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Greetings once again and welcome to this compilation review about Webb Garden Power lawnmowers. These lawn mowers have been designed by utilising many years of experience gained within the U.K. Their expertise of over 79 years has been crafted into every Webb product to ensure a compressive range of mowers and machinery capable of tackling some of the most demanding gardening chores.

Webb is synonymous for quality, innovation and performance. To ensure you also get the best value for your money – please ensure you check out the prices checkers which are outlined further below as prices can change from month to month.

Webb Lawnmower Review List

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View: Webb Cordless Electric Lawnmower Review

View: Webb Manual Hand Push Cylinder Lawnmower Review

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Lawnmower Review Overview

Compilation ReviewDetail:
Lawn Mower Brand:Webb Lawnmower Compilation
Models Reviewed:6 popular models
Lawnmower types:Petrol Push, Self propelled, Electric
Reliable Stock:Mowers Online UK Gloucester -View Stock Availability Here
Cheap Place to buy:Amazon UK – View today’s low prices here

Overview on Webb Lawnmowers

Webb Lawnmowers were launched in 2011 by G J Handy Distribution ltd who have been supporting the Garden Machinery industry since 1938. Handy introduced the Webb brand using our 79 years of knowledge and expertise to create a truly outstanding range of Lawn Mowers and Hand-Held equipment, designed to deliver perfect results every time.

Every product within the Webb range undergoes a great deal of scrutiny and design modifications to ensure customers’ expectations are met and the optimum results can be achieved. Webb stands for Quality, reliability and reassurance and it is our goal to ensure every customer has an enjoyable experience when using any of the Webb products.

The Webb range of products covers the different needs of our customers whether machinery is required for smaller garden types to large luxurious gardens, regardless of the application, we have the solution.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What are the various sizes of cutting widths available for petrol lawnmowers
A. 40cm (16”) to 53cm (21”) cutting widths.

Q2. What is the warranty for WEBB lawnmowers
A. 2 years warranty is included for all WEBB lawnmowers.

Q3. Are the petrol models self-start?
A. Please look at individual model for specifications

Q4. Are the blade made of plastic or metal?
A. The blades are made of metal.

Q5. What brand of petrol engines are installed on WEBB lawnmowers.?
A. Webb install  Sanli and Briggs & Stratton engines to their rotary mowers depending on the model.

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Webb Lawn Mower Review Compilation - Our Top Picks

1, Webb R41HP 41 cm Push Petrol Lawnmower

Key Features

  • This Classic lawnmowers have all the features of the Webb traditional brand, but with a great price and all the 'Classic' features you would expect from Webb.
  • This is one of the highest rated WEBB Lawnmower on Amazon.
  • The R41HP is a 41cm width of cut Push rotary mower with a powerful Sanli 118cc 4 stroke engine and a strong steel deck.
  • There are 7 heights of cut (20mm - 75mm) with a single lever adjustment.
  • All wheels have ball bearings
  • There is a 50 litre grass collection bag.

2, Webb WEER33 ER33 Lawnmower - Green/Black - Electric

Key Features

  • Webb Classic ER33 33cm (13") Powerful 1300 Watt Electric Hand Propelled Rotary Mower with single lever height adjustment and 35 litre grass collection box.
  • The Webb ‘Classic’ electric rotary mowers have a range of features that will no longer make cutting your lawn a chore.
  • Features like the single lever height adjustment which makes changing cutting heights simple and hassle free.
  • The collector full indicator which informs you when your grass collector needs emptying.
  • Easy fold handles make the machine very quick to fold down to a compact size, for easy minimum space storage.
  • The ER33 comes with a safety switch that requires a dual action operation for operator safety.
  • The specifications of this model are: 33cm (13") Cutting Width, 1300 Watt Motor, Single Lever Height of Cut (25-65mm)
  • It has a 35 Litre Collection Bag and a 10 metre power cable

3, Webb R16SP 42cm Self Propelled Rotary Lawnmower

Key Features

  • From Webb, the R16SP's powerful cutting action & self propelled running reduce the effort needed to deal with larger lawn areas & tougher growth.
  • The R16SP's most essential component is its high performance 450E series 4 stroke engine, from renowned engine specialists Briggs & Stratton.
  • Unlike with 2 stroke models, 4 stroke engines are quieter to run & produce fewer emissions, making them an environmentally responsible choice.
  • Powerful torque output is supplemented by a high quality, all steel cutting deck to provide an exceptional cut with every use.
  • As a 2-in-1 machine, you have the option to collect trimmings in the R16SP's capacious 40 litre collector - equipped with a carry handle for easy disposal - or to redistribute them onto the lawn as you go, which can benefit future growth.
  • You also have the choice between 5 different cutting heights between 25 & 70mm, single lever adjustable for maximum ease of use.
  • Also convenient is the lawnmower's washport, which allows for the connection of a garden hose for rapid, effort free cleaning.
  • As a self propelled machine, manoeuvrability is unlikely to prove a problem; & the R16SP's ball bearing wheels & foldable ergonomic handle help to ensure that the lawnmower moves smoothly over bumpy terrain.
  • 2 years deck & drive warranty & 2 years engine warranty are included with your purchase.

4, Webb R46SP 46 cm Self Propelled Petrol Lawnmower

Key Features

  • This Classic lawnmowers have all the features of the Webb traditional brand, but with a great price and all the 'Classic' features you would expect from Webb.
  • The R41SP is a Self Propelled rotary mower with a powerful Sanli 135cc 4 stroke engine and a strong steel deck.
  • There are 10 heights of cut (20mm - 70mm) with a single lever adjustment.
  • All wheels have ball bearings, and there is a 60 litre grass collection bag.
  • Some important specifications for this model are Steel Deck and the fact that it is self propelled so it’s a great help in getting it around your lawn a lot quicker
  • It has the 2 in 1 cutting system which is the Rear discharge or collection bag
  • This model has the single lever height of cut adjustment – it has 5 heights of cut: 20mm - 70mm.
  • There is also Soft grip folding handles and the 50 Litre grass collection bag

5, Webb 19in/48cm 3-in-1 Alloy Deck Petrol Rotary Lawnmower

Key Features

  • This 3 in 1 Webb Mower is self propelled by a Briggs & Stratton Ready Start engine and can be set to rear discharge, collect or mulch.
  • A single lever adjusts the height of cut through 7 settings from 25-75mm. The 70 litre Grass Collector can handle larger jobs while the Easi-View feature allows you to check when it needs emptying.
  • The ergonomic SoftGrip handles can easily be folded for compact storage. Webb mowers are made with only the very best materials, this 19' rotary mowers come with an alloy deck and 8' front and 11' rear ball bearing wheels as standard.
  • Manufacturer's two year (one year on engine) warranty from date of purchase.
  • Some specifications for this model are: 48cm (19”) cutting width.
  • Briggs & Stratton 675 Readystart®.Engine.
  • It is Self-propelled and has a 3 In 1 Cutting System which are Rear Discharge, Collect Or Mulch.
  • There is also a Single lever height of cut adjustment and has 7 Cutting heights which range from 25mm - 75mm
  • Soft grip folding handles and included is the larger 70 Litre grass collection bag.
  • You get Ball bearing wheels, a Wash port and the overall width of this model is 55cm (21.5”)
  • You also get a 2 Year Conditional Warranty and the Weight is 41.4kg

Comparison Table

A quick comparison table is also outlined below:

ModelMow Width Grass box Operation
WEBB R41HP 41 cm Push Petrol Lawnmower41cm50LPush
Webb WEER33 ER33 Lawnmower - Green/Black33cm35LPush
Webb R16SP 42cm Self Propelled Rotary Lawnmower42cm40LSelf Propelled
Webb 18in/46cm Push Petrol Four Wheeled Steel Deck Lawnmower46cm60LPush
WEBB R46SP 46 cm Self Propelled Petrol Lawnmower46cm50LSelf Propelled
Webb 19in/48cm 3-in-1 Alloy Deck Petrol Rotary Lawnmower48cm70LPush

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Useful Tips to take into consideration

  • The basic principle of lawn care is to carry out several straight forward routine tasks which are designed to keep the grass vigorous as well as attractive, which means that troubles are kept at bay. Thus, a proper maintenance programme is a series of trouble preventing measures and not a series of emergency treatments. Set out below is a list of essential tasks.
  • This is the most important task and must be done at the right time and with the blades at the correct height according to weather conditions and time of year. The blades must be sharp and properly set. Start the season on a high setting and gradually lower it. For the average utility lawn, the cut should be between 13mm and 40mm. Mowing too closely commonly results in poor quality lawns.
  • Lawns can die back in dry weather, resulting in brown patches. The grass will grow again when the rain starts, but it can be slow, allowing drought-resistant weeds such as yarrow and hawk bit to establish. Water the lawn thoroughly during dry or drought periods to saturate the top 10 - 15cm of soil. A useful way to find out if sufficient water is being applied is to make a small test hole in a border at the side of the lawn, to see how deep the water has penetrated. By noting the duration of watering needed future watering can be applied more accurately.
  • Constant mowing creates a serious drain on the nutrient reserves in the soil. Feed lawns annually in spring with a high nitrogen rich fertiliser. From late spring to late summer apply a proprietary spring/summer fertiliser if there is a decline in vigour loss of colour.
  • Apply fertiliser when the soil is moist, during showery weather, or water in after application. In early autumn, after raking and aerating and before top dressing, apply fertiliser. Use a proprietary autumn lawn fertiliser with high potash and low nitrogen content. For even coverage use a spreader.
  • Don’t wait until the problem gets out of hand. Occasional weeds can be pulled and patches of moss indicate that the growing conditions must be improved. Apply a weed killer or moss killer promptly as soon as there is an obvious invasion. Lawn weed killers spread through the plant. Typical effects are twisting and contortion of weed stems and foliage, occurring within a few days of application.
  • They do not harm grasses at normal dilution rates but should not be used on seedling grasses. There is a wide range of proprietary weed killers in various forms. The most popular method is to weed and feed at the same time. This is because selective weed killers work better when a nitrogen-rich fertiliser is used with it. Applying a fertiliser 1-2 weeks before weed killer treatment can be even more effective in controlling weeds.
  • The lawn is aerated by driving in a fork or other spiked instrument at intervals to relieve compaction drainage is improved and new growth is stimulated. Aerate at least once a year if the ground is badly compacted and moss is present. It should be sufficient to aerate once every 3 years if a hollow-tine fork is used.
  • Raking the lawn with a spring-tine rake has several benefits. The build-up of thatch is prevented and the surface debris is removed. The removal of autumn leaves is essential never leave them on the surface over winter. Raking up creeping stems of weeds before mowing helps with their control.
  • Top dressing is the application of a mixture of loam, sand and organic matter to a lawn to correct surface irregularities and encourage thickening of the turf. A simple formula is 3 parts sandy loam, 6 parts sharp sand and 1 part peat substitute. Apply at 2kg per m².
  • Work the dressing in with the back of a rake. Mid-September is the best time and spiking a day or two before top dressing will greatly increase the benefits, particularly in heavy soil. Our newly introduced range of Webb electric rotary mowers provide our customers with a range of sizes from 33cm (13") through to 40cm (16"), they are brimming with great features that make cutting your lawn easier.
  • Features include a single lever height adjustment, cutting heights ranging from 20mm up to 70mm, grass combs for improved cutting performance, up to 50 litre grass collection capacity plus a beautifully crafted design that looks stylish.
  • Webb Electric mowers are perfect for small to medium garden types and are lightweight for easy manoeuvrability. A lot of people take great pride in the art of lawn mowing and find the whole process one of summertime tradition and relaxation. Well, that’s until they go and chop a toe off because they weren’t concentrating.

Overview on Webb Classic Petrol Rotary Mowers

The Webb Classic mower range provides customers with the perfect solution when tackling small to medium gardens where electric is not suitable. They provide an entry into the petrol mower range at affordable prices whilst delivering a great finish and no compromise on quality. Powered by Sanli engines, these mowers come with varying deck widths from 40cm (16”) or 46cm (18”) and are available as a standard push or self-propelled. All Webb Classic mowers provide a single lever height adjustment feature and cut from 25mm to 70mm. With up to 60 litre grass collection, you can cut the grass for longer between emptying.

Overview on Webb Supreme Petrol Rotary Mowers

The Webb Supreme range are built with higher performance in mind. Every Supreme mower is supported with a Briggs & Stratton engine and is available through 40cm (16”) to 53cm (21”) cutting widths. With 11 different options including high wheel mowers for undulating ground types to side discharge, self-propelled or push, Webb has the mower for every lawn type. All Webb supreme models host great features to make your life easier. The perfect solution for medium to large lawn types where time is of the essence and quality of cut is paramount.

Overview on Webb Supreme Petrol Rear Roller Mowers

These mowers are designed to support gardeners with small to large lawn types where the traditional stripped lawn effect is required. Due to the split rear roller, these mowers are ideal for gardens with boarders as a cut over the edge can be achieved without damage to your lawn. With a low cutting height ranging from 20mm to 77mm it is possible to achieve a quintessential British Garden look. Webb Roller mowers vary in cutting widths from 40cm (16”) to 48cm (19”) and can support every garden size with this desired result. The Briggs & Stratton engine supports increased power and performance, ensuring a long life for your mower. OK, that’s a bit extreme, but the truth is, lawnmowers can be dangerous, stats have even shown that more people end up in A&E because they’ve had an accident working on the garden, than for playing sports.

Safety Tips

#1 Don’t trip: At the least hazardous end of the scale, make sure you keep track of the electricity cable after you’ve plugged your mower in and set off. You don’t want to get tangled up and have a nasty fall.
#2 Avoid a shock: Snagging the electric cable with the mower itself comes with its own, far greater, risks. Not only will you mangle the cable and have to make a trip to the mower service centre, you could give yourself an electric shock too.
#3 Plasters at the ready: Always take extreme care while fitting and cleaning mower blades – they are understandably sharp! We don’t want any cuts or lacerations.
#4 Don’t get burnt: Mower blades and engines can get very hot, so never refill the fuel tank just after use. Always wait until the mower has fully cooled down before touching.
#5 Watch where you’re going: If you’re lucky enough to have a lawn worthy of a sit-on mower, bravo, but always look where you’re going.
#6 Protect your eyes: You don’t know what could be lurking in long grass, ready to fly out when it’s disturbed, so pop on a pair of goggles just to be on the safe side.
#7 Keep pets indoors: For obvious reasons, you don’t want to accidentally give your dog a trim too…

Individual Webb Lawnmower Review lists

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Final note - Webb stands for quality. Finely crafted machines enhanced by modern technology. The cylinder and rotary mowers are some of the best on the market for the perfect finish, whatever your needs. Webb mowers are built with practicality in mind, they are easy to use and easy to maintain. They are designed for people who want a machine that will give them a quality finish. You can also be assured that Webb are concerned with more than just the greenness of your grass, they offer environmentally friendly mowers with low emission, energy efficient engines and a complete range of push and electric mowers.

Webb machines are designed, built and supported to the highest standard, as you would expect from a quality brand. If you are looking for a reliable petrol lawnmower then look at the above models from Webb as you won't be disappointed in our view


If you have purchased or used a Webb lawnmower in the past, please write your own experiences and reviews in the comment box below to benefit the wider community. It will be useful for other readers to help them make a correct choice for themselves.

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