ryobi. I have to go over my grass twice to collect the grass cuttings.Totally useless bit of kit

  2. I just purchased a Ryobi lawn mower and am having the same problem with it picking up the clippings. They seem to get clogged up inside and you have to stop and pull them thru. It’s very annoying when to have a basket for it to go. I am very unhappy with it. I have mowed it twice since I purchased it and thinking maybe it was due to the first cutting was why it didn’t pick up. No same thing stopping and pulling it thru the slot .

  3. I purchased a Ryobi battery lawnmower and it was terrible, barely cutting the lawn and my hands hurt from having to hold the handles in, it seemed very tinny, more like a toy, I phoned Bunnings right away and they said to bring it back which I did, I ended up buying a petrol mower which is 1000 times better

  4. Just purchased a Ryobi 175cc petrol 3 in 1 mower for my hilly section after doing some comparisons. I wondered why there wasn’t much in the catcher and yet there was no evidence of any clippings. It turns out I should have read more of the owners manual and taken the plug out. The good thing is I don’t need the catcher anymore – it does an awesome job of mulching and I can mow my lawns in half the time. I have annoying dead cabbage tree leaves that would stall my old mower… not any more. The powerful Yamaha motor hardly notices them.

    On the downside it’s heavier to push and turn than my old Masport, but now I’ve got an extra half hour to enjoy a beer afterwards – so it more than makes up for it!

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