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Hello once again and welcome to our Stiga Estate Ride on tractor mower review which will give you a much better overview about its capabilities if you are considering buying one over the coming days or weeks. There are quite a few different models of tractor mowers available under the Stiga brand so it can be difficult to find out which one will suit your own particular set of needs and requirements.

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Stiga Estate Pro

So this review will focus on what we believe is the best tractor mower under the Stiga brand namely the Stiga Estate Pro 48 inch Lawn Tractor mower 9122 XWSY and we will then briefly cover 2 lower priced alternatives – something that is in the middle ground in terms of cost and also a model that would be considered one of the cheaper options under this brand. That way, you will have a clearer picture of what each of them can offer you, their functions and capabilities and you can then decide for yourself how much money you need or want to spend.

Our review will outline all the key technical information, features, pro and cons that we came across which you can check out further down on this page. In addition, we will also outline a short series of FAQ’s which may be able to answer some of the queries that you may have about this particular tractor lawn mower.

Tractor Ride on Mower Review Content

  • Part 1: Short Overview & FAQ’s
  • Part 2: Stiga Estate Pro 48-inch Lawn Tractor mower review
  • Part 3: Alternatives – Lower Priced Options
  • Part 4: Comparison table
  • Part 5: Our Conclusion & Optional Feedback

As guide prices can only be shown as the time of this Stiga Estate riding tractor mower review, please make sure to view the price checkers provided below to ensure you have the most accurate up to date price information available today.

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Part 1: Short Overview & FAQ’s

Model:Stiga Estate Pro Lawn Tractor Mower 9122 XWSY
Power Level:14 kW @ 2800 rpm
Engine Capacity:688cc
Fuel Tank:10 litres
Warranty:5 years - Available from Mowers Online UK in Gloucester
Price Level:Guide £2.5k - £6k level - View Today’s Price Here

Frequently Asked Questions (10)

Q1. Does it include a large protective tractor cover?
A. No, it is only available as an optional extra

Q2. Does it include a grass deflector?
A. No, again it is available as an optional extra which can cost a further £100 approx.

Q3. Does it require much assembly work upon delivery?
A. No – this tractor mower will be delivered fully assembled and ready to mow (just add petrol)

Q4. What type of engine does it have?
A. This tractor mower has a twin cylinder Honda V-Twin engine

Q5. What size areas is it capable of handling?
A. The Stiga Estate Pro 48 inch can handle grass areas of up to 8k square metres as a guide.

Q6. What type of drive system is in place?
A. This mower comes with a hydrostatic or automatic drive system and reverse

Q7. Does it have the ability to cut on steep slopes or will it slip?
A. This mower has a 4 wheel drive system so it can handle steep slopes or hills no problem whatsoever

Q8. What is the capacity of the grass collection unit?
A. The grass collection unit has a capacity of 360 litres.

Q9. Is there a tow hitch and mulch plug included?
A. Yes, both the mulch plug and the tow bar hitch are included.

Q10. Does this tractor mower from Stiga come with cruise control?
A. Yes, for maximum comfort, this mower includes cruise control capabilities.

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Part 2: Stiga Estate Pro 48-inch Lawn Tractor mower review

Stiga Estate Pro 48-inch Lawn Tractor mower 9122 XWSY

Key Features in Summary:

Honda V-Twin engine 688cc
For areas up to 8k m2
48 inch cutting deck (122cm)
Hydrostatic transmission
4-wheel drive capability
Colour user friendly dashboard
LED headlights & Tow hitch
Mulching plug included
360L grass collection unit
Cruise control / 10L Tank
Warranty is 5 years long

Tractor Mower Description:

Of all the Stiga tractor mowers, this 9122 XWSY model Stiga Estate Pro 48-inch Lawn Tractor mower with an engine capacity of 688cc is our top favourite and we would consider it to be the best overall tractor mower from this brand.

The costs and price are probably somewhat higher than what you might expect but it is packed with premium features, design and functionality that certainly warrants the level of money you need to spend. It can be delivered fully built and pre-assembled, so it is ready to go and work straight away – all you need to do is add unleaded petrol.

It comes with a powerful twin cylinder Honda V-Twin engine, a hydrostatic transmission, cruise control and it is more than capable of dealing with areas of 8k square metres and even more no problem whatsoever. The level of power output you can expect is 14.0 kW @ 2800 rpm and the fuel tank has a capacity of 10 litres.

The cutting deck here is 122cm or 48 inches and the 4-wheel drive capability works superbly around hills or steep slopes especially when wet or slippy. The dashboard controls come in colour also which certainly makes visibility that much better at all times. In addition, it comes with LED headlights, a tow hitch, a mulching plug and an electromagnetic deck engagement.

There are 2 synchronised blades, 4 anti-scalp wheels and it can operate a turning circle of 180cm. Overall, we found this to be a beast of a machine with great speed settings, power output and it comes with a 5-year warranty which is provided once it becomes a registered purchase. It is available from Mowers Online UK in Gloucester (5-year warranty)

Price Guide: £4.5k - £5.5k

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Further images of the 688cc Stiga Estate Pro 48-inch Lawn Tractor mower are outlined below (5)

  • Stiga Estate 688cc Pro 48-inch Lawn Tractor mower

Stiga Estate Pro 48-inch Lawn Tractor mower Pros and Cons:

Pros you need to know

The one thing you will definitely like from this supplier is the fact that the mower can be delivered in a matter of just a few days and it comes all pre-assembled and ready to mow which is one less hassle to worry about.

One thing that really impressed us is the hydrostatic transmission, the cruise control and also the dashboard which goes a long way in helping you manage and maintain a piece of equipment as pricey as this.

What will impress you also is the comfort levels, controllers, cutting quality and power levels are awesome and the addition of the 4 wheel drive on the slopes worked brilliantly – even on wet grassy conditions

The anti-scalp wheels also impressed us along with the larger fuel tank of 10 litres which allows you to work for longer without having to refuel as regularly.

Another feature is the turning circle capability which is around 180cm so that worked well also around corners and the 5-year warranty added gives you a lot more security and peace of mind when making a purchase of this size.

They also cut wider than the wheel so there is very little trimming work required after the mowing is done

Cons to be aware of also

The first thing that may scare you away is the higher price tag associated with this tractor mower – it certainly isn’t for everyone as it is more suitable for people with higher levels of disposable income – generally this machine will set you back well over £5k

There is no grass deflector included in the package which will set you back a further £100 approx. if you need it.

There is also no tractor mower protective cover included either which is a bit annoying – this will also set you back a further £100 so be prepared for this in advance

The manual is not all that bad but some of the instructions can be somewhat complicated and hard to follow – some people especially novices will struggle with parts of this.

Lacks the contra flo cutting collecting mechanism and the 5-year warranty requires an annual service from an authorised dealer.

Not all of the models on display are always in stock, so stock availability can be somewhat unpredictable

Part 3: Alternatives – Lower Priced Options

If the Stiga Estate 688cc Pro 48-inch Lawn Tractor mower is beyond your price range at this point, then check out the 2 lower priced options below that offer less in terms of functions and features but they also come with much lower price tags that can make it more affordable. Please note also that some of the lower priced models from Stiga sell a lot quicker so again stock availability can be unpredictable at times.

1, Stiga Estate 38.5 Inch Lawn Tractor Mower 3398 HW

Key Points in Summary:

Briggs & Stratton engine Twin Cylinder

Hydrostatic transmission drive

Intek 7200 V-Twin engine

LED Head lights, Front bumper

LED dashboard display

Cup holder & 2 anti-scalp wheels

Wash link and 38.5 inch cutting deck (98cm)

Cutting heights x 7 – 2.5cm to 8cm

Grass collection capacity 240L

Price Guide: £2.5k region (5-year warranty)

2, Stiga Estate 33 Inch Lawn Tractor Mower 2084H

Key Points in Summary:

Lower Priced alternative from Stiga

Narrower frame with 33-inch wide deck

84cm twin blades & mulch kit

Overall frame width is lower at 90cm

Hydrostatic transmission & Headlights

Front bumper and comfortable steering

Stiga 7750 engine with capacity of 452cc

Fuel tank 6L / Grass collector 200L

7 mow heights 2.5cm to 8cm

Price Guide: £2k region (3-year warranty)

Part 4: Comparison table

To help you compare the 3 tractor mowers from Stiga in this review, then check out the comparison table provided below where you can make whatever comparisons you need to make that interest you the most…

Model:Stiga Estate 9122 XWSYStiga Estate 3398 HWStiga Estate 2084H
Cutting Deck:48 inches / 122cm38.5 inches / 98cm33 inches / 84cm
Engine:V Twin cylinder HondaBriggs & Stratton TwinStiga 7750 Single
Engine Capacity:688cc656cc452cc
Transmission:Hydrostatic & reverseHydrostatic & reverseHydrostatic & reverse
4 Wheel Drive:IncludedRear wheel drive onlyRear wheel drive only
Grass collector:360L capacity240L capacity200L capacity
Size Areas:Up to 8k m2Up to 4.5k m2Up to 3k m2
Power Output:14.0 kW @ 2800 rpm11.45 kW @ 2800 rpm7.4kW @ 2400 rpm
Colour Dashboard:Yes – Smart screenYes – ColourN/A
LED Headlights:YesYesYes
Mulching Plug:IncludedIncludedIncluded
Tow Hitch:IncludedIncludedOptional extra
Fuel tank:10L capacity6L capacity6L capacity
Cruise Control:YesN/AN/A
Height cuttings:9 – 2.5cm to 10cm7 – 2.5cm to 8cm7 – 2.5cm to 8cm
Anti-scalp Wheels:422
Buzzer collector Full:ProvidedN/AN/A
Wash Link:ProvidedProvidedProvided
Front bumper:YesYesYes
Wheels:Rear 20" / Front 16"Rear 18" / Front 15"Rear 18" / Front 15"
Dimensions:W127cm by L262cmW105cm by L248cmW90cm by L234cm
Warranty:5 years5 years3 years

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Part 5: Our Conclusion & Optional Feedback

Do we recommend the Stiga Estate Pro 688cc Pro 48-inch Lawn Tractor mower? Definitely yes without a shadow of a doubt - the main problem though is the high price that comes with it which certainly won’t be affordable for everyone. If you can afford it, then you definitely won’t be disappointed as it is a beast of a machine with all the bells and whistles that come with it – overall an awesome mowing experience and we found it hard to fault it in any way. The dashboard in particular will impress you along with the turning circle, the 4 wheel drive and also the cruise control capability.

Optional Feedback

Have you ever used a Stiga Estate Tractor Ride on mower yourself in the recent past?

If possible, please share your experiences and feedback with the wider UK community by leaving a comment in the comment box section provided below – So that others across the UK can learn also!

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  1. Good morning… I’m very interested in buying a Stiga ride on lawnmower/tractor… Probably the 2084H because I prefer the narrower model because I have some areas of quite tight access and little bridges and gateways to go through.
    The local company that services my lawnmowers at the moment, does not speak very highly of them but everything I see and read about them tells me that I like them.
    The one thing in particular that he mentions is that the hydrostatic transmission is a problem particularly when you are doing a lot of pulling of trailers etc. And that it wears out the transmission of the gears very quickly.
    Any comments on the Stiga overall would be appreciated but in particular this issue of the hydrostatic transmission. If I do buy one,, would I be better off buying one with manual gear changes?

    • Hi, personally – I would go for the manual to be honest also when it comes to pulling trailers, best of luck thanks for taking the time to visit

  2. Do not buy a Stiga ride on mower. They are unreliable, badly designed and expensive to repair. I am on my second one a Stiga Park 4wd with electrically controlled and power steering. It is lightly used and cost about £6k. The latest failure is a seized deck bearing because of electro corrosion an elementary design fault which cost over £500 to fix. I am going to sell it and use a lawn service.

  3. When I ride a Stiga mower tractor along an incline, what is the maximum side incline I can safely drive… in angle or percentage

    • Hi, a rough guide would be 20% based on our experiences. You are better off mowing up and down rather than mowing along the incline if too steep. For slopes that are too difficult, then use the petrol grass trimmer instead. Best of luck and thanks for taking the time to stop by

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