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If you are considering buying a Lawnmower at Lidl in the future, then check out this quick Lidl Lawnmower review which will cover both the corded Parkside Electric Lawnmower and also the cordless Parkside Electric lawn mower so at least you have more than just one option when it comes to making a final decision.

In the event that it is out of stock or gone off sale at Lidl when you visit this page, then make sure to check out alternative suppliers provided further below or even the alternative brands that we recommend based on our own personal experiences.

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Lawnmower Overview

For easier navigation this review will be split into 5 parts as follows…

  • Part 1: Lidl Parkside Corded Lawnmower Review
  • Part 2: Parkside Corded Lawnmower vs Bosch Rotak Corded Lawnmower
  • Part 3: Lidl Parkside Cordless Lawnmower Review
  • Part 4: Alternative brands to consider (3)
  • Part 5: Conclusion plus Feedback

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The types of Lawnmowers available at Lidl are electric and there is the choice of either corded powered and also battery powered under the brand of Parkside lawn mowers. One thing they are good at is offering you the lowest possible price levels to get your foot inside the door so to speak so it is very hard to match them when it comes to prices from their competitors. Plus it is very difficult to find these Parkside Lawnmowers on sale anywhere else.

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Video Insert: Unboxing of the Parkside Cordless Lawnmower

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Part 1: Lidl Parkside Corded Lawnmower Review

Parkside Electric 1300W Corded 32cm Lawnmower

Corded Lawnmower Features:

Corded push electric lawnmower

Motor power level is 1300W

Mow cutting width is 32cm - 3 height settings 2cm to 6cm

Grass collection unit 30L capacity

Light design at approx. 8kg - Comfortable wide handles

Safety switch & cable strain relief

Handles can be folded down

Price Guide: Less than £100

Pros for the Corded Lawnmower

  • This lawnmower has a lightweight design at less than 10kg so it makes the job of pushing a lawnmower so much easier to do especially around flower beds and tight corners
  • It’s a lower priced solution for getting grass cut! There are no batteries, no chargers, no fuel or oil costs to worry about – just plug it in and away you go
  • The handles can be folded down when not in use to help those with limited storage options
  • Simple to use, low cost and environmentally friendly option when it comes to gardening and mowing work
  • Good quality steel cutting blade to give a clean finish and collection of the grass clippings into the rear grass box worked as good as can be expected.

Cons for the Corded Lawnmower

  • Lacks the superior power of petrol lawnmowers when it comes to tall grasses, denser or damp grasses – a second mow around may be needed by starting at the higher levels or pivoting the rear wheels
  • You need to develop a technique of avoiding the cable cord as you go around the lawn each time
  • Depending on the size of your lawn, extension cords may be needed as the length of the cable here is just 10m long (Bosch is 12m long)
  • It is limited to small gardens only with a lawn size guide of approx. 250m2 and the grass collection is on the smaller size of 30L capacity (Bosch offers a larger 40L capacity)
  • The mowing height options are lower at just 3 settings where the Bosch Rotak offers 5 settings and the Spear and Jackson 32cm also offers 5 mow height settings
  • Stock levels and availability at Lidl are quite limited so you may need to look elsewhere to get your hands on it – check out prices and stocks from Amazon UK here instead as back up

Part 2: Parkside Corded Lawnmower vs Bosch Rotak Corded Lawnmower

To give you a better idea of how it compares to the Bosch Rotak 34cm Lawnmower, then check out the comparison table provided below so you can see how all the features compare such as the mow width, mow settings, weights, lawn size guides and cable lengths…

Lawnmower:ParksideBosch Rotak
Mow Width:32cm34cm
Mow levels:35
Collection box:30L capacity40L capacity
Rear Roller:NoneIncluded
Mow Heights:2cm to 6cm2cm to 7cm
Safety Switch:IncludedIncluded
Grass Combs:NoneYes
Lawn size guide:Up to 250m2Up to 300m2
Power cable:10m long12m long
Warranty:3 years2-3 years

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Video Insert: Assembly and first test of the Parkside Electric Lawnmower

Part 3: Lidl Parkside Cordless Lawnmower Review

If you wish to avoid the hassle of a cable cord while you mow, then take a closer look at the Parkside Cordless Lawnmower instead which gives you more freedom on the lawn without any cables and you also don’t have to worry about buying extension cords either. The cutting width on the Cordless is 11cm wider than the Corded but the weight of the cordless is a good deal heavier than the corded so keep this in mind

Parkside Electric 40V Cordless 43cm Lawnmower

Cordless Lawnmower Features:

20V x 2 battery cordless power

Bare tool or battery/charger included

Brushless motor for optimum efficiency

Wider mowing width of 43cm - Higher number of 7 mowing heights

Mow heights range from 2.5-7.5cm

Battery duration 20 to 30 minutes - Battery recharging takes 90 minutes

Lawn size guide up to 500m2 - Eco mode for saving battery life

Cuts tight to boundaries - Collection box capacity 50L

Price Guide: Less than £200

Pros for the Cordless Lawnmower

  • There is no need to worry about cables across the lawn while you work, plus no fuels, oils or extension cords for that matter.
  • Additional batteries and chargers are available as back up if needed which is good to know in the background
  • Unlike many other cordless mowers, this option has the Eco mode for lighter trim cuts and the Auto mode for higher tempo cuts which helps to preserve the battery life duration
  • The extra-large collection box of 50 litre capacity is larger than the norm which ultimately means less time is wasted emptying it
  • Having the double batteries gives you the additional power for cutting and you get the double twin charging units for charging both batteries at the same time.
  • The handles can be folded down when not being used which goes a long way for people with limited storage space in their sheds.

Cons for the Cordless Lawnmower

  • Some of the Parkside lawnmowers come as bare tools without the battery and charger so make sure you are selecting the correct model number when making a purchase!
  • Thicker, denser and taller grasses will deplete the batteries a lot quicker so you will need to take this into consideration when it comes to battery life expectations
  • As this lawnmower is larger, the weight is a good deal heavier than the corded version so you need to be able to push a heavier lawnmower of nearly 20kg weight
  • You are limited to mowing times of the battery life which can be frustrating when the battery dies without the mowing job completed in full
  • No rear rollers are included for the stripes and there is no mulching function like we have seen from other brands.
  • Stock availability at Lidl tend to be quite limited so you should check out the prices and stocks from Amazon UK here instead as back up

Video Insert: Parkside Lawnmower Mowing Test Review

Part 4: Alternative Lawnmowers to Consider (3)

If you find that the Parkside lawn mowers is out of stock or is only available as a bare tool without the battery and charger, then check out our 3 alternative recommendations summarised briefly as follows…

Corded Alternative: Bosch Rotak 34R 34cm Electric Lawnmower

Key Features to Note:

Corded electric power 1300W motor - Mowing width is 34cm

Lightweight design approx. 11kg

Foldable handles for storage - Grass combs for a tighter finish

Mowing heights range from 2cm to 7cm

Lawn size guide up to 300m2 - Power cable length is 12m

Standard 2 year warranty applies - Third year is added if registered online within 28 days

Price Guide: Less than £150 level

Cordless Alternative: Greenworks 40V 41cm Cordless Lawnmower

Key Features to Note:

High levels of stock availability - Operates as 40V – 2 x 20V 2Ah batteries

Batteries x 2 and twin charger included

Mowing steel blade width 41cm - Mulching plug option included

5 different mow height settings - Mowing heights range from 2.5-8cm

Lawn guide size up to 600m2 - Batteries are compatible with other tools

Weight 18kg with a 12 month warranty

Price Guide: Less than £300 @ Amazon

Cordless Alternative: Spear & Jackson 34cm Cordless Lawnmower and Trimmer

Key Features to Note:

Cordless lawnmower and trimmer combined

Mowing steel cutting width 34cm - Stronger 4Ah batteries x 2 included

Only 1 battery is used, the 2nd battery is back up

Batteries recharge in 60 minutes average - Lawn size guide is up to 600m2

Brushless motor design for optimum efficiency

Built in rear roller for garden stripes - 5 mow heights ranging from 2cm to 6cm

Smaller collection box capacity of 35L

Trimmer cleans up edges, flower beds and boundaries

Warranty protection lasts for 3 years

Price Guide: Less than £220 @ Argos

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Part 5: Conclusion plus Feedback

After completing this Lidl lawnmower review, we hope our work here has helped you out in some small way and perhaps given you some ideas to think about. We have included both the corded Parkside lawnmower plus the Parkside Cordless lawnmower as well as various other recommendations based on our own experiences so there should be something here to cater for your own needs.


Would we buy it? To be honest, they work and mow just fine but it would have to be a no as we would much prefer to stick to a more recognised and established brand such as Spear & Jackson who are based in the UK, especially from a backup support point of view, customer service and access to any parts, batteries or additional chargers that may be needed in the future – further price information and reviews can be double checked at Argos below…

Lidl Lawnmower Community Feedback

Have you ever used a Lidl Parkside Lawnmower yourself in the recent past? Did everything work out for you as expected or did you experience any problems that we should know about?

If possible, please feel free to leave your opinions or feedback in the comment box section provided below – so that others across the UK community can learn also!

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  1. I’ve got a Lidl battery powered mower. The one problem we find with it is the grass catcher bag. We wish it would have some sort of option to shoot the grass out the side. Maybe we’re doing something wrong? The catcher fills up so quickly, we try running it with the catcher off and get covered in grass. Are all such mowers like this? I didn’t notice any comments about this in your review, so I assume it wasn’t a problem for you.

    • Yes, it is normal for grass catcher bags to fill up quickly on small Electric lawnmowers. If you don’t want to use the catcher, then I would suggest wearing a good pair of gardening boots to protect your feet which always works for me. Thanks for taking the time to visit and best of luck…

  2. Hi, I bought one of these. It’s blade recently hit a stone and unfortunately the shaft from the gearbox broke. Are the parts and labour for covered by Lidl’s warranty?

    • Hi, you will need to check with Lidl customer service directly. In my opinion it wouldn’t be covered as it is the responsibility of the user to make sure the mowing conditions are safe and free of potential hazards such as stones, best of luck

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