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Greenworks Lawn Mower Reviews – Model 40V Bare Tool Cordless 19 inch 2501302


Welcome back to Lawn Mower Reviews and today we are taking a close look and reviewing the Greenworks 40V Cordless (Bare Tool) 19 inch 3 in 1 Lawn mower to help you find out if this Mower can meet your own particular set of work requirements.

Many people have bought this model 2501302 in the past and gave negative reviews not realising that this model is the bare tool and that the battery needs to be bought separately. If you already have a G Max battery, then read on. If you need a lawn mower with a charger and battery, you will need to skip this and look at other options such as the mowers reviewed at the bottom of this page in particular model number 25322


Lawn Mower Overview

Lawn MowerGreenWorks Cordless 40V 19 Inch - BARE TOOL
Model Number2501302
Corded or CordlessCordless
Voltage40V G-Max
Low Price place to buy:Wal-Mart - View today’s stock levels here
Overall Rating3 star rating

Key Features:

  • This is a bare tool Cordless mower
  • Battery is not included
  • Cam lock for easy folding and storing away
  • 6 different mow heights
  • Steel cutting deck
  • Mow width path is 19 inches
  • 3 separate settings of side discharge, rear bag catcher and mulching
  • Powerful 40V G Max cordless lithium ion mower
  • Ideal for small to medium sized lawns
  • Wheels are 6 inches at the front and 7 inches at the back
  • Compatible batteries are the G Max 2Ah (29462) and the G Max 4Ah battery (29472) and are sold separately
  • Price stated is the latest advertised – Click image to view any price updates

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Details of the G Max battery are outlined below where it takes 120 minutes to charge a 4Ah battery and 60 minutes to charge a 2Ah battery.

Greenworks Lawn Mower review, 2501302 40V, additional images

A video can also be viewed and is displayed below – Click image to watch and play at Walmart…

Greenworks Lawn Mower review, 2501302 40V, video

Frequently asked questions:

Q, What are the minimum and maximum mow heights?
A, The minimum is 1-1/8 inch and the maximum is 3 inches
Q, What is the weight of this lawn mower?
A, The weight is 65 Ibs
Q, Do I need an extension cord for this model?
A, No as this is a cordless model
Q, Does the bare tool include a battery?
A, No, you need to buy this separately. If you need a mower with a battery included, scroll down to view other reviews with batteries included (model 25322)
Q, Can the mow height be adjusted?
A, Yes, it can be adjusted to 6 different levels
Q, Do I need a pull cord to get it started?
A, No, there is no pull cord, all you need to do is press a button
Q, If I buy a 40V G max battery, can it be used for other tools?
A, Yes, this battery is adaptable to other Greenworks electric tools but you need to double check tool compatibility


Pro’s for the Greenworks 19 inch Cordless Mower Bare tool:

  • The 3 settings of mulching, rear catcher and side discharge adds a lot of flexibility.
  • No gas, oil or fumes when compared to gas mowers
  • No need to worry about dragging extension cords around with you when compared to the corded version
  • If you have heavy grass, you can start with the highest setting 6th notch
  • Little to no maintenance costs when compared to gas mowers
  • No gas or oil costs when compared to gas mowers also and there are less noise levels to deal with.
  • Much lighter and easier to push around the lawn and move around tight spaces
  • The 4AH battery can be used for medium sized lawns while the 2Ah can be used for small town house type lawns


Cons’s for the Greenworks 19 inch Cordless Mower Bare tool:

  • No battery included, only for buyers who already have an existing G max 4Ah/2Ah battery or wish to buy their batteries separately.
  • Struggles with larger type lawns and also thicker higher grasses
  • Inability to mow much larger areas in a single charge setting, a second battery as backup may be needed in some cases to have it all done in one sitting
  • Reliability of getting the mow times of 60 minutes is sometimes questionable for the fully charged batteries especially if you have rough terrain.
  • The 40V G Max + the 40V Lithium Ion Batteries are not cross compatible. Only the G Max 2Ah (29462) and the G Max 4Ah battery (29472) can be used.
  • Battery and the charger is not included so it will need to be bought separately for this mower if you do not have one already. 


3 star rating



Please also be aware that another cheap place to buy the Greenworks Lawn mowers is online with Amazon and a selection of them are outlined below. If you are interested in taking a look – Click any model image to compare prices further at Amazon…

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Finally, I hope this review on the Greenworks Bare Tool 19 inch Cordless lawn mower has been helpful to you and please let me know your own experiences with Greenworks Lawn mowers by leaving a comment below.



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