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If you are looking to buy a Lawn mower at B&Q in the coming days, then please make sure to take a quick look through this review which outlines some of the best Lawnmowers currently on sale in their Garden machinery category section.

There are over 50 Lawnmowers on sale throughout their portfolio so we have narrowed our list down to what we believe are the best lawnmowers in specific sectors be it Ride on Tractor Mowers, Robotic Lawn mowers, Petrol lawnmowers and Electric powered Lawnmowers. Hopefully when you scroll down through our list, it can speed up the process for you when it comes to making your own final decision.

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B&Q Lawnmower Review Overview

For easier navigation, our review will be split into 3 separate parts outlined as follows…

Part 1: Best Ride on Tractor Mowers

Part 2: Best Robotic Lawnmowers

Part 3: Best Push Lawnmowers (Petrol & Electric)

Price Indications

As price guides can only be shown at the time of this review, please make sure to view the price checkers provided below to help ensure you have the most accurate up to date price information. Various combo deals are in place from time to time such as Lawnmowers with a Grass trimmer or Lawnmowers with a garden tool and these will become clearer as you view the price checkers outlined further down on this page.

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Part 1: B&Q Tractor Ride on Lawnmower Recommendations (2)

1, Mountfield Petrol T40H Ride-on Tractor Lawnmower 452cc

Key Features to Note:

Reliable Mountfield ST500 OHV engine

Electric key-start with a 102cm twin blade cut

7 mow heights ranging from 2.5cm to 8cm

Powered with a 452cc single cylinder engine

Includes rear collect container of 260L capacity

Alarm will sound when grass box is full

Robust tow hitch provided for accessories

Blades are disengaged if driver gets off the seat

Ideal for larger sites up to 2.5 acres

Delivered assembled and ready to mow

Hydrostatic forward drive & reverse drive

Warranty duration is 2 years long

Price Guide: Less than £2500

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2, Mountfield 72cm Petrol Ride-on lawnmower 28M 352cc

Key Features to Note:

Smaller & lower priced ride on mower

Ideal for people with smaller sized gardens

Easy to navigate & get through narrow gates

Single cylinder Mountfield ST350 OHV engine

Electric key-start 352cc engine

Mowing width 72cm plus 2 year warranty

7 mow height options from 3cm to 8cm

Rear grass box collection capacity of 170L

Grass box can be emptied from the seat

Mulching plug needs to be bought separately

Ideal garden size guide up to approx. 1 acre

Comes fully assembled upon delivery

Price Guide: Less than £1500

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Video Overview – Mountfield Tractor Ride on Lawnmowers

Part 2: B&Q Robotic Lawnmower Recommendations (2)

If you prefer an automatic Robotic lawnmower to do all the work for you instead even while you are away from home, then the 2 Robotic lawnmower suggestions below will do the trick for you…

1, Worx Landroid M1000 Cordless Robotic Lawnmower

Key Features to Note:

For lawns up to 1000 meters squared

Fully automatic robotic lawn mowing

Includes charging dock base and nails

Boundary wire is 180m long

Measurement gauge, 3 Amp charger

Hex key, staples x 250, blades x 9

Mowing height range is 3cm to 6cm

App control with smart phone capability

20V battery is tool interchangeable

Cutting width 18cm with 3 year warranty

Price Guide: Less than £1000

2, Mac Allister Cordless Robotic Lawnmower MRM250

Key Features to Note:

Lower priced robotic mowing solution

Quick starting function with security pin

Requires installation and programming

For smaller lawns up to 250 meters squared

Or approx. 16m long by 15m wide

Staples, screws, hex key are included

Also measure gauge, nails & charge station

Tilt and lift safety functionality

Battery power 2.0Ah 20V Li-ion

Mowing width 16cm & 2 year warranty

Price Guide: Less than £500

Video Overview – Worx Landroid Robotic Lawnmower

Part 3: B&Q Push Lawnmower Recommendations

If you want to avoid both the Tractor ride on mowers and the Robotic mowers, then check out the 4 popular Push Lawnmowers instead which include both Electric (1) and Petrol (3) powered lawn mowing alternatives

1, Erbauer Cordless 36V Lawnmower ELM18-Li

Key Features to Note:

Cordless electric powered lawnmower

No cables, fuel, fumes or oils

Powerful 5.0Ah battery provided

Little to no maintenance required

Includes folding handle for storage

Large grass collection 50L capacity

6 mowing heights from 2.5cm to 7.5cm

Brushless motor for increased efficiency

Wider mow cutting width of 46cm

Multiport dock charger for batteries

2 18V batteries requires 60 min charge time

Price Guide: Less than £450

2, Toro 140cc 46cm Petrol Lawnmower 20945

Key Features to Note:

Petrol powered 140cc mowing engine

Designed with Briggs & Stratton engine

Engine model 140cc 500 E Series OHV

Wide mowing width of 46cm

Includes a mulching plug & 1L fuel tank

Cuts into small clippings for the soil

3 in 1 mowing – rear, mulch & collect

Large grass collection unit 55L capacity

Solid and robust steel metal deck

Washport provided for easy cleaning

2 year warranty provided

Price Guide: Less than £350

Video Overview – Toro Recycler Petrol Lawnmower

3, Mountfield 125cc Petrol Lawnmower HP185

Key Features to Note:

Briggs & Stratton OHV 125cc engine

300 series engine hand propelled

Mowing width of 46cm

Includes mulching plug for the soil

Acts as a natural fertiliser

Metal steel robust deck coated

Rear discharge, collect or Mulch

Larger grass box capacity 60 litres

Fuel tank capacity is 0.75 litres

Price Guide: Less than £250


4, Mac Allister 170cc Petrol Lawnmower

Key Features to Note:

Code reference order MLMP170H51

Powerful 170cc engine displacement

Wider cutting width 51cm

Designed with a Honda engine

Engine model reference Honda GCV170

Powder coated metal steel deck

Side discharge, mulch or collect

Alert system when grass box is full

Grass collection unit capacity 60 litres

Price Guide: Less than £370

Video Overview – Tips with Servicing a Mac Allister Petrol Lawnmower

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After completing our review for the best lawnmowers available at B&Q in the UK, we hope our work here can help you out in some small way and give you some suggestions and ideas to think about when making your final decision. We have included Ride on Mowers, Robotic Lawnmowers, Petrol Lawnmowers and an Electric Cordless Lawnmower so there should be something here to cater for your own individual needs.

Optional Feedback B&Q Lawnmowers

Have you ever bought a Lawnmower from B&Q in the past? Anything positive or negative to report?

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