Hayter Harrier 56 Petrol Lawnmower Review 2024 – VS, BBC & ES


If you are looking for the wider 56cm Hayter Harrier Variable Speed Rear Roller Lawnmower, then check out our quick Hayter Harrier 56 Petrol Lawnmower review which will outline everything you need to know before you make any final decision. We will outline all the key features, components plus the main pros and cons that we came across during the course of our review.

Hayter Harrier 56 Lawnmower Variations

When choosing a Hayter Harrier 56cm self-propelled variable speed Rear roller lawnmower, you will have 4 main options to choose from. The Harrier 56 lawnmower with the lowest price will be the Harrier 56 VS Variable speed with the Sens-a-speed technology followed then by the Harrier 56 BBC Brake blade clutch where the blade can be disengaged and you can keep it running when moving it from one lawn to the next.

After this is the Harrier 56 ES Electric start Lawnmower for those of you who want to avoid pull recoil cords and this feature model will be more expensive than both the VS and the BBC. Lastly then is the most expensive Harrier 56 Pro which is designed for commercial use and landscape contractors.

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Harrier 56 Comparisons

To ensure you have all the necessary information, we will outline all the keys features in a comparison table further down on this page where you can see 3 of these Hayter 56 lawnmowers side by side. It will outline the different engine sizes, engine power outputs, starter systems, mow heights and so much more.

In addition, we have provided 2 alternative brand price companions for you to check out which can possibly save you some money in the process.

Hayter Harrier 56 Petrol SP Lawnmowers – 3 Recommendations

Option 1: Hayter Harrier 56 Petrol Variable Speed VS Lawnmower 574A

The lowest price Harrier 56 lawnmower is the Hayter Harrier 56cm Petrol Variable Speed VS Auto-drive self-propelled Lawnmower code 574A which comes designed with the clever and innovative Sens-a-speed technology to adapt to your own walking and mowing speed pace. It comes designed with a Hayter 1P65FC Single cylinder 4-stroke OHV 159cc engine and it has the pull recoil cord with the built in Guaranteed To Start GTS operational system. The engine power rating is 2.6kW, the deck is made using aluminium and there are 7 mowing height options that range from a low of 1.3cm up to 6cm for longer grasses

This lawnmower is designed for lawn areas 1000-1200m2 as a rough guide and it has the 2 piece polymer rear roller for a quality garden strip finish and counter rolling at the corner edges to avoid markings. It works great at the edges leaving a tighter finish and it is covered with a 5 year warranty as well a lifetime warranty on the crank shaft.

Other features we liked are the Vari-pitch technology which adapts to the ground surface angles and grass clipping collections, the GTS Guaranteed to Start system and also the built in wash port to allow easier cleaning of the undercarriage. In addition, the handles can be folded down, the grass box can be lifted through the handles and the grass collection box has a storage capacity of 70 litres

Price Guide: £1300 - £1500

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Option 2: Hayter Harrier 56 Petrol Variable Speed BBC Lawnmower 575A

The second option available to you that we recommend is the Hayter Harrier 56cm Petrol Variable Speed BBC Blade Brake Clutch auto-drive self-propelled Lawnmower code 575A which is very similar to the 574A but this model has the blade brake clutch which allows you to disengage the blade while keeping the mower propelled at the same time to move across gravel or paving to another lawn area. The rear roller is 53cm wide, the mowing heights are the same at 1.3cm to 6cm and it can also cover lawn areas 1000-1200m2 as a rough guide.

It also has the Sens-a-speed auto-drive self-propelled support which adapts to your own walking mowing pace so it operates with a variable speed 1 - 2.9km per hour to suit your own mowing rate preferences. It delivers what it says on the tin when it comes to crisp clean cut garden stripes for a professional appearance to your own home lawn.

The engine here is a Briggs and Stratton 850E series 190cc engine with OHV and a 3.3kW power rating plus it is a 4 stroke air cooled lawnmower engine to give plenty of power and more to plough through stubborn and difficult mowing conditions. It also has the wash port, the 90 day money back guarantee and the 5 year warranty as long as it is serviced annually

Price Guide: £1400 - £1600

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Option 3: Hayter Harrier 56 Petrol VS Auto-drive Electric Start Lawnmower 576B

The third Hayter 56 lawnmower that we recommend is the Hayter Harrier code 576B which has the 56cm mowing width and it’s a petrol variable speed self-propelled Auto-drive Lawnmower with an electric start (no pull recoil cords) so all you have to do is press a button and away you go. It also has the Sens-a-speed intuitive technology on the speed control, a wash port for easy cleaning of the under carriage and it is also designed for lawn areas 1000 to 1200m2 as a guide.

The mow heights are the same 1.3cm to 6cm and this is the best solution for you if you need to avoid pull cords. It also delivers on the clear garden stipes from the 53cm wide rear rollers and it also has the aluminium deck, the wash port, a trim side deck for cutting to the width of the wheels and the vari-pitch technology for improved mowing and grass clipping collections.

The handlebars can be folded also when not in use and it has the Briggs and Stratton 775EX Series 161cc engine with a directional overhead value (DOV), a power rating of 2.6kw and the fuel tank has a capacity of 1.0 litre.

Price Guide: £1500 - £1700

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Pros for the Hayter 56 Petrol Lawnmowers

  • The quality of the garden stripes is excellent and certainly one of the best if not the best we have ever seen
  • There is plenty of power in these engines even with the lower powered Hayter 56 VS with 159cc for ploughing through difficult mowing conditions, longer grasses and even sloped and wet terrain.
  • As the speed of the self-propelled support is variable, it can work to suit your own individual walking and mowing pace.
  • You get a lower 1.3cm mow cut to give a tighter and cleaner finish plus you get the long 5 year warranty and the 90 day money back guarantee from the supply base in Gloucester
  • Starting these lawnmowers worked perfectly every time which is supported with the GTS guaranteed to start or ReadyStart ignition starter systems

Cons for the Hayter 56 Petrol Lawnmowers

  • As they have the rear rollers, there is no mulch plug or side discharge options for less informal areas. If you need a Hayter lawnmower with these options, then you should choose the Hayter Osprey lawnmowers instead.
  • You have to choose the more expensive Hayter 56 ES or Pro if you wish to avoid a pull recoil cord
  • These wider Hayter lawnmower price levels are on a higher level and will be seen by many as far too expensive
  • These machines are very heavy at over 50kg which be difficult to manoeuvre when you disengage the self-propelled support lever

Petrol Lawnmower Price Comparisons

Hayter Harrier 56 Petrol Lawnmower Comparisons

To add further clarity, please check out the comparison table below where you can see each of the features, engines, starters and power outputs side by side

Harrier 56Harrier 56 VSHarrier 56 BBCHarrier 56 ES
Variable speedYes, 1-2.9km/hrYes, 1-2.9km/hrYes, 1-2.9km/hr
Mow width56cm56cm56cm
StarterPull cordPull cordPush Button
Mow heights7, 1.3-6cm7, 1.3-6cm7, 1.3-6cm
Wash hoseConnectorConnectorConnector
Foldable handlesYesYesYes
Lawn size guide1000-1200m21000-1200m21000-1200m2
EngineHayter 1P65FCB&S 850E seriesB&S 775Ex series
Engine power rating2.6kW 4 stroke3.3kW 4 stroke2.6kW 4 stroke
Power output159cc190cc161cc
Grass bag70L capacity70L capacity70L capacity
Oil Tank0.55L capacity0.57L capacity0.6L capacity
Fuel Tank1.0L capacity1.0L capacity1.0L capacity
Home Warranty5 years5 years5 years

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After completing this Hayter Harrier 56 Lawnmower review, we hope our work here has helped you out and give you a better idea on the various options available to you. You can go for the basic Variable speed self-propelled lawnmower or go for the BBC version or the Electric start where you can avoid the pull starter recoil cords.

Which one would we buy? Taking into consideration the price and the overall performance, our preference would be the lower priced Harrier 56 VS 574A lawnmower outlined earlier and further information plus price updates can be viewed below

Hayter Harrier 56 Lawnmower Feedback

Have you ever used a Hayter Harrier 56cm Petrol Lawnmower in the past? If so, please share your own feedback and experiences with the wider mowing community by leaving a comment in the comment box section provided below….

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