Yard Machines Lawnmower Compilation Reviews 2024


Greetings once again and welcome to our compilation review of Yard Machines Lawn mowers which are also available to order online and get conveniently delivered to your front door hassle free.

My focus here will be to review a selection of the most popular mowers under the Yard Machines brand so that you can have a clear understanding on the capabilities for each of them before you decide to buy - we have nominated what we believe are the top selected options under this brand.

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Lawn Mower Review Overview

Lawn Mower Overview
Brand:Yard Machines Lawn mowers
Models:5 Lawn mowers reviewed
Types:Push, Self-Propelled, Riding
Cheap Place to Buy:Amazon – View today's low prices here

Yard Machine Lawn Mower Review Compilation - Top Recommendations

1, Yard Machines 140cc 20-Inch Push Mower


  • Main attraction for this model is the low price that tends to be on offer in this range
  • Great performer for getting your lawn looking great with the Yard Machines Push Mower.
  • The Yard Machines 140cc 4-cycle push lawnmower is perfect for small to medium-sized residential yards and delivers solid, efficient power to tackle the job.
  • Equipped with a 140cc OHV engine and a compact 20-inch frame, you will be able to manoeuvre around tight corners and shrubs easily.
  • The manual height adjuster will allow you to adjust to three different mowing heights very easily. This push mower is lightweight, has a loop handle and durable 7-inch wheels. This Yard Machines mower is backed by a 1-year limited warranty.

Pros:  This mower is perfect for you if you like putting things together, taking the time to learn how something operates and don’t mind getting your hands dirty. Once you are done assembling this mower, you won’t ever again have to take a wrench out unless it is to change the height of course. This model is one of the smallest in the range and therefore has one of the lowest prices which will be ideal if you are working on a tighter budget

Cons:  Although this lawnmower has height adjustments and assembling manual - it is a bit complicated and it will also struggle with taller and stronger grass. It is narrower also which means a little more extra work in terms of passes to complete. Also, there is no rear grass catcher included here and some buyers had difficulty in getting it started out of the box.

2, Yard Machines 140cc 21-Inch Push Mower


  • The Yard Machines push lawn mower has a powerful 140cc OHV gas engine and will accommodate small to medium size yards.
  • This has a 21-inch cutting width and dual-lever height adjustment.
  • The Mower is equipped with a side discharge and mulching capability for your every lawn mowing need.
  • This lawn mower is light in weight and has 7 x 11-inch wheels for easy manoeuvrability.
  • It is backed by a 2-year limited warranty.
  • It has a reliable Engine that is powered by a durable 140cc OHV engine.
  • Side Discharge Chute having deck features dual-lever height adjustment and 2 mulching capabilities - mulching and side discharge.
  • Durable Wheels with features 7" x 11”-wheel size for easy turns and it comes with a sturdy loop handle for operator ease.

Pros: This lawnmower product comes with an efficient engine. The engine consumes lesser fuel during the process of running. It has a bigger cutting deck which cuts the entire grass within no time. It is very light in weight and needs a little effort to move it over. The product comes with 3 height adjustment positions which are helpful for a variety of users and of course you can either mulch or side discharge

Cons:  Would expect this to be more powerful, it does a decent job of cutting grass as long as it isn’t too high but could be stronger nonetheless. Again, there is no rear grass catcher with this model either and you are limited to only side discharge or mulch.

3, Yard Machines 159cc 21-Inch Self-Propelled Mower


  • This is one of the favorite models in the Yard Machines mower range due to its overall functional ability and this Yard Machines self propelled lawn mower has a powerful 159cc OHV-Auto gas engine and will accommodate small to medium size yards.
  • The Yard Machines Mower comes with front wheel drive and one single forward speed to power through your outdoor yard tasks.
  • There is the 21-inch cutting width and dual-lever height adjustment also for your needs.
  • The Mower is also equipped with a side discharge and mulching capability to accommodate your yard needs.
  • This lawn mower is light in weight and has 8 x 8-inch wheels for easy manoeuvrability around the lawn and tighter spots.
  • Finally, please note that this machine is backed by 2-year limited warranty. Updated prices at Home depot can be checked below

4, Yard Machines 21" Gas Push Mower with Side Discharge, Mulching, & Rear Bag


  • This model has a 21 inch mow deck and has a 159cc Powermore OHV engine
  • There is also the EZ start guarantee included (starts with just 2 pulls) which gives you a great help and added confidence to get it working for you quickly and conveniently
  • This is a push mower and not self propelled – you need to do all the hard work!
  • You get 3 different options of rear bagger, mulching and also side discharge so there is great flexibility depending on your own individual needs.
  • There are 6 different mow grass height settings so you can start at the higher levels first if the grass has grown out of control and then work your way down to lower heights
  • Wheels are 8 inches at the rear and 7 inches at the front
  • Ideal for flat lawns with little inclines on the terrain.
  • Please note that is also a 2 year warranty included when you buy.
  • Further reviews at Home Depot plus updated prices can be viewed below

5, Yard Machines 420cc 42-Inch Riding Lawn Mower


  • The 42" 420cc MTD Powermore Yard Machines Riding Mower will make it easy for you to mow your lawns and hilly, grassy areas.
  • It features a 42" blade that can cut a wide area, as well as 420cc Powermore engine that includes a seven-speed gear shift to give you the power to drive the MTD riding mower up small hills and ridges.
  • The deck is made from stamped steel and uses 2 blades to cut the grass.
  • You can either choose to use the clippings for mulch, have them discharged from the side, or put into the rear bag.
  • Many smaller mowers don’t offer mulching capabilities.
  • Other functions of the mower include mulching and bagging to help you improve and maintain the appearance of your yards.
  •  It will provide a comfortable and easy way to mow large yards. With the lever-operated automatic transmission, driving the Yard Machine 420cc is steady and effortless.
  • As an automatic transmission, the ride will feel smooth even on more uneven terrain.
  • You get 7-speed selections, and can go forward at 5 mph, and backwards at 2 mph.
  • Further information, reviews and prices can be checked at Home Depot below

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In summary, Yard Machines is a popular and durable brand of mowers. The other major distinction that makes some models equally popular to those listed above is personal preference. Brand loyalty can go a long way, and for some it is the company that makes the mower, and for others it is the engine’s manufacturer. No matter which model you buy from Yard Machines, keep in mind that all mowers need to have the above mentioned basic features. Yard Machines models are all carry trend setting features, such as excellent engines, easy to operate pedals, supportive seating, sturdy decks, and easy blade adjustment systems.

If you want a high quality riding mower that will last you for many years and provide an extremely smooth ride, then consider a MTD's Yard Machine lawn mowers. MTD products can be found in all channels of distribution such as home improvement stores, hardware stores, mass retailers, independent dealers and farm supply stores.

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