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Greenworks 20 Inch Reel Lawnmower Review 2023


Hi again from Lawn Mower reviews and today I have reviewed the Greenworks 20 inch Reel Mower model number 25072 which I hope you find beneficial if you are thinking about buying it in the coming days. Working with a Reel mower can present many challenges when compared to Electric or Gas mowers but there are also many benefits in using one especially when it comes to burning calories and getting some exercise.

Time is of the essence so I will outline in a quick and brief format some questions that have come up about this reel mower, some advantages and disadvantages so at least then you can decide for yourself if this Reel mower can work for you and your own particular set of requirements and expectations. So, with any further delay, let’s begin…

Reel Lawn Mower Overview

Lawn MowerGreenWorks Reel Mower 20 inch
Model Number25072
Mower TypeReel mower
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Main Features for the Greenworks 20 Inch Reel Mower:

  • Mow cutting path is 20 inches wide
  • Larger wheels of 10 inches in diameter and 6 inches at the rear.
  • Mow height can be adjusted to 4 levels
  • Has the ability to adjust mow heights from 1.75 to 2.75 inches
  • Provides an alternative to electric in the Greenworks range
  • No need to worry about cords / batteries
  • Weight of the reel mower is 32 Ibs
  • Rear grass catcher bag included

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Greenworks Lawn mower review, Reel 20 inch, additional imagesSome FAQ’s for the Greenworks 20 Inch Reel Mower

Q, How wide is the cutting path?
A, The cutting path for this reel mower is 20 inches
Q, Can the mow height be adjusted?
A, Yes, you can adjust to 4 separate height levels
Q, What is the lowest level of the reel mow?
A, The lowest level it can mow is 1.75 inches
Q, How much assembly is required?
A, Very little work is needed, just a matter of attaching the handle

Pros for the Greenworks 20 Inch Reel Mower

  • Environmentally friendly alternative to gas mowers
  • Zero emissions and no oil, gas or electricity costs when compared to other mowers.
  • Capability to adjust the height of the mow provides additional flexibility.
  • Simple assembly and set up process with very little work needed on your behalf.
  • Ability to adjust the height unlike many other reel mowers in the market and it is wider than the average reel mower
  • Can serve as a back up mower also if your gas / electric mower needs to get repaired
  • No need to worry about pull cords and getting it started
  • Low attractive price when compared to commercial lawn mowers be it corded, cordless or gas mowers.
  • Provides a great workout and form of exercise for burning calories.

Cons for the Greenworks 20 Inch Reel Mower

  • Not suitable for larger lawns with thick heavy long grass
  • Long grass and weeds can tend to get tangled in the reel and axel which can cause a headache or two.
  • Rear grass catcher is a little flimsy and could be made sturdier
  • Size of the grass catcher is quite small and requires frequent emptying which will be additional work on your end.
  • The lawn needs to be free of sticks / branches / debris / twigs to prevent it getting jammed.

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Lastly, I hope this review on the Greenworks Reel 20 Inch Lawn mower has been helpful to you and please let me know your own experiences with reel mowers by leaving a comment below.

Happy Mowing…

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